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April 20, 2013 03:57 PM UTC

Photos: A Few Dudes Working Hudak Recall Beat

  • by: Colorado Pols


Photos from a short while ago today at the intersection of 80th and Wadsworth Blvd. in Arvada, adjacent to and in the parking lot of the local Safeway. Our source reports a four-person crew soliciting signatures to recall Sen. Evie Hudak–three are visible in the photos above, with another standing back in the parking lot with the petition forms themselves. In the thirty minutes our source claims to have loitered across the street, they say they saw one person actually stop and sign the petition. To be fair, there were apparently some additional number of supportive honks and waves, though those of course don't count. Signatures are what count.

It's tough to judge the success of the longshot and already dubious campaign to get these recalls on the ballot–let alone a successful recall election–from a few anecdotal photos. But we can't call ourselves very impressed.


22 thoughts on “Photos: A Few Dudes Working Hudak Recall Beat

  1. No "high crimes and misdemeanors" necessary to recall in Colorado. All you need is enough signatures and a "reasonable" reason why said person should no longer be a representative of the people of that jurisdiction. 

    Their reason of course is failure to uphold the oath Hudak took to defend the constitution (enough though Republicans only really think there are two amendments…). But we in the rational world all know that means, and I'm translating from GOP Doublespeak here, that they just don't want their representative to be a Democrat. 

  2. One thing's for sure, the goonies at the Ward Road King Soopers yesterday were clueless about the why's and wherefores of the "recall".

    I.E. The guy who approached me in the parking lot at 1:55  couldn't tell me what Bills passed, or why these bills infringed on his or my 2nd Amendment rights…….only that they did!

    I don't think this guy is even from SD19. I did hear through the grapevine there's 4 people, 3 State Senators, including Mr. Morse, and one State Rep. this bunch is targeting.

    Just the fact these out of District yokels are coming into my District to interfere with a Senator that doesn't even Represent them is irritating, but the astonishing lack of organization, the vitriol they're approaching people with, the inability to focus on a message, and misunderstanding of the legislation makes me think this recall bullshit is a tempest in a thumbnail.

    1. Well, I actually read the petition, and then checked it out for accuracy.  Hudak actually told another senator to flip a coin on some major legislation that they hadn't had time to read yet (it just got passed to them).  I thought she was being a smart-ass a t first, but she was serious!  She asked for someone to get the gentleman a coin so he could flip it to decide whether to vote yes or no on it.

      Sorry, but I don't care which side of the political aisle they are on.  Anyone who seriously wants people to flip coins to determine their vote has no regard for our system of gov't, and should not be representing us!  

      1. You shills are going to need to improve the quality of your work if your want to peddle your lies here.

        Hill and the other Republicans on the education committee chaired by Hudak had proposed more than twenty amendments  with no chance of passing due to the composition of the committee, in the hopes of delay.  These were Republican amendments.  The hearing was over schedule and legislators needed to be other places.  Since the amendment was doomed, Hill could flip a coin to decide his vote, as the outcome would be the same either way.  The Republicans were the ones disrespecting the system by dragging things out when they had no hope of changing the outcome.

        This has become quite the ginned up outrage in the right Wong blogosphere, but Senator Hill himself told them all to cut it out.  I suggest you do the same and peddle your bullshit to an audience more likely to believe your lies.

      2. .Daft Punk is completely accurate, as I know the situation as well.

        Drinking in pinko shitstain gun lobby bullshit is your option. Be as ill informed, dumbass, numbnutted, and intellectually lazy as you wish.

        But…………… time you post on this site, know what the fuck you're talking about.

        My patience with gun goobers is at an end.

  3. Wow–all you can do to someone who puts up a valid point is call names and cuss. That is proof enough you lost the arguement.  If someone puts up an amendment, that they know will or won't pass due to the makeup of a committee (all sides do this, btw), that is their business–as dirty as it may be or seem–as long as they follow the proper procedural steps.  For her to literally go ask someone to get a coin on a piece of legislation rather than let the person who wanted time to SEE what was in it so he could make an INFORMED decision, shows how idiotic and disrespectful she is of the process.  Too bad she and the rest on her side didn't flip coins on all the gun bills you suddenly brought up and threw a hissy fit about–then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place!

