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March 13, 2013 11:31 AM UTC

Gessler Doesn't Support Recalling Sen. Giron (Wink, Nod)

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Pueblo Chieftain's Peter Roper reports, with much of the story behind a paywall:

Secretary of State Scott Gessler gave a crowd of about 100 local Republicans a quick lesson Tuesday on how to recall state Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, over her support for gun-control legislation earlier this week.

Gessler reminded the crowd he is running for reelection but he also addressed the obvious sentiment in the room that Giron should be recalled over the gun issue. He was speaking to the monthly meeting of the Pueblo County Republican Party.

“A recall election is brutal so you need to get all your ducks in a row,” he advised. “You don’t want to wait until the clock’s started to get organized.”

Roper says, and he's probably right, that Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler wasn't "advocating" a recall against Sen. Angela Giron–especially since the logistics of recalling any of the lawmakers threatened with that during the gun safety legislation debate are difficult enough to render it a fool's errand. Given the Pueblo Chieftain's oddly personal dust-up with Sen. Giron over this legislation, though, it's not really a surprise that Roper omitted that the logistics of recalling a state legislator are virtually impossible: everyone knows that this will be about challenging her in 2014. Roper does a great job giving the names of the recall organizers, though, and a great quote vilifying Sen. Giron. It should go without saying that after the recent flap with the Chieftain's general manager that every story about Giron should be evaluated for bias. This story doesn't exactly resolve in their favor.

In the case of Scott Gessler, of course, no such evaluation is necessary.


13 thoughts on “Gessler Doesn’t Support Recalling Sen. Giron (Wink, Nod)

    1. Oh there you are, ArapG.  Guess you couldn'r think of anyway to defend your position on how nobody was threatening Giron in any way over at her home town paper but you're game to show your face again on a different thread.

      You just keep waiting for that sleeping giant.  In the case of closing background chekc loopholes that would be a very small giant as the overwhelming majority of the public supports that particular "attack on liberty"  But then it wasn't long ago the NRA did, too..

      Tell me, why no "liberty" hysterics over not being able to carry fully automated weapons and rocket launchers on the street ? Why aren't those restrictions assaults on liberty?

      Of course you won't answer because any answer would be an admission that right to bear arms has never been any more absolute than any other right and no set of Supremes has declared that any and all regulation of the right to bear arms is inconsistent with the Constitution. 

      Also the firearms industry and their NRA lobbyists aren't making noise about those restrictions, probably because they really don't see the profit or the precentage in fighting for, say, rocket launcher rights.

      Why isn't anybody threatening that blood will be spilled over the continuing "threat to liberty" posed by restrictions that don't allow you to take take an AK47 with you as you board your flight? 

      Shall I hold my breath for a direct reply?

        1. And that addresses my points how? Please read my post for and check for any mention of Fox News headlines.  You won't find any.

          Here's what I'm asking you.  Nothing to do with the Fox News. I'm asking you… if you believe that any regulation of the right to bear arms is unconstitutional, how do you explain the fact that so many different Supreme Courts with different make ups have allowed various kinds of regulation to stand and why isn't the NRA claiming that all of them are assaults on liberty. 

          One more time, why aren't you and the NRA just as hysterical over not  being able to take an AK47 on your next flight if you really believe that any regulation of the right to bear arms is an assault on liberty?  Once again, I won't hold my breath for a direct answer to my direct question. Once again you demonstrate that you've got nada.

  1. What Gessler should be doing is giving the GOP a primer on how to win a basic election.

    You'll all no doubt recall (no snickers, please) that Giron was appointed in August 2010 to fill in when Abel Tapia left to take the head dog position with the Colorado Lottery.

    Giron had little to no political experience when she then ran against Vera Ortegon in November 2010. That experience was limited to serving as an aide to Ken Salazar and Michael Bennet, and of course, whatever she picked up through osmosis through being the spouse of Pueblo councilman Steve Nawrocki.

    Ortegon had been a Pueblo councilperson for 4 years, and had served on the water board for 11.

    Yet Giron still whacked Ortegon by 4500 votes.

    2010 was the year the Republicans presented such winners for our consideration as Ken Buck, ship-jumpin'  Tom "Ol' 1Y" Tancredo, and Dan Maes. And of course, we cannot forget the wonderful experience we had with the brilliant leadership of the Otero Republicans, which leadership seems not to have changed one whit for the better. Perhaps the Pueblo Republicans have their wits somewhat more about them, though I ain't holdin' my breath.

    We can only hope that if the Republicans try a recall, they present a candidate that doesn't sound like a raving lunatic of a right wing fundamentalist who thinks God is literally on his side, serving up fresh cups of Tea to the righteous.

    We can only hope, but we ain't bettin' a nickel, much less the paycheck.

    The Republicans' Chernobyl 

    1. I think Sen Giron is pretty safe. The recall pretition would require 11,000 valid signatures, and there are roughly 26,000 registered Republicans in Pueblo County. While it's mathematically possible for that recall petition goal to be reached there's an awfully shallow GOP talent pool in this traditionally Democratic county. 

      As for the predictions of some "sleeping giant" reaction to the very minor bills passed in the legislature, well, I wonder if the NRA-fueled commenters aren't underestimating the psychological damage done to pro-gun sympathies in the wake of Columbine and Aurora. 

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