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May 24, 2011 06:36 PM UTC

Welcome Hancock Evolution Hit Piece Recipients!

  • by: Colorado Pols

The video you’re looking for is here. FOX 31’s Eli Stokols reports on that postcard you got:

Arriving in voters’ mailboxes this week, along with their ballots for the June 7 runoff, is the attack Michael Hancock’s campaign had been bracing for — a mailer highlighting the mayoral candidate’s missteps on questions of science and evolution.

The mailer isn’t coming from Chris Romer’s campaign, but a political action committee.

On one side of the glossy flier, from a group called “Citizens for Accountability”, it shows a dinosaur skeleton alongside the words: “Don’t let science become extinct in Denver Public Schools.”

…Copies of the mailer were also available at a debate Monday night, although it wasn’t clear who brought them.

At that debate, Hancock acknowledged making mistakes on multiple questions related to evolution but said it’s wrong for Romer to continue “playing politics” with them in light of his answers clarifying his beliefs.

Shorter Michael Hancock: “any ad quoting what I said about evolution is a falsehood.”

Folks, if our likening of the response of Hancock to his multiple pro-creationism gaffes with Republican running punchline Newt Gingrich’s “Ryan Plan” foibles upsets you, maybe rankles your progressive tail feathers and fires you up to start a fresh flamewar over it–which you’re free to do in our forum, make no mistake–we certainly do understand. All we ask before you launch into the latest tirade about our evident bias, cronyism, and “fascist handmaidenship,” is that you first honestly answer one very simple and straightforward question.

Would you be trying so hard to rationalize this if a Republican had said it?

(Originally posted at Colorado Pols)


4 thoughts on “Welcome Hancock Evolution Hit Piece Recipients!

  1. I’m not trying to rationalize Hancock’s answers at all. I don’t have to. Like all good leaders, Hancock can admit it when he makes mistakes. He has said that he doesn’t believe in creationism in schools.

    That’s a fact that is pointedly absent from Romer’s campaign literature. In the law, there is such a thing as lying by omission. There is no Romer campaign piece longer than 10 words, of which I’m aware, that does not incorporate a lie–whether direct or by omission.  

    Documented lies and unethical practices of Romer for Mayor:

    Lie #1: Romer’s first ad claimed that he brought more AP classes to a struggling school. The Principal at that school said he didn’t.

    Lie #2: Hancock voted himself a pay raise. That is a patently false claim because under the law Hancock could only vote for the incoming council’s pay raise and, if elected Mayor, said long before the ad ran that he would not take any Mayoral pay raise.

    Lie #3: Romer tried to take credit for the deal that created Union Station. One of his own supporters said that he served only in an advisory capacity.

    Lie #4: Romer told Rep. Joel Judd that he would support legislation to garnish casino winnings of deadbeat parents. Romer switched his vote and sided with casinos against the bill.

    Unethical Practice #1 “Citizens for Accountability” has documented ties to the Romer camp has sent out a misleading mailer attacking Hancock for beliefs that, even if he holds them, are not in any way germain to the position of Mayor.  

  2. Are you kidding me?  You created your profile today just to post this “legal” opinion??

    Pols had it right that the Hancock people had been bracing for this negative piece, they even assined a staffer to join the site and post the talking points!

  3. Sorry to disappoint, but just not the case.  As things turned out I did vote for James, largely because I thought he had the best chance to beat Romer.

    As it sits, Hancock may get it done, but calling anything that has been said publically in this race as “dirty politics” is laughable.

    This has been a hug-fest compared to what should have come out given Romer’s L-O-N-G list of pay-2-play scandals, which are well-known to the Pols crowd.

    If Hancock loses this thing, he’ll have only himself to blame for not informing the voting public of the facts behind Romer.

    Back to the point at hand.  Further sockpuppet proof on PComm, he/she posted the EXACT same language on the Post yesterday.  

    Come on, AT LEAST come up with an original thought…  

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