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February 14, 2013 12:46 PM UTC

Colorado Progressives Speak Out To Reduce Gun Violence

  • by: ProgressNow Colorado

Reps. McCann and Fields receive ProgressNow Colorado's petit
Representatives Beth McCann and Rhonda Fields receive comments from ProgressNow Colorado members in support of proposed legislation to reduce gun violence. Photo by ProgressNow Colorado

As pro-gun lobbyists continue their duplicitous attacks against legislation before the Colorado General Assembly to reduce gun violence, ProgressNow Colorado, the state's largest online progressive advocacy organization, delivered hundreds of messages in support of this legislation to the bills' sponsors fighting to win passage.

"Despite the intense campaign from the gun lobby against these common-sense bills, I've heard from so many Coloradans who understand what we are trying to do," said Rep. Rhonda Fields. "I'm thankful for the support of Colorado progressives as we take these important steps to reduce gun violence."

"Pro-gun lobbyists and dishonest Republican officials have egregiously misinformed the public on what these bills would actually do," said ProgressNow Colorado political director Alan Franklin. "It's been an uphill battle against the gun lobby's limitless financial resources and lack of scruples when it comes to misleading their supporters about proposed legislation. Fortunately, Colorado progressives are not fooled, and stand with our legislators as they work to make our state a safer place."

Here are just a few of the many comments received from Colorado progressives in support of legislation to reduce gun violence:

Tracy in Denver: "I wholly support the introduction and passage of the proposed legislation on background checks, mental health support, banning high capacity magazines, and bringing together responsible parties to act responsibly in regard to certain firearms."

Randy in Highlands Ranch: "It is time for the Colorado legislature to put the safety of our citizens before the demands of the NRA."

David in Gunnison: "I'm a gun owner, hunter, and have no qualms about the ideas such as restricting high-capacity magazines, or some kinds of 'assault weapons,' requiring background checks of gun purchases in any venue, or similar measures to help reduce use of guns in crimes of violence."

Philip in Boulder: "It is time for sensible controls to help minimize future gun violence. As someone who has known people killed from both gun accidents, as well as gun violence, I encourage you to pass reasonable reforms."

Pamela in Denver: "We need a voice of reason with all the violence in not only mass shootings, but also those that occur every day in our cities."

Alberta in Black Forest: "These are all common sense solutions to the problem of gun violence. And none of these pieces of legislation will prevent any law-abiding citizen of Colorado from owning or purchasing a gun."

Patricia in Fort Collins: "These eight measures do not prevent me or you from purchasing or owning a firearm as long as we are not mentally or physically dangerous to ourselves or other people. These measures are long overdue and I hope you will support them."

Mark in Littleton: "These are common sense measures that don't restrict legitimate gun ownership. It is high time that the responsibility of gun ownership matched the right of gun ownership."

John in Durango: "Let's avoid the baseless hysteria and deliberate distortions that seem to dominate political discussion these days and adopt ALL eight of these common sense measures to reduce gun violence. The time is now."

Phyllis in Hesperus: "It seems that any legislation about guns, ammunition, registration or control, sets the NRA and many gun owners in a tizzy, thinking it is a direct attack on them and a plot to remove their weapons and their right to own weapons. If they would control their temper and read the proposals they would see the fairness and need to protect innocent people from gun violence. Please take action and protect innocent people of all ages from the shattering gun violence that has affected so many lives."

In addition to written petition comments, ProgressNow Colorado members have begun to directly reach out to their legislators by phone via online integrated contact tools, hoping to counter to flood of calls from opponents.

"These are just a few of the hundreds of heartfelt messages we've received in support of proposed legislation to reduce gun violence in Colorado," said ProgressNow Colorado's Franklin. "The gun lobby may be adept at scaring and lying to their supporters to turn them out for protests, but an objective and sober look at these proposals makes it clear that no one is trying to take away the rights of law-abiding Coloradans to possess guns. Colorado progressives urge our legislators to not be fooled or intimidated by the gun lobby or their misinformed pawns–and to stand firm on the side of reducing the scourge of gun violence in our state."


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