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April 17, 2013 06:25 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

"I'm conservative, but I'm not a nut about it."

–George H. W. Bush


34 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

    1. What do you consider major? There were "major" battles with Indian Tribes in the Northwest Territories following independence, but if we're talking international conflicts then probably the Quasi-War with France and Barbary Wars.

        1. Nope, just remembering a History Channel special on the Barbary Wars back when they still talked about history on that channel 😉

          And you kinda gave away the Quasi-War by saying it was viewed as a quasi-war (Oh the XYZ affair, and America's love of very direct naming conventions for our wars, haha)

    2. Does this mean we're going to eventually go to war with Bolivia in order to strategically secure access to half the world's supply of lithium?

      I say, No blood for lithium!!!

  1. Could everyone please try to dial back the hatred and vitrol? The comments yesterday seemed to get in a positive feedback loop where the comments became ever more hateful. And for those who say the comments are worthy of replies dripping with venom, are you better off for lowering yourself to that level?

    For Democracy to work it requires that we disagree without closing off communication. That we oppose without becoming enemies.

    1. David, I must agree. Things got pretty heavy handed yesterday. I don't agree with your opinion and I posted why, but the ad hominem attacks were unwarranted.

      BTW: Thanks for the heads up about the article about the flawed economics paper. The issue is getting a lot of "press" in the economics community. The authors are having trouble defending the paper. It may yet break out in the general media.

    2. David,

      I appreciate very much your contribution to civility on this blog.  Thank you.

      Having said that, when I read your comment above, I immediately went to yesterday' threads looking for "hatred and vitrol."  I couldn't find anything.

      I post this, even tho I am chagrined to admit it, because I am being honest.

      This does not make me a good blogger.   I also look at Globe Magazine in the

      super market check out line.  Perhaps I could find a  12 step support group.


      However, David, do carry on.  We need bloggers like you.

        1. I'm with BC, fuck ArapaGOP!

          . . . And, while we're at it fuck our chickenshit Senator Udall for his assault weapon ban vote!!!  I've got nothing left but vitriol for him and all the other fuckbag enablers!!!!                         

          1. I’m with BC and JB on this one. She layed out in other posts exactly why his bullshit was so offensive. The only thing the Holocaust should be compared to is actual genocide, and any other comparison trivializes it and is insulting to Jews.

            I thought you write crying about your teacher salary smackdown.

            1. I think there's better ways to respond than reducing our political disagreements to "fuck you." And for what it's worth, I'm also upset with Udall's vote and disagree with the Holocaust comparison.

            2. I too thought David was referring to the whole teacher salary thing until I clicked on his example. I kind of suspect he chose the attack on ArapG instead because if he complained about sxp and I being mean to him he'd look like a wussy who can dish it out but can't take it.  Does this comment constitute vitriol?

          2. Hey, hey ya gotta spread the disgust around evenly.  Both Prince Bennet and MUdall both deserve disgust & a some good hard ass kicking for their sissified NRA-fearing spineless Nays on an assault weapon ban.

            How the fuck do these idiots sleep?  Assault weapons used to murder innocents at Columbine, used to murder innocents at Aurora, used to murder innocents at Sandy Hook but these two idiots don't have the spine or balls to do what's right.

            Not sure how Mikey can tuck his sweet lil' ones in at night and lie to them that they'll always be safe … 'cause when given the chance to do right Prince Bennet's ass puckered fearing he might lose his comfy cushy ass plant in the old white boys chambers.  Ours Sens are sure the piss Pathetic!

  2. Does "Coram" rhyme with "uranium"?

    New York Times yesterday — "A Fight in Colorado Over Uranium Mines":

    Hidden from the riverbanks, behind cottonwoods and mule deer tracks, are different, artificial formations. Off a nearby road, an aging tower marks the property of the Burros Mine, partly owned by State Representative Don Coram. Heaps of rocks tinged with the greenish hue of uranium are visible. Abandoned mining equipment lies strewn about. A darkened portal is gated shut. Downstream, another mine, owned by the Cotter Corporation, lies similarly silent.

    Despite bursts of activity from 2003 through 2008, most uranium mines scattered across Colorado have largely been out of production for decades, a testament to fluctuating mineral prices. Now the future of these mines is at the crux of a dispute that could set a precedent for how they are handled.

    Environmental groups in Colorado contend that many of the state’s 33 uranium mines should be forced to clean up, given that uranium mining, which flourished here during the cold war, has gone dormant. In legal filings, they have alleged that companies like Cotter are skirting potential costs associated with cleanup, which is required by the state after an operation shuts down.

    1. " . . . have alleged that companies like Cotter are skirting potential costs associated with cleanup, . . ."

      Say it isn't so!  The same Cotter that has permanently closed its uranium MILL just south of Canon City, and has already dumped all kinds of highly contaminated equipment and materials into a leaking impoundment, and never successfully stopped the contamination of groundwater in nearby residential neighborhoods?  That Cotter?? 


  3. Toomey-Manchin bill will fail. I am actually OK with that because the bill does little if anything to improve the current picture and I don't want folks to think the "problem" is fixed. If I can sell my guns to relatives, friends, neighbors that is about as limited as FB. Though I have many guns and my heirs do not include felons or the mentally ill I still think they ought undergo a background check when they get these weapons because I may not know everything about them and because things change. All felons were once non-felons. The argumment plied by Sen Flake R-AZ that it is inconvenient because many small towns don't have anyone with an FFL is nonsense. I'll bet more small towns have more FFLs than have physicians or mental health practitioners

    1. I read somewhere that he was seen on video talking on a cell phone. Police got the time stamp from the video and searched local cell phone traffic. Presto. Or maybe that was just a rumour reported as fact…

      Apparently, there will be a presser at 5PM ET. 

    2. Anyone remember Richard Jewell?  Then it was trial by media but now y'all just a tad too eager to play trial by Twitter.  24/7 streetcams + Reddit gives basement trolls endless suspects to finger and accuse.  Keep up the good work Ms Marple.

    1. whoa, you missed your opportunity to remind everyone how smart you were to buy a Leaf.  Not like you to skip plugging yourself into some self-praise.

    2. Does this mean we're going to eventually go to war with Bolivia in order to strategically secure access to half the world's supply of lithium?

      I say, No blood for lithium!!!

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