Don Coram Lies (Dog Bites Man)

As someone who is concerned with the practices of the oil and gas industry, I was excited when HB 1269 was proposed, and very disappointed when it was watered down during debate.

The original bill would have prohibited employees of the oil and gas industry from being appointed to the board that regulates said industry, but the final version of the bill allows for industry employees to be appointed to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and continue, as foxes, to guard the henhouse.

But it seems that Morrison Rep. Don Coram wasn’t paying attention during that debate, despite how important he says it is. Either that or he is purposely lying about it in his recent email to his subscribers:

“HB13-1269- Another bill debated on the floor was HB 1269. This bill reorganizes the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to prohibit any newly appointed commissioner from being an employee, officer, or director of an oil and gas operator or service company. The results of this bill passing would be similar to restricting any practicing nurse, doctor, or medical professional from serving on a medical board. Rep. Scott from Grand Junction and I both fought against this bill and gained support once again from democrats Ed Vigil and Mike McLachlan. The bill passed and is now headed to the Senate.”

This is just another in a long chain of lies and intention deceptions distributed by members of the GOP this year as the struggle with their regained minority status. Yet the press continues to ignore them entirely.

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