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March 14, 2013 06:22 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

"Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish."



53 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. If you are in the GJ area, I invite you to you to tune in to 97.7 FM, KNOZ. I will be appearing on "Grand Valley Live" at 9:00 AM to talk about oil and gas, guns, local politics and whatever else comes up…call in and join the madness…should be fun.

        1. "Mesa County Patriots"…That's just too picturesque, isn't it? Knock-off Stetsons safety-pinned into Tricorn hats…. 

          Which "real" Western Slope Tea Party group did this one splinter off from?  It's so hard to keep track of the lunatics, like babysitting mice without a cage….

        1. Horse puckey.  I have three employees, and I pay the minimum premium of $366 per year on salaries of $128,000, not including mine..  Besides which, a sole proprietor or an owner of a company can opt out of the coverage for themselves and pay nothing.  You just don't know what you're talking about.


          With that said, I also hate Pinnocol.  But for reasons other than their premiums, which you siimply can't beat as a small businessman.  I know, I tried and couldn't.

        2. nock, at least you're not threatening to shoot anybody this morning. Or maybe you did do it again and I just missed it.

          I'm waiting for that retraction or double down.

          Now, explain how a business owner is harmed by paying in to a system by where an employee hurt on the business owner's jobsite harms the employer. In any way.

          Feel free to use terms like premiums, etc.

          You redlegs are totally full of shit. and all the same. you spout things you can't back up, you accuse when you have no reason.

    1. Tsk, tsk, tsk…. more homoerotic imagery from Libby.  He does love to talk about/picture the Other Side (Y'know… the bad boys) engaged in acts of a certain nature, doesn't he?

      Libby….Sweetie, you really should consider coming out of the closet (or, airport bathroom stall) you seem to be so firmly wedged into.



        1. Sorry for the delayed response, Robin. This site's "my comments" page kept crashing my browser, and then I had to get on with other stuff.

          I can't go and research the tadpole's exact comment. (I assume you meant that and not my attempt to contact Pols.) But it was ugly and homophobic. Not that I couldn't handle it (I gave him a good reply), but I'm getting tired of the double standard around here. I may have to write another diary. Pols responds to those.

    2. "Article quotes two cocksucking local insurance brokers who are known to give handjobs to Colorado Democratic politicians."

      this outta the same mind & being that shoveled mindless pious prattling prayers over Ken "buyers remorse" Buck's soul.   

      Wow, just another example of the depths of hypocrisy in these assinine fundamental ingorants. 

      Not sure what anyone gets out of ever replying to such trolling 'turds.

      1. Just because you're "saved" doesn't mean that you can think, say and do anything you want. Indeed, it's just the opposite. I would expect those "saved" and certain to return to their maker should hold themselves to a higher standard, so as to return to their maker as undefiled as possible. Why return the gift of life in a deplorable and shameful condition?

        Disappointingly, it's not what my experience has shown. For too many, and I'm sure the exceptions are legion, being saved is attended to with an arrogance and lack of sublety that can only sadden and shock.

  2. Insurance rates to increase dramatically ONLY for a few select groups, the groups that are currently free and realizing liberty. Soon these small bastions of freedom will be abolished and Lady Liberty will have been dissolved…

    Not to mention it is bad for business to have pesky price shoppers roaming about!


    Leave it to Obuma to erase the ONE good thing GB43 did, HSA's .


    From article "

    According to Bill Lindsay, president of Lockton Benefit Group in Denver, there are four market segments in the U.S. today — the two smallest he expects will be hit the hardest.

    "When we talk about this kind of rate increase, we are talking about the individual market and the small employer (of fewer than 50 people),"



      1. Certainly an apostrophe should not be used for pluralism (English language is constantly evolving, don’t get your panties in a wad) however it is acceptable to use as possessive. Every HSA is owned by 1 single individual…

        Submit our debate to your Apostrophe Protection Society and see what they bestow from upon high…




    1. Funny thing about that article, it didn't say who would see rates fall. Nor did it mention why some rates would increase. No mention whatsoever. 

