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April 11, 2013 06:25 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Pardon our dust today, we're working on the site.


35 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

    1. I want to say McKinley, but I can't remember if it was him.

      @rocco, one of the presidents was alleged to have fathered a child out of wedlock. This charming little couplet was used by his opposition to spread the rumor. (In the case of a recent Colorado governor, someone with a sense of poetry would have to come up with something new. "Governor's Mansion" has way too many syllables and can't simply be used in place of "White House.")

      1. Ari, it's sad when a guy thinks he knows American history 'cause he watches episodes of "Boardwalk Empire"

        But guilty as charged. I was leaning toward Warren Harding,'cause Nucky Thompson took over the care of the illegitimate child in an episode.

      2. Trying again.  Got "bad gateway" but I've seen a lot of weird stuff here  today that was gone as fast as appeared so….

        Instead of "gone to the White House"…. "left us in Kansas", perhaps?

    2. Darn. I've heard this many times but the name isn't coming to me. It was one of the 19th century guys.  But I do rmember the one who was supposed to have gotten stuck in the bathtub because he was so fat. Ask that one next?

      1. Nope.  Now that I see it in Dave B's answer, I'm sure it was Grover Cleveland. That is for the illegitimate child taunt, not the tub thing.  The Jackson thing was about his marrying a possibly not legally divorced wife, as I recall.

  1. Jared Wright's slippery cliff.

    No slope here:

    CO State Representative Jared Wright (jaredwright)

    about 8 minutes ago

    #coleg #copolitics So you think fingerprints and DNA are the same? Can a fingerprint tell you a person is predisposed to have Alzheimer's?
    Forget gun registration, the Democrats now want biological registration of your DNA if you've been charged with misdemeanor crimes like destroying a library book or violating the Indian Arts and Crafts Act. What's next, DNA registration at birth?

    emphasis FEMA EO #9976 (Agent Twitty)

      1. That DNA testing is going to be used by Democrats to test babies for Alzheimers at birth?  @JaredWright is a #conspiracy nut.  He has said that the 2A exists to protect us from tyrants and that the presedinet of these United States is a tyrant.  Guy is a wingnut and I find it somewhat incredulous tht no one in the media reports on the unhinged with power, however minor, among us. 

        1. That might be the argument Wright is making, but it could also be what a more serious 4th Amendment argument looks like in Twitterese. DNA samples are vastly more intrusive than fingerprints — for instance, you can tell all sorts of things about a person from a DNA sample beyond simply matching identity, such as propensity for certain diseases, and lots else. Civil libertarians — including Morgan Carroll and the ACLU, as well as some Republicans — have opposed expanding the state's ability to extract DNA samples willy nilly from everyone that crosses its path because, frankly, it's a profound violation of privacy that, again, can go beyond simply matching identity. One non-hypothetical example is matching familial DNA. If you're a felon, you give up all kinds of rights, including an expectation of privacy on a number of fronts. (But your blood relatives don't, and that's still a problem when familial DNA matching occurs.) Do we want to strip the same privacy rights for misdemeanor offendors? At what point does the state's interest in having every possible DNA sample on file outweigh basic constitutional rights? Why not just swab everyone at birth as a condition of getting a live birth certificate? Now, see, I could have boiled that down to 140 characters with a lot of abbreviations, but then it might have been mistaken for nutso conspiracy theory.

    1. Sidenote: I saw Wright's car putting down Speer Blvd (a Prius) with his HD54 plate around 11 AM yesterday. It's always amusing to see who isn't at the Capitol when the leg is in session. Whatever he was up to, it obviously wasn't research. 

    2. I happen to agree with Rep Wright and Sen. Carroll.

      I call it the registry of people overrepresented in the justice system.  I am particularly concerned about mitacondrial DNA being used to create familial dragnets in minority communities.

      1. I share your concerns. Especially if it is to be used so broadly as to include misdemeaners. This information could be easily accessed by anyone with enough know how or access to that know how.

        1. I think without evolution everything had to be around at once. At least after the 6 working days of creation. So horses and dinosaurs?  Maybe some flat earther could enlighten me.

          1. Well, see…first there were the dinohippus critters which evolved into the horsasaur…no wait…no such thing as evolution…never mind. Dinosaurs never actually existed, God just thought we would be distracted and amused by fossils.

            How's that?

            1. Duke Cox wrote: "God just thought we would be distracted and amused by fossils."

              Unlike today, there was no reality television 6000 years ago to distract and entertain, so God had to get creative.

  2. Right on cue, a letter to the Post sarcastically asking if banning knives is next in the wake of the Texas mass stabbing incident.  Never mind it was 14 wounded, not 26 dismembered dead in two minutes. Obviously knives are just as dangerous as guns so banning any kind of weapon or magazine is just as silly as banning  "scary-looking" steak knives according to the writer,  right?

    Of course neither this letter writer nor anyone else we're hearing from on the anti-regulation side has so much as hinted that bans on fully automatic weapons or shoulder mounted rocket launchers represent insane and pointless trampling of our second amendment rights.   I wonder why not?  It would be consistent with their, ahem, 'logic".

    And why don't they compare the number murdered in the US with rocket launchers to the number murdered with hammers even though that stat would no doubt be more favorable to their case than the phony hammers to gun stat they love to use which actually excludes all hand gun used in murders and compares all blunt object murders, not just those using hammers,  to those using rifles only, with neither the number of hammers nor rifles coming close to the number of hand guns used in murders. That, too, would be consistent with their "logic"

    Why am I not surprised and that there is little real logic and absolutely no consistency evidenced in their arguments, even when they are not employing vile threats of violence against those engaged in the legitimate democratic process  which, within constitutional limits that protect against tyranny, is the core of the freedom and liberty they claim they need their 100 round drums to defend?


  3. Breaking news…

    I just received this from Leslie Robinson of the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance regarding the current seep and water contamination in Parachute Creek….



    Williams and the COGCC have been taking surface water samples from Parachute Creek only and in locations that are upstream from the underground spill plume. They are not taking samples from the creek bed. The are not taking samples from other depths in the creek.

    Williams and the COGCC have NOT taken water samples at the elevation where Parachute Creek and the water table are the same, which is downstream from the Williams Gas Processing Plant. There's a big bend (or horseshoe) in Parachute Creek. Nor are they taking water samples at the town of Parachute's municipal water intake, which is downstream as well. And they are not taking samples at the confluence of Parachute Creek and the Colorado River.

    Test America is testing for COGCC

    ALS Environmental is testing for Williams.

    I have both these files in my computer and can send them as attachments, if needed.

    No wonder they haven't found any contamination in the creek…they are testing upstream!!

    1. Someone needs to get after the Governor about this lack of appropriate response from the state (oh, nevermind).  Well then, someone needs to get after the legislators who represent Garfield County – Rep Rankin and Sen Baumgardner (oh, nevermind).  Perhaps the Garfield County Commissioners are looking after the health and welfare of their citizens (not a chance).


  4. U.S. Rep Doug Lamborn is making news on CNN this afternoon for revealing in his Congressional committee questioning of an administration official today that unclassified material states North Korea has nuclear weapons that can be delivered by ballistic missiles.  Will be interesting to see if Lamborn makes a name for himself with this, or has it turn on him on some way.


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