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April 05, 2013 07:59 AM UTC

Meet The Face Of The Pro-Gun Recall Campaigns

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: The Denver Post's Lynn Bartels did, to her credit, extract a qualified apology from hirsute pro-gun recall organizer Nick Andrasik (see photo below), who says today he would "probably not" again use the "c-word" and other offensive language to describe Democratic legislators if given the choice. The "situation is different," says Andrasik, meaning exposure to a light source other than the fixture in his mother's basement.

As for confidence in the ability of the recalls Andrasik is in charge of to succeed, we're afraid the damage is done.



andrasik2As the Colorado Springs Independent's Chet Hardin reported late yesterday:

The Basic Freedom Defense Fund was formed specifically to lead recall efforts of gun-control-minded Colorado Democrats, such Colorado Springs' Sen. John Morse and his Westminster-based colleague, Sen. Evie Hudak.

The spokesman for the grassroots organization is Nick Andrasik. And this seems to be the way Andrasik presents himself online, at least on

When we reached him by phone this afternoon, we described the above photo to Andrasik. Though he couldn't be certain that it was one of his photos without actually seeing it, he said it was "probably me." Further, the avatar that Andrasik uses on his profile is the same image that shows up on his Facebook page.

Lynn Bartels of the Denver Post writes today about the recall attempts now underway against several Colorado legislators, including Rep. Mike McLachlan of Durango and Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs. Bartels reports that a recall attempt is about to get underway against Sen. Evie Hudak of Arvada as well, and quotes the same Nick Andrasik pictured above saying, "It seemed that recalling them would be a great way" to get legislators' attention. Most regrettably, Bartels did not include a photo of Mr. Andrasik for her story.

Or any mention, as the Springs Independent continues, of Andrasik's own statements about some of those Democratic legislators. Reader discretion strongly advised:

During the legislative debates surrounding high-capacity magazines, he had this to say about Rep. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora: "Fields back up, being a vacuous cunt as usual."

On Rep. Brittany Pettersen, D-Lakewood: "Rep Pettersen asking about more limitations – she's a stunning cunt."

On Rep. Joe Salazar, D-Thornton: "Salazar is a fucking retard."

We haven't seen such gratuitous use of the "c-word" since Franklin Sain was arrested for threatening Rep. Rhonda Fields. To say this is questionable behavior for the spokesman for this "unprecedented" effort to recall sitting Colorado legislators, something which has never successfully been done before, is an understatement. It seems likely that either Mr. Andrasik's appearance or mannerism, or both, was a key part of the decision by recall organizers in Durango against Rep. McLachlan to part ways from Andrasik's group.

Folks, until we see evidence that this recall effort consists of more than marginal crackpots and foulmouthed online message-board trolls, we must ask that the media stop treating people like Andrasik as credible.

Or at least include that photo? We think that as soon as the public understands this repellent personality is the man organizing the recalls they're hearing so much about, they will be over that day.


21 thoughts on “Meet The Face Of The Pro-Gun Recall Campaigns

  1. Now now, Lynn Bartels has got to give this man his due! This is the face of the "strong hand" Republicans have been dealt, remember?

    The Denver Post is now stooping to the level of the Clinton Raped Juanita guy to make the right's fake outrage look credible. There is no excuse.

      1. I'm not saying you're wrong in general, JB, but in this case Bartels is on the story. It's pretty egregious, I expect there'll be lots of reporting on this clown soon.

          1. No such thing the blogs tell me. What would I know being an Easy Coast elitist and all who’s never even held a gun? I believe it’s a flash suppressor.

            1. Its a Silencer Co Osprey Surpressor (or silencer as they are commonly called).  At least that is what their web site says.  You can get your own phallic symbol for approximately $850, not including shipping.

          2. As long as he has gone through the proper channels and has an ATF Tax Stamp that is a perfectly legal supressor.  That's probably about $1200 to $1500 worth of supressor right there that has zero resalve value, he can never sell it.

            1. The rapturous look on his face as he stares up at that big, thick, long thing. tells us everything we need to know. You can't re-sell a vibrator either. 

          3. Why would a silencer be illegal?

            If he is a responsible, law abifing citizen, perhaps he prefers to plan for self defense, or home and family defense, without isturbing the neighbors.


            Maybe he just likes to go to the range without having to wear the ear protectors.


            Though, he could be a loon.

  2. What is it with the prevelance of great big crazy eyes on the right?  Wait, I remember now. It must  be connected to the genetically over active startle response found in clinical studies.

      1. I wouldn't be surprised. Anti-depressant drugs are a scourge, wreaking havoc among our people and providing monstrous profits for Big Pharma.

        See the film, "Making a Killing".

  3. How old is Andrasik? He can gain great employment AND be with people that not only condone, but encourage military style weaponry usage if he's under 37.

    Supressors are comonly used in DEVGRU, SPECWAR, etc.

    Why does this loon need a supressor in civilian life?

    Looks like "dude" checked his balls at the door the last 10 years, when we were engaged with a pretty competent enemy, and still have 47,000 Gi's in harm's way, for that matter, and wants to play toughguy stateside.

    He's the poster child for why women are now assuming combat roles in our military.

    And bless the ladies for it.

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