Another (not yet announced) Candidate for CD6

Late last night, Kate Newell, daughter of recently re-elected Senator Linda Newell, posted this to her facebook page:

So proud of my mama, who (after being asked too many times to count) has decided to seriously consider running for/serving as Congresswoman for CD 6! Excited to see where this faithwalk takes us, Linda Newell!

After a few individuals commented in response, she added the following:

Kate Newell It is big news, but nothing's set in stone yet. We prayed about it, and we get that it's all up to God, but it'd be great to see her serve in a new way . I'm just proud of my mom and wanted to share what's been on our hearts/minds lately.
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Kate Newell That being said, several folks knew. She's been gathering input from people. Being a good listener is the most important trait a public servant can have! 

As of yet, Senator Newell has not made any announcements or posted anything to her own facebook page or website, so it is unclear whether she wanted her exploration of a possible run for CD-6 to be public knowledge.

Among those who "liked" the post was fellow state Senator Lucia Guzman. 

Senator Newell would be the third not-yet-announced candidate to hint at the desire to take on GOP Incumbent Mike Coffman. 

In my opinion, Senator Newell has proven that she can walk the moderate line and win support from all over the political spectrum. She also has been able to successfully defend those moderate positions when confronted by her more liberal constituents.

But one wonders if she is up to the acrobatics it would take to win first the Democratic Party nomination then ultimately be elected to Congress. She would have to part with her current moderate persona and begin to take on more partisan issues in order to win support from the die-hard dems that make up the party base in Arapahoe County, then pivot again and return to the middle to win in November. 

I guess we'll see what her "faithwalk" turns up. But it will be equally interesting to see if that status message from her daughter is still up by the end of the day.

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