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May 01, 2013 08:32 AM UTC

All-Night Celebration As Civil Unions Law Takes Effect

  • by: Colorado Pols

"The shot": Fran and Anna Simon kiss after their civil union ceremony. Photo by Evan Semon, Out Front Colorado

If you were part of last night's partying related to the first legal civil union ceremonies for LGBT couples in the state of Colorado, chances are you're not even awake yet (unless you haven't gone to bed). But here's a roundup of initial coverage on the first day of the Colorado Civil Union Act in effect.

Much more after the jump…

FOX 31's Eli Stokols set the scene last night:

Out Front Colorado's Mike Yost:

A new chapter for Colorado families began today at 12:01 a.m. when hard-fought legislation for civil unions took effect, allowing same-sex couples to form civil unions for the first time.

Same-sex marriages performed in other states were immediately recognized civil unions under Colorado law, and Colorado same-sex couples were the first time allowed to fill out paperwork for civil unions licenses at county clerks’ offices, including Denver’s Webb building where Mayor Hancock officiated the state’s very first union between Fran and Anna Simon, a lesbian couple who had become familiar in the media testifying for the legislation at the state Capitol for three years while the bill was debated there.

AP via the Washington Post:

U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette joined [Denver Mayor Michael] Hancock and local judges and magistrates in officiating civil union ceremonies. DeGette, a long-time supporter of gay rights, said she earned her clergy status online specifically to participate in Wednesday morning’s festivities.

“Members of the GLBT community are the same as everyone else — they want loving, permanent relationships,” she said.

Hancock said he was honored to be part of the landmark event.

“I’ve been a part of the effort to legalize civil unions in Colorado now for several years. I feel a tremendous amount of pride for the people of Denver to work with their legislators to finally pass this piece of legislation to allow people to love and live as they so choose,” he said.

Celebrations in Colorado cities last night marked a tremendous change from last year, when the killing of the 2012 civil unions bill by Republican House leadership to prevent its passage with bipartisan support deeply embittered the LGBT community and their allies. Republican opponents thought the majorities of 2006 that had approved a gay marriage ban in this state would save them. But supporters of equality for gays and lesbians now comprise an overwhelming majority of voters. The anger over the killing of the 2012 bill became a significant part of the sweeping losses Republicans experienced in legislative races last year–Democrats won almost every competitive race, winning back the majority that made the 2013 Civil Unions Act (and much else this session) possible.

So many stories these days about government leave the public dejected and cynical.

This is not one of those stories. This year, Colorado is producing better stories.


12 thoughts on “All-Night Celebration As Civil Unions Law Takes Effect

    1. Let's see, gay gun-owners can either believe all the ridiculous lies put forth by the NRA (and their lapdogs in the GOP) regarding their guns, OR…. they can open any newspaper, turn on any TV, or look online to find out what the GOP really thinks of them.   What they say about them.    I doubt they're willing to climb in bed with your Sleeping Giant. Especially since he's a chronic bedwetter.

      1. That's not true. Alex Hornaday is a great guy and a solid conservative who happens to be gay. He is 100% against Democrat gun grabs.

        You've been wanting this to change for years. Now that it has, are you afraid you're going to lose your allies to conservatism?

          1. It is cute, isn't it? The very guy who pissed on LGBT equality in the past is now trying to claim gays and lesbians as "conservatives who just don't know it yet."

            I'll take that as a possible change in the GOrP barometer, along the lines of all the recent promoting of Latino Repubs that's been happening of late. Paul Ryan's conversion on the issue of gay adoption is more proof of that. The GOrP's string pullers not only realize that opposing LGBT equality no longer wins elections, but now loses them. I wonder if they can rein in all the teabaggy red state 'pubs who are still actively working to keep gays from adopting and marrying?

        1. There will always be those sad, pathetic few who attempt to curry favor with those that wish to oppress them, in hopes of improving their own lives. If Mr. Hornaday belives sf?[[


          1. Ack. Stupid cat. – If Mr. Hornaday believes his values are better served by those who treat him as a second-class citizen, that's his business. I guess makes him "one of the good ones"….

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