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April 06, 2013 06:14 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

"Our antagonist is our helper."

–Edmund Burke


22 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Morning polsters…I have an idiot alert that may not be important to anyone but me and a few, old, retired English teachers.

    I am seeing a disappointing increase in the number of TV commentators who routinely violate one of the simplest rules in our language… following a noun (especially a proper noun) with a pronoun…as in ..-  President Obama, he said – or-  the players, they went.

    Please don't be as stupid as Wolf Blitzer…OK?   laugh



    1. It's not just blatant errors that drive me crazy.  It's the ticks. For instance, today's sportscasters always say "utilize" when just plain "use' would do perfectly well.  It's as if they think the one with more syllables makes them sound smarter.  For a while, several years back, they were all saying "orientated" instead of "oriented" but you never hear any of them say either one now.  A more recent sportscaster tick that makes me cringe is "in the painted area" instead of plain old "in the paint".  Once again, they seem to think more is better. 

      I'm not an English teacher but it was my favorite and best subject and I love English teachers. I guess everybody is supposed to major in something techie these days if they want to, you know, eat and stuff.

    1. Ooh, ooh — I know that one! John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, on July 4th, naturally.  The year escapes me, but somewhere in the 1820's I would guess.

  2. The reason Sen. Udall is raising lots more money than the 'one or two great candidates in the wings' is because he's scared, according to Ryan Call.

  3. What happens to the government if it no longer controls money? Add to that, there's no way to verify income or spending. If money does not go through banks, how does the IRS or the Dept of Revenue verify transfers?

    If the legislature thinks sales tax for online purchases is hard, that's nothing compared to this. (I don't think bitcoin itself will become gigantic, but I think something in this model well could.)

  4. ExxonMobil in action…

    Tuesday night, McDaniel issued a subpoena for all records from pipeline owner ExxonMobil related to the spill, as his office looks into its cause and impact.

    “I let it be known that I would be coming today with lawyers and with investigators and we were coming on behalf of the state and many times they attempted to route me into a van and take me on a tour.  And I tried to explain to them I’m not here for a tour and I’m not getting into a van,” McDaniel said.

    “We are here on behalf of the state of Arkansas as the state’s lawyer, as a constitutional officer empowered by the General Assembly to enforce our laws and we were here to conduct an investigation, not take a tour.  So I didn’t appreciate some of how we were treated, so I can only imagine how some of the homeowners must have felt.”

  5. Read gun nut (See his pictures. The crazy eyes justify "nut") Nick Andrasik's apology in the paper today.  He said he realized words he used may have been offensive. Let's clear that "may" up for him.  I bet if those words had been addressed to his mom, sister, wife or daughter he wouldn't have any doubt as to whether or not they were offensive. Yes they were offensive, no "may" about it.

    Moving along, he also used that now familiar excuse that he wrote those e-mails when passions were running high.  So here we have another gun nut firing off vile e-mails that make no attempt to present a  reasoned case for his views and then claiming that passion made him do it. Once again a guy brags about how heavily armed he is and announces that passion makes him do things. 

    Way to make your case there, Nicky boy.  That and the pics.


  6. Just watched an exit interview with K Salazar on CSpan. What a guy. I am not a CO native. Got here 20 years ago. I voted for Mike Miles in the primary but Salazar and before him Pat Schroeder are leaders that all of CO should be proud of. I'm sure there have been others but there are not right now these kind of leaders representing us.

    And yet, without saying so, it is clear that Salazar also is not against fracking or it would not be taking place

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