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April 04, 2013 04:23 PM UTC

El Paso County's Curious MLK Tribute

  • by: Colorado Pols
April 4th, 2013 is the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
April 4th, 2013 is the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

UPDATE: We just received this statement from Rosemary Harris Lytle, President of the NAACP-Colorado-Montana-Wyoming State Conference:

This is a day the NAACP and others around the world observe as a day of peace, a day of remembrance, a day of dedication to non-violence–the anniversary of Dr. King's assassination. Like too many of our greatest leaders, Dr. King was killed by a gun; a high-powered weapon. We mourn the moment 45 years ago when he was felled on that balcony. We rededicate ourselves in his honor to ending gun violence and promoting gun control. Shame on the El Paso County Commission for using the anniversary of his death as a political opportunity instead of an opportunity to end the plague of gun deaths and gun injustice in this state and country.


AP reports today from Memphis, Tennessee:

Hundreds of union members and their supporters marched in Memphis on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s murder, calling for a new commitment to the human rights causes he died for.

With the march and a dedication ceremony Thursday, they honored King and the sanitation workers strike that brought him to Memphis, where he was assassinated in 1968.

In a light drizzle, more than 1,000 marchers wore T-shirts with union logos and held signs saying "We are Memphis" or bearing the slogan for the 1968 strike: "I am a man." Participants came from as far as Louisiana, California and New York.

Around the country today, there have been tributes to the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., who was assassinated 45 years ago today in Memphis, Tennessee. While Dr. King's birthday each January is commemorated as a national holiday, April 4th, especially among civil rights activists and students of this period of American history, is a day with equally profound significance.

But not in arch-conservative El Paso County, Colorado, where a different commemoration was observed today.

El Paso County Commissioners' Resolution Proclaiming April 4, 2013, Friends of NRA Day 

Friends of NRA Day

WHEREAS, volunteers across America have formed local Friends of NRA committees to raise funds for the non-profit NRA Foundation; and

WHEREAS, these funds are used to support such important programs as firearms education and safety, shooting range development, conservation education and research, the shooting sports, law enforcement firearm competition, and many other vital programs; and

WHEREAS, last year Colorado Friends of NRA committees raised more than $585,000 through the support of their communities; half of which stays in Colorado; and

WHEREAS, last year the Colorado Friends of NRA State Fund Committee provided more than 56 grants totaling over $290,000 to Colorado organizations; and

WHEREAS, of those 56 grants, 34 were for youth related programs funded for $175,374; and

WHEREAS, the Colorado Springs Friends of NRA Committee is celebrating its 18h anniversary of service to our community; and

WHEREAS, the Colorado Springs Friends of NRA Committee will hold its annual event on April 4, 2013; and

WHEREAS, that the Board of County Commissioners of El Paso County, Colorado hereby designates April 4, 2013 as “Friends of NRA Day.”

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of County Commissioners of El Paso County, Colorado hereby designates April 4, 2013 as “Friends of NRA Day.”


nragunauctionmlkNow folks, it should be noted that tonight is the night of the Friends of the NRA's annual fundraiser dinner, which is what prompted the El Paso County commissioners to approve this resolution designating today "Friends of NRA Day." At tonight's NRA fundraiser auction, a number of guns will be available, including (see right) a .30-06 bolt action rifle.

And again, we can't ascribe anything more than coincidence to the fact that Martin Luther King was killed by a .30-06 rifle.

We have no doubt that the El Paso County Commission will claim ignorance of today's significance, and we have to allow for the possibility that they were not aware they were declaring the 45th anniversary of MLK's death "Friends of NRA Day." And even if they were aware, it's entirely possible that they would not consider it to be a problem.

Despite all the excuses we can ourselves imagine here, we can't shake the idea that this is an embarrassing development for Colorado's foremost conservative stronghold.


16 thoughts on “El Paso County’s Curious MLK Tribute

  1. Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity

    I concur, while the odds are pretty high the commissioners might not have realized the significance of this day, I'd say it's 100% probability they wouldn't care, even if they knew.

    Only way to settle this mystery is to see if the history of this group's dinner always falls on the 4th of April.  They might be the ones sharing a sick inside joke among themselves.

    1. I'm surprised at you. You're normally more reasonable than this.

      Is there a PC calendar I can buy so I never do anything wrong on any liberal holy days, especially the ones that are not actually holidays? I'll order two and give one to El Paso County.

      1. You sound annoyed, Crappy; maybe you could organize a rally in support of El Paso County's stupidity. I bet you could get, like….. 30 people. 

      2. How's Reince's $10m program going talking at those folks he wants to fool into voting for you guys? 

        MLK 'PC' indeed.  Not only are your comments bitter and dumb to understate the obvious, they actually work at cross-purpose to their apparent intent. 

