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April 22, 2013 06:31 AM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

"How often it is that the angry man rages denial of what his inner self is telling him."

–Frank Herbert


23 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. Last week's winners: First Responders, Twitter, Boston Red Sox (regardless of the score), guy with a boat, guy with the cowboy hat, ordinary American citizens.

    Last week's losers: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, the Tsarnaev brothers, civil liberties, regulatory inspectors of fertilizer plants, and perhaps the biggest loser of them all… the U. S. Senate.

  2. If more people don't try, then this is the last trivia question. (This weekend's questiononly Duke tried.)

    Lyndon Johnson was elected to multiple offices in life: Southwest Texas State Teachers' College student government, speaker of the "Little Congress," (a group of Congressional aides), Texas's 10th congressional district, U.S. Senate (2nd time, he lost the 1st time), V.P., and President. According to Robert Caro's biography, which was the only election he won, not counting when he ran for re-election as an incumbent, where he did not resort to stuffing the ballot box to turn a loss into a win?

    1. That seems like a "take my ball and go home" attitude, Dave.

      May I make a suggestion? I was a history major, and I find many of your questions to be obscure. This one is a good example – one has to have read Caro's biography in order to know the answer. While history buffs generally know that LBJ wasn't a clean politician by any means, I don't think it's widely accepted that he was that corrupt.

      So, do you think you can find questions that we might have a better shot at knowing? Not looking for easy ones like "Who gave the Gettysburg Address," but things like "Who was the first female cabinet member" was really good – something history and political buffs might know, but certainly not such common knowledge as who was our first president.

    2. Agree with Ari.  Any question with this many ifs ands buts and a not necessarily proven allegation thrown in, based on one author's view of the available evidence in one book, is not the kind of question that is going to attract wide participation.

    3. David, I think everybody has strengths and weaknesses, topics more and less interesting. Myself, I'm pretty comfortable with U.S. Military trivia but woefully lacking on a wide range of topics.

      Sometimes I don't answer because googling first is just cheating, and I'm not even warm with a hunch.

      Give it a few more times if you have the patience, and see how it goes. While I'm not on the site nearly as much as I like, I really enjoy it.

      1. Nah — While it's possible LBJ didn't stuff the ballot box in 1960, old Joe Kennedy certainly did in Illinois, so scratch this one off the list.

  3. WMD's finally found……in Texas

    The fertilizer plant that blew up leveling a town in Texas killing at least 14 and injuring scores more had been storing at least 1,350 times the amount of ammonium nitrate beyond safety limits. Yet West Fertilizer, the company that owned the plant, did not disclose this to regulators, nor were UN weapons inspectors allowed to inspect the plant.

    When asked about the WMD's found in his home state, former President George W. Bush remarked " Shazaam, we never thought to look here! " Bush was referring to the war he started in Iraq in which 5,000 Americans died, over 100,000 Iraqis died, and cost over one trillion dollars. But no WMD's were ever found.

    Bush was also asked about rumours Ken "Kenny Boy" Lay was not dead but actually living in a bunker on his Crawford ranch, but he declined comment.



    1. Good grief!  It's only 5 miles between West, TX and Crawford, TX!  You'd think W would have found the illegal stockpile of ammonium nitrate when he was "clearing brush" on his ranch!


  4. Save lives, reduce global warming – go Nuclear.

    They also estimate the saving of up to 7 million lives in the next four decades, along with substantial reductions in carbon emissions, were nuclear power to replace fossil fuel usage on a large scale. In addition the study finds that the proposed expansion of natural gas would not be as effective in saving lives and preventing carbon emissions.

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