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January 23, 2013 04:29 PM UTC

Coffman Will NOT Challenge Udall in 2014

  • by: Colorado Pols

As Tweeted moments ago by Allison Sherry of the Denver paper:

Sherry reports that Coffman will run again for his newly competitive CD-6 seat. After Coffman’s very tough re-election campaign in 2012, which as we’ve discussed revealed major weaknesses for Coffman running outside a safe Republican bastion, it’s most likely a very wise decision for Republicans to look elsewhere. But looking at the other candidates Sherry mentioned, Cory Gardner and Bob Beauprez, perhaps the question is where?

We’re not surprised that Coffman isn’t going to challenge Udall, but we are curious as to why he would end the speculation so early. Most politicos let their name dangle for higher office as long as possible, which can help increase their fundraising ability and name ID. The only reason for Coffman to publicly remove his name from Senate consideration is to soothe supporters and donors that he must court for another tough re-election battle in 2014. Coffman’s poor performance in the 2012 cycle probably cost him a chance to take on Udall, and it definitely has put a big target on his back in CD-6.

It’s also looking more certain by the day that Democrat Andrew Romanoff will run in CD-6. The as-yet unresolved question is whether or not former state representative Karen Middleton will challenge Romanoff for the nomination. We can’t see how or why Middleton would square off against Romanoff, but she’s got a little time to decide.


11 thoughts on “Coffman Will NOT Challenge Udall in 2014

  1. OK Am I nuts? Last time I was on there was another diary about this race, right below this one. I commented but when I hit post I got sent to a blank page. Tried again. Same thing. Just checked back to see if my comment ever posted and there is no sign that the diary I commented on ever existed. Was it all a dream?

    1. Same here. I hope he declares ASAP and there’s no drawn out challenge. And I’m a CD6er and know many CD6 Bennett supporters will feel the same and be happy to support Andrew.

      Between Romanoff’s connections and the party’s desperate need to gain House seats, he should instantly bring in enough Big Bucks and high level supporters to make the new CD6 another CD7.

  2. I think Coffman missed the memo about how close he came to losing this last one.

    Had it not been for the fear the green zoner’s team pumped into the CD6 atmosphere with the false narrative concerning Miklosi’s no vote on a Bill modelled after Florida’s “Jessica’s Law”, and Miklosi’s failure to explain the good reasoning behind his no vote, Miklosi could well have upset the less than capable Coffman last November.

    Miklosi could have taken Coffman’s claims about the “258,000 child abductions per year” ad and rammed it back at him, showing him to be a liar and a fraud.

    He didn’t.

    Should Romanoff run, his recognition and his history coupled with an increasingly reasonable and educated through redistricting electorate, tired of a Representative that really doesn’t represent, will put him even at the jump.

    Even if the RNC comes in with a bundle of false attack money, Andrew will be a lot tougher to slime.

    Coffman has no shot against this competent candidate in a competitive district unless he becomes a working Congressman, showing up, casting votes, holding town halls, having and explaining positions, losing his teabag front, and being professional.

    That’s not his M.O.

  3. Maybe it’s a fake…. he says no, now and then later this Spring says “no” again. Then when he realizes he’s got a GO(T)P challenge for CD6 – he reconsiders, realizing that the best thing for his party his not for Tancredo to come to the rescue as he did in the last gubernatorial.

    If I thought CD4 could be competitive, a Gardner run would be great. But I would rather he get some more seasoning in the CD4 safezone.

    Lamborn….Lamborn could run for Senate. And uknowwho could win the Series back-to-back. (A madco can dream)

  4. I have never made a secret of my admiration for Andrew. I will be unable to vote for him, of course, but I will send him a check. I would rather see him oust Frackenlooper in a primary and run for governor, but he would make a fine congressman.

    1. All my butter and egg money going to CD6 and CD3 in ’14, no matter who you guys on the Western Slope or Pueblo decide to run. But, please, try to put up someone who’s plausible this time.

      And on that note: Hey, guys in Mesa County, at least put some names on the ballot, whether he/she’s a slam dunk or not. That’s just goofy, not even trying to fill a slot. Look who you got for state representative. Proud of him? Stalking horses have often unforeseen value. Some of us over here in cobalt land might even pitch in to help.

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