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March 14, 2011 11:05 PM UTC

Carol Boigon Wants to Be the Next John Hickenlooper

  • by: Colorado Pols

In more ways than one, obviously. Boigon’s prepping to launch a new TV buy, and she’s doing her best to imitate her elected predecessor:

After all, who could forget Hickenlooper’s skydiving ad in support of Ref C?

Mark our words, though, Boigon is no Hickenlooper. Hick could get away with these charming ads for his mayoral campaign, Ref C, and his eventual Gubernatorial campaign because of who he was. He came off like your good-natured if goofy next door neighbor. He was approachable in the way you’d want your Mayor to be. His boyish charm made these ads a hit.

In developing ads like these, Boigon clearly wants to paint herself as a Mayor in the spirit of Hickenlooper. Unfortunately, that invitation to see her as a continuation of the Hick years might do more harm than good.

Boigon just isn’t approachable the way Hickenlooper is. Those who know her best would be the first to describe her as an “old school” type of politician; she expects respect for her title and positions. And unlike Hick, who gained financial success from what was first a small business, Boigon doesn’t exactly come off as an entrepreneur.

These ads naturally compare Carol to John. It’s what they were written for. But that’s why this ad in particular seems so odd: it’s like the rich woman your boyish neighbor used to mow lawns for suddenly wants to look cool. At least she didn’t jump out of the plane, though.


7 thoughts on “Carol Boigon Wants to Be the Next John Hickenlooper

  1. Way harsh, for no apparent reason.

    Boigon is a natural successor to Hick. She knows how government works and she knows how to get thinks done.

    You are flat out wrong about the old money. She and her family have worked for what they have. the “legacy” candidate is one of the ol boys club.

    I liked the commercial it gets you attention, and makes you want to know more about her. Silly me, that is what commercials are for…..

  2. I think it was a poor first ad.  Without a background on Boigon, this ad really doesn’t tell me anything about her.  I get what they were trying to do, but I think if she went with a basic bio piece it would actually get traction because she is the only one on TV — essentially that would have given her a free pass for a bit to build name ID and get in a basic message.

    This tries to be something it really can’t be.  No one is John Hickenlooper except the Hick himself.  That’s not good or bad, it just the way it is.

    Mostly I think this will just burn through money (but I guess she has it to burn).

  3. I don’t know enough about Carol Boigon or the other candidates to have a view about who I prefer (though I don’t live in Denver anymore, so don’t have a vote). But I am on some of the campaign’s e-mail blasts, including Boigon For Mayor.

    A link to the last video they circulated (before the airplane knockoff) is below. It may possibly be the worst quality video I’ve ever seen. I don’t mean political video. I mean any video.  Ever.

  4. Agreed – worst video ever.  

    Not sure what the thought process was here – but if I was a Boigon contributor – I would be PISSED that they were spending my money on THAT.

    She looks like she’s standing outside of her private jet…which might be true.

  5. these comments seem petty.   do you really care about the quality of the video??  it seems like we should care more about the issues facing denver citizens and the concrete plans these candidates have in solving them.  her accomplishments, track record and concrete plans for denver speak pretty loudly to me.  

  6. If Candidate Boigon sat in Figi-water bottle filled conference rooms making decisions on her advertising ‘campaign’ and spent big bucks on advisors and consultants, it makes me wonder if she will be this reckless if she were to get the office.  Is it just me and several friends in the room who heard the last line when the ad first hit?  “…I’ve got programs that will make Denver soar”  Did any body hear ‘sore‘ vs. ‘soar‘?

    Listen to that last line again.  It’s hilarious. Is this an attempt at Hick-omedy?  If this is the case, will the follow-up ads feature CB with jars of ointment?  Make Denver ‘sore’ when it’s already bleeding?  Now that’s handling a candidate and designing a boffo campaign.  The laughter must have flowed in waves at the expense-account lunches at Morton’s for the ‘consultants.’

    And not to nit-pick but was it also supposed to be funny by putting (“in an actual airplane”) below her name? Oh, were we to think it was a light rail car?  CB wouldn’t be caught dead in a light rail car.  It’s a knee slapper all the way around.  Sadly, the ‘asleep-at-the-ballot’ voters of Denver make their decisions based on these ads.  But then, that’s good ‘ol liberal Democratic Denver. Bring on the ointment.

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