    I thought Daftpunk was an idiot by his trash-talking, but roccoprahn takes that to a new low level.  It does show your lack of intellect, as well as a very low maturity level.

    1. You continue to demonstrate your lack of intellect.

      What you are saying is that a Republican Senator did not know what was in a Republican amendment, and therefore needed more time to evaluate it.  If what you say is true (doubtful) this proves that either the Republican Senators are idiots for proposing amendments without informing their caucus of what's in them, or the whole thing (proposing last minute amendments) was nothing more than a delaying tactic.

      You're lying.  It's clear to see.  You have no valid point.  Please do try to prove me wrong though, by providing actual evidence of when the Republican amendments were introduced, and describing the weighty issues Hill was grappling with to decide his vote.  If you can manage that, you'll then have to explain why Hill doesn't share the same outrage of the other Hudak haters, and called off the right-wing attack dogs the next day.

      This is bullshit outrage because you think guns=freedom, and nothing ewlse does.

    2. That is proof enough you lost the arguement.

      bullshit…It means nothing of the sort.  You put up no valid point. 


       that is their business–as dirty as it may be

      This is a typical republican attitude that completely strips your POV of credibility. Dirty is OK as long as it satisfies your intention, right?

      Would you like me to tell you what I think "HRD" stands for? No, that's right …you are offended by profanity…never mind.


    3. No.

      Quit whining. You came here ill equipped, believing for hackery type reasons, the nonsense of a hayseed petition, put out by ass clowns, who are simply screaming about bills they don't understand, legislation they can't name, and infringement of an amendment they can't even be honest about. You got your head cut off because you're uninformed, and you're trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

       You changed the subject. Read Daft Punk's post again, gooney. The redleg owen hill was incompetent on the Floor. he didn't understand the rules, what the amendments were, the PROCEDURE he's expected to follow,and was attempting to stall……….late.

      Senator Hudak called him on it.

      Get educated, skeezix.. Again, know what the fuck you're talking about if you want to be taken seriously.

  4. A couple of quick points–I'll try typing slower so you mihgt be able to comprehend:

    1.  No matter what–ANY ELECTED LEGISLATURE should not insult the process by having coin-flips on ANY legislation.  If you disagree, then file a petition to have a computer sit in the capitol and do the up-dwon random generator–it would at least save us money by not paying anyone to be the official coin-flippers.

    2,  I never said nor implied that "dirty" is ok so long as it satisfies my intent–read ALL that I said.  "As dirty as it may be or seem (to be)"  means no matter what you think of the legislative process, they are at least still using the pricess in the correct way.

    3.  Where in any of my statements did I say that guns=freedom and nothing else does?  I was not discussing the gun issues themselves, but Hudak's lack of respect for the process–I didn't even go into her idiotic statement to the rape victim who testified how she was brutally raped and unalbe to defend herself becasue she had to leave her gun in her car.  We can go there if you want, but that was not my initial point.

    Intersting how you guys mention freedom, but support laws that are contradictory to what our founding fathers fought and died for so we could have those freedoms.  You claim to want freedom and support America (I am assuming as the Constitutional Repubilc it was set up as), yet you support these laws that aiim to take away our freedoms–and yes, guns are the teeth to hold the rest of the Constitution in check.  So you are for even more limits on guns, and support crap like Obamacare, which FORCES us to buy a commercial product/service and punished if we don't, and controls more of what we can or can't do (in the name of "heath and safety").  That is like the ones on the right who claim they want freedom, yet supported the frickin Patriot Act (another nanny-state intrusion which I don't support), and wouldn't support Amendment 64 (which I voted for).