      The young healthy 24-year-old will see their rates rise. That's because they're now pooled with the 60-year-old. The 60-year-old will see their rates fall. Why wasn't that mentioned?

      Eliminating recision and requiring insurers to cover pre-existing conditions will obviously require insurers to spend more. It's cheaper to drop people instead of cover their medical expenses. The math is pretty simple. 

      But please, Nock, I'd love to hear your liberty-infused defense of insurance company practices.

    1. If you cannot beat them, join them.


      What does it matter, libs and conservs are the same. More spending, more debt, more funny money, more war, less freedom.


      When CU places a libertarian or Austrian, then they will be serious about freedom…

      1. Where's the "more spending"?

        Where's the "more debt"?

        Have you looked at the arrows, trends lately? The debt is decreasing, in spite of pinko obstruction.

        More war? Are you lucid? Less FREEDOM? What the fuck are you talking about you moron?

        1. Don't bother with facts. He really doesn't want to hear it. As in hands over ears, la, la, la-ing doesn't want to hear it.

          Nockwurst and his kind need all the self imposed idiocy they can muster just to get through the day pretending to believe what they say they believe.  It's tough. Like trying to hang on to belief in Santa or the Tooth Fairy for another year or two once you reach a certain age and evidence based reality becomes a more and more insistent, inescapable presence in your maturing little mind, like it or not.

          Of course, most of us get over it long before puberty. Then there are the  Nockwursts and 'tads. Arrested Development ain't just an old TV show.

  3. A giant thank you to the vast majority of Democratic legislators who moved through some good gun regulation. There are people who will not be murdered tomorrow because of what you did today. It's not often legislators have a chance to bend the curve in such a substantial way – kudos to you for stepping up and doing so.

        1. Liberty requires protection from theft, force and fraud. Somalia IS NOT Liberty.  However you are bringing Somalia here and to the rest of the world…


        2. Good suggestion, David. I am sure our local Libertarians would thrive in a true "libertarian" setting, where might makes right and the only thing that matters is ruthless power. Maybe the Nockster and the rest of the boys would enjoy a reality like "Lord of the Flies" (William Golding)…true, raw, libertarianism…what fun!!

      1. The bad person who killed a nine year old with his 33rd round before being stopped by kind of elderly bystanders not even using weapons in the Giffords shooting would have had to reload before he killed that child and could have been stopped at an earlier point  Would he have still been able to kill people? Sure.  But fewer would have been a lot better.

        Ditto with other mass shootings.  Less "mass" is a very good thing any way you look at it. The way your kind dismiss it as not worth the bother is sickening.

  4. I washed dishes at C.U. – Best Advice: What I Learned from a Sex-Crazed Short-Order Cook

    I learned to value speed in everything I do. I learned how other people lived; I learned how to be alone. I learned, even when all hell is breaking loose, first to take time to make my environment productive. I learned that people love to be good at things, even the silliest things.

    But mostly I learned how to be hard on myself, which let me mow down the other students when I went off to college at the end of that summer, and into a wider world where hardly anyone else had ever washed dishes for a living.

  5. This is why we still need Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act:

    Rep. Kris Crawford, a Republican from Florence [South Carolina] and also an emergency room doctor, supports the expansion but expects the Republican caucus to vote as a block against the Medicaid expansion.

    “The politics are going to overwhelm the policy. It is good politics to oppose the black guy in the White House right now, especially for the Republican Party,” Crawford said.

    At least he said what the real reason was.

    1. Absolutely. It's actually a great argument for the Federal Attorneys to submit for the SCOTUS.

      This guy literally torpedoed Scalia.

      With "friends" like this………………….

    2. And at least he seems to be admitting that he's going to join the block (he says it 'll be a solid one) in spite of being for the policy so he's not shy about having no integrity.

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