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January 19, 2013 06:04 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Every complaint already contains revenge.”

–Friedrich Nietzsche


44 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Morning CPols, Thought I would tell you the process I went through to get here. Logged in; went directly to error page and pressed “OK”. This took me to Jan 16th posts and I then went to top and selected “Recent Diaries” and here I am in the Weekend Open Thread. Now let’s see if this gets posted!

      1. We just added that to your comment successfully–still looking into this. Question, did you use the “old” embed code for Youtube, or the newer iframe-based code?

          1. Okay, we’re working on this. We do intend for users to be able to post videos, so we’ll get this fixed. In the meantime, notice how we made sure this week’s Russian music video was posted.

              1. Can you try again? We just made some changes.

                To everyone else, sorry, this kind of guinea pigging will only be necessary for a short while longer. Thanks for your patience while we work out the bugs.

    1. I tried both old and new (see above).

      ps – What will happen to Pols if people can’t get their Saturday morning video? That’s half the traffice and the sole reason Voyager, Duke, & Dio come here 🙂

  2. Mobile platform (I.e. IPhone) really sucks. Everything gets swished and extruded. Third or fourth comment in a string is only one word wide.

    On the other hand, no Russians videos us a monster fucking improvement. Thanks!!!

  3. I have a complaint. (Not about the new system, although I can’t figure much out. Figure that’s me, not you guys.)

    WaPo and TPM are announcing to the world (and it’s a crazy world out there) that Sidwell Friends security guards don’t carry guns.

    And the NRA is asking teh crazies to attack Obama’s children.

    Sometimes, you gotta wonder about this country.

  4. Trying out my first post. Nothing political this time, rather a thought-provoking book that flips the notion of the Turing Test on its head. How can you tell if the person you are conversing with via computer really is human, and not just a program?

  5. I liked being able to go to my “comments” and see who had responded to me. Sometimes someone will respond a day or two later and it was easy to find those responses quickly without wading through all the threads. Can’t find anything quite like that with this new set-up. Am I just not looking in the right place?

    1. Clearly html tags are not so user friendly. A blockquote button would be nice

      “To make the kind of heartfelt apology I am making now without the help of drugs would be impossible, and so when it came to convincing millions of people that I am a decent human being who is capable of actual regret, I needed an edge”

  6. Pols – Still having to go around the block to get here. Your header/art work comes up with the message “Not Found” and directs me to search; I click OK and get the diaries for Jan. 16, 2013. I click on “Recent Diaries” and here I am.

    If you responded to my comment yesterday, it does not show up as did the dialogue with David on his Russian videos. (I know, I know his videos are more important than my comments.)

    If I am doing something wrong, let me know.

    1. We haven’t been able to replicate this issue, but it sounds like you may be using a bookmarked link to get here that includes a Soapblox-specific reference (,, etc.) no longer in use with WordPress. Try updating that bookmark to link directly to (no other stuff) and see if that works for you.

    2. Happens to a lot to me too. Discovered that all you need to do is click on “” at the top of the page and it gets you to the home page with all the latest diaries.

  7. So how come you have a recent comment link to a story from Sept. of last year?….I still can’t tell which are new comments… I have to log in every time I visit…you need a “back to top of page” button…

  8. Dennis Webb of that daily paper in Grand Junction has written an excellent story about oil and gas history and prospects. I highly recommend you read it, I’m not sure if I am allowed to link there. ?

    I will risk one quote from David Ludlam, COGA Director for this side of the hill.

    “I think the history of the Piceance is repeating itself in a way,” was his comment. Do check it out.

  9. For those in charge of passing effective gun safety legislation, I have an idea that might get you a lot of attention & support from voters. During the week it is going up for a vote, get a &frac12 minute commercial each night on each of the main news shows And on it, run the people killed by guns in Colorado the previous day, plus the total for all deaths in the country the previous day. Give the specifics on the 1 or 2 that are the most poignant.

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