    I went a bit off the original topic, but that was to answer your off-topic remarks.  Didn't want to just let them slide by–then you would start claiming I was unable to answer them for whatever reason you'd make up.  Have a nice day!

    1. Good job deflecting.  You didn't answer one criticism of your previous nonsense.  And you didn't come off as the least bit unreasonable at all…

      I do wish this site still had sig lines.  Guess what I'd pick?

    2. OK, HRD, it goes like this. I am going to offer you an object lesson on roccos' remarks. Take or leave it as you will…


       I never said nor implied that "dirty" is ok so long as it satisfies my intent–read ALL that I said.  "As dirty as it may be or seem (to be)"  means no matter what you think of the legislative process, they are at least still using the pricess in the correct way.

      Adding the caveat (or seem to be) doesn't change the meaning of your remarks. It is a cheap escape mechanism…eschew that sort of writing.

      no matter what you think of the legislative process,

      Oh…it only matters what YOU think of the legislative process. Are you perhaps a legislator?..staff member, maybe? Since it doesn't matter what I think…you must be right..I guess.


       they are at least still using the pricess in the correct way.

      No, they are not. They are deliberately trying to mess up the process. Timeliness is critical to the legislative process. 

      Your statement doesn't mean, at all, what you claim it does.

      I recommend you hone you debating skills before you take on guys like rocco and daft. Just a suggestion, mind you. angel

        1. Indeed, thanks…likewise. 

          I am keeping busy, building an emporium for "a distinctive line of womens' activewear, based on the practice of yoga".

          Pols helps to keep me connected to the state and the people there I care about. I am certainly looking forward to coming home in June…man, I miss Colorado.  

  5. DaftPunk–I didn't deflect at all.  Evidentally you have reading comprehension issues.  I guess you picked an accurate name for yourself on this forum.  But, I do thank you for saying I didn't come off as the least bit unreasonable. 🙂

    1. Again, no.

      You simply don't understand what happened on the floor of the Senate. You believe a bullshit story, have made no effort to learn what happened, and are now flying by the seat of your pants.

      Try to stay up, it's only going to get worse for you if you can't be informed.

    2.      That's the great thing about being a right-wing troll; you don't have to make points, just spout words you think mean something, reference concepts that you have proven to have no understanding of, and claim victory.  We all realize you think you're being cute by pretending to be so too stupid to recognize sarcasm….it's just hard to make that work when you've shown that you may very well be that stupid.

      1. I'll say this, the entire situation could have been avoided had a competent legislator been in Hill's shoes at the moment Senator Hudak palm cuffed cuffed him.

        Hill's story's an entirely typical tale of politics in and around Colorado Springs. Replacing Cadman in SD10 was never about anything other than going with a legitimate looney right wing zealot. No Democrat even ran in that race last November. Hill won on the strength of being the moste extreme conservative of 3 libertatian or republican runners. Nothing less than pure right wing driven.

        Hill came in as a guy that knew nothing about procedure or rules, amendments, or any of the nuances. He's never been in that kind of a pressure situation before and he folded under the pressure. Yes, Hudak cut him deep and wide, leaving him to bleed out, but that's how it works in that league.

        Hill doesn't have the juice to play at that level. The stage of the State Senate's too big for him. He's not quick thinking, can't adapt, and can't think on his feet. To make matters worse, he hasn't gotten any better, hasn't read up, studied, or tried to improve since his swearing in. He relies on extreme right wing conservative christ-ee dogma to guide him, and can't take a given piece of legislation and apply it in working, facts on the ground ways.

        He's a crazy young idealogue.

        Fast forward to this lunatic recall. People cut and pieced quotes, audio, so on and so forth, and rubes like this "hrd" buy it because they're predisposed to.

    3. I'm sorry then.  I must have missed where you addressed my questions about Republicans bringing amendments whose content was unknown to their own caucus.

      As for being unreasonable, you have a deficit in recognizing sarcasm.  You come accross as a frothing right-wing loon.

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