Paul Ryan’s New Favorite Author/Mentor — George Orwell

Since Paul Ryan disowned Taker/Maker Ayn Rand, he's now picked a new favorite Mentor:  George Orwell.  For instance here's his latest promise:  

“This session, I’ll advance reforms to protect and strengthen Medicare and Medicaid,” Ryan said Saturday.

He'll do that by 

proposing that the House cut spending enough to wipe out deficits after 10 years 

So, to protect Medicare and Medicaid, apparently you need to stop letting people actually, you know, receive any benefits that would cost money.  A similar philosophy was practiced in Vietnam — save the village, but get rid of the pesky people with liberal applications of Napalm.


Further, Ryan sincerely (in a "the sky is red" sort of way) believes:


“The way he tells it, it’s the president — and only the president — who’s trying to fix our bridges, to feed our children, to care for seniors, to clean our water,” Ryan added. “But we can’t get rattled. We won’t play the villain in his morality plays. We have to stay united. We have to show that — if given the chance — we can govern. We have better ideas.”

You know, you hear true conservatives in the Tea Party talking every day about rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, making sure all kids get the nurishment they need to stay healthy, seeing that our elderly get the care they've earned, and protecting our clean water supplies.  Why it's obvious that keeping those oil and gas subsidies in place is money well spent — look at how clean the water is after it's been run through the fracking process!  And keeping our Pharmaceutical industry healthy by protecting their profits from mean ol' negotiators trying to get cheaper prices for seniors is just common sense!

Yep, Paul Ryan is a fast learner.  If the actual truth doesn't work for you, just redefine the meaning of the words and spread the New Truth!

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