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March 22, 2006 09:00 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

No more caucus for you!


14 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. Okay, this is too creepy.
    Not a peep out of the Beauprez crew other than Bob thinking that the people at his caucus would vote for him and didn’t lie about it.
    …and Iron Mike is, what, cautiously optimistic? Since when is that guy anything but in-your-face, confrontational?
    Like I said, creepy.

  2. I’m with you Bill… Mostly it’s creepy just because it looks like Beauprez got slaughtered. Or it is just very clever Holtzman propaganda.
    By the way, the action for our District here will be at County Convention. Four BB folks in one Precinct, six Mitchell/Holtzman folks in another and the other two precincts only have four people… Three for Holtzman, one still undecided.

  3. Dan, the GOP is similar in that most counties do decide their State Assembly Delegates at County Assembly, but some counties like Jeffco, Boulder(?), Arapaho and El Paso actually select State Delegates the night of caucus at the caucus level.
    Right now the early word is that about 1000 State Delegates were selected last night at their caucuses that are Holtzman supporters. This doesn’t even count the folks that still have to run at their county assemblies… Supposedly there are another 1500 of those. Since there will be about 3000 Delegates to State, the math is pretty simple.
    Still, these are early numbers. I support MH, but like Mike above I wouldn’t go planning any parties yet. Even though my District came out 100% for Holtzman (8 State Assembly Delegates from Douglas), I just feel that these numbers from the Holtzman campaign are too inflated. It’s not propaganda, just incomplete information.

  4. I received an email yesterday from the Lamm Campaign.

    In it she claims that in polling done by her campaign shows that she leads in CD-7 by 44% to 23% for Perlmutter and 2% for Rubenstein.

    In looking at her web site, the poll was published on Feb. 23,2006, almost exactly a month old.

    Just curious why she would send old news on caucus day.

    I don’t take any candidate polling seriously, anyhow.

  5. We won’t get a real sense of the delegates for Governor until after the county assmeblies. I am assuming here the GOP does it in a similar method to the Dems. The delegates to the State Assembly are selected at each of the county assemblies.

    You do get some indication of support form the caucuses, but keep in mind there is nothing requiring an assembly delegate to vote for the candidate they are a gelegate for.

    It is often the case where one candidate does not get enough votes in a precinct to send delegates to the county assembly, so if someone wants to go to the assembly they have to go as a delegate for the winning candidate whether they support them or not.

    The GOP has more of an issue with this this year because of their contested Gov’s race. The Dems only had to decide if they were going to go to the county assemblies as Ritter delegates or “uncommitted”.

  6. I received an email yesterday from the Lamm Campaign.

    In it she claims that in polling done by her campaign shows that she leads in CD-7 by 44% to 23% for Perlmutter and 2% for Rubenstein.

    In looking at her web site, the poll was published on Feb. 23,2006, almost exactly a month old.

    Just curious why she would send old news on caucus day.

    I don’t take any candidate polling seriously, anyhow.

  7. Hey there Huckabees… We’re going to need to give it about a week or two before we can really know. Right now what I am hearing are a bunch of the folks I sent to Caucus coming back and telling me “we won!”… OK, what does that mean? That you only have 100% Holtzman people for State or that you have 3 out of 5? These are the details I’ve been sorting through on the phone all morning.

    I’ll tell you this though. If my little area of the Holtzman plan is any indication… State Assembly won’t be about getting Holtzman on the ballot… It will be about who will get top line. But hey, that’s just around here. Things went well for Marc in Weld also… But how well? Who knows. Does not sound like the rest of the state went for BB though, so maybe last night really was a good night for Holtzman.

  8. wow, front-page story on bjorklund fiasco in the daily sentinel today. even if you go to the sentinel web site,, it’s on the front page. these guys really blew it. it is obvious they were responsible, and everyone is seeing that and is pissed. i would hate to be the bjorklunds. they just fried themselves.

  9. OK Dan… I’m not sure confusion so much as local control is the goal, but I can see how that would be your first take on it. The Colorado GOP, much to it’s credit in my mind, allows broad latitude for how each county appoints their officers and delegates to central and general assemblies. It’s very much a representative democracy model with “County Rights” having similar importance as “State’s Rights”.
    Another difference seems to be the whole “declaring” delegates thing. Just like voters in an election, GOP delegates don’t officially declare and are allowed to change their minds up to the minute they vote. It is up to the candidates and activists supporting them, rather than the party bosses, to keep the delegates loyal to any given issue or candidate.
    So do these two features add up to “convoluted and confusing”? Well, good thing you’re a Democrat then Dan! LOL!
    Actually, it is confusing for many GOP activists, candidates and professional politicos as well. Many feel that in 2004 Pat Fiske, the out of state Campaign Manager for Bob Schaffer, could never get his arms around the details of Colorado GOP procedures, and so kept losing the little battles that allowed Coors to eventually defeat Schaffer in the Primary. Some folks have started talking this week, that Beauprez’s CM, Jack St. Martin, is falling into the same trap. He was outflanked in caucuses pretty decisively by Colorado native Laura Teal on the Holtzman staff, who knows the peculiarities of the different counties inside and out.
    So it’s not an easy system for an outsider to understand. People who want to run state-wide as a Republican in Colorado need to do a lot of homework before jumping in. But by giving up a uniform system statewide, many feel that the Colorado GOP has preserved the individual self determination at the local level, making it necessary for each county to be treated in a unique manner by a political campaign. Then by not officially “declaring” delegates, the candidates can’t get lazy, narrowing their work to a few undeclared “Super Delegates” like what you guys have. You realise of course, this whole “Super Delegate” situation is perceived by many Republicans as a form of officially sanctioned graft and “back room politics”. Sure the GOP does the same, but we don’t preserve it in the by-laws.
    Anyhow, that’s the lesson for the day, I was probably mostly right, but hey, it’s not an easy system to master.

  10. Rock 5,
    Thanks for the insight to the GOP’s system. IT sounds like they make a convoluted system even more mathematically confusing. But c’est le guerre!

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