      3. You had a valid point to start with, ArapG, that the El Paso County Commissioners might very well have had no idea that this was a day of any significance. It doesn't, as you say, turn up on calanders as does MLK Day in January.  Then you had to to go and ruin it with a remark resembling Scalia's equating voting rights with racial "entitlements". 

        You just couldn't manage to make a reasonable point without tossing in a disparaging remark calling any recognition of the anniversary of MLK's assassination a silly liberal PC holy day.  Kind of like how your gun rights absolutists can't manage to express their concerns without throwing around the c word. 

        This is why we worry less and less about the GOP improving its standing with minorities to win national elections, moving public opinion on sensible gun control or turning back the clock on gay rights. You just can't stop being a-holes long enough to make a dent, even when you have valid points.

        1. Here's one for you, JB………

          I know your above post was aimed directly at agop, but you also did confirm it pertains to a huge swath of conservative leaning people.

          This is a serious question. "Why are they this nuts? What has happened to light up the republican base to this extreme?" I mean. over half the self identified republicans believe President Obama's not of American birth. The vast majority believe the gun legislation just enacted here, in New york, in Connecticutt infringes on thier Second Amendment rights, while they can't be specific on the "hows" More than 60% of registered republicans don't see the current attempts of 36 State Legislatures to prevent Democratic leaning voters to register as voter suppression. Even when reminded there are no cases of voter fraud, the supposed reason for the draconian methods.

          What happened that reslulted in the unleashing of this insanity?

          Is the fact President Obama's not completely white that much a trigger for this hate and insanity?

          I'm serious about this question. These people are off the deep end, and it seems to be, little by little, considered "normal for them".

          1. Their party is falling apart.

            Look at the red/blue electoral map. Watch the 47% video again.  The GOTP needs that 47% because that's almost all they have left.

            They want to say education is failing.  I say- it's the only reason we had the civl rights movement, the Viet Nam war opposition, men on the moon and the only reason we could elect Obama.  (Don't talk to me about falling test scores- the tests are different. And puhleeze do not talk to me about country X students doing so much better unless country X has universal compulsory pubic educatin, including  immigrants and the ultra poor, and has a Gini coefficient anywhere near the US).

            Old, white fat men are no longer the key demographic in most elections.  In this last presidential, it was white men 25-40 in northwest Florida and women 30-50 in Pennsyltuckey.

            Reagan Democrats?  Yeah- I read the text of Reagan's Neshoba County Fair speech.   And I lived in neighborhoods full of Reagan D's.  It wasn't about tax cuts and ending socialized medicine.  It was about ending the cold war and keeping things the way we all knew they were supposed to be.  (Why do you think Reagan waited until after '84 to give the immigrants amnesty? hint: Lane Kirkland wouldda ate him alive.) 


            The party base of the post WWII era is dying and death throes are what they are. IF they could refocus on the modern day equivalent of the cold war and fiscal sanity (they can't) they could transition for another generation or two. I mean c'mon – trickle down sounds so plausible.  But the rich and mega rich are clearly visible as global citizens now.  They do the cost/benefit on infrasturcture and law and taxes, and invest accordingly. Sure, they may own a house in Laguna Beach, but they are residents of one of the states with no income tax, or they become resident in some other country altogether. (Has Rush emigrated to Costa Rica or the DR yet?) 

            I am not convinced the desperate people you are seeing who appear to be off te deep end are representative of the surviving GOTP base.    Desperation makes the front page.  Some  100 + yr old living quietly in some nursing home somewhere is not gonna get much attention. Even though he still votes.  And I think wild crazy nuts have always been around- just we see them more now.

            Think about it: you believe in your heart of hearts that some cultural or legal thing is the sure sign of end times and evil. Inter-racial marriage, prevalence of divorce, same sex marriage, Roe v Wade, amnesty for immigrants, …whatever.  And 80% of those under age 40 either don't care  or disagree.  Their party is dying.



  2. Tsk.tsk.


    I don't recall MLK ever coming to El Paso county.

    If he did, it probably wasn't on April 4th.

    The more important point is that after the Colorado Legislature effectively banned gun ownership in Colorado there are still forward thinking Coloradans respecting our history.

  3. King was killed because he was a Christian Pacifist!  Both major parties and the church will have none of that Jesus nonviolence talk.

    May the warfare/welfare state reign supreme…



    1. Jesus H Christ, Nock! Do you sit around trying to think up ever stupider things to say. MLK was killed because he was a black activist leader who was growing ever more powerful. He was threatening the white, redneck, power structure and tjhey hated his guts…I was around at the time..I remember.

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