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December 22, 2005 09:00 AM UTC

Colorado Pols hits 250,000 Readers in 2005

  • by: Colorado Pols

Thanks to all of you out there in Webland, Colorado Pols had a big year in its first year in existence (here’s our first post). Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary of our existence, and to celebrate…we sent out a press release. Here it is:

Colorado Pols Receives 250,000 Visitors in 2005
Political Web Site Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Denver, Colo. (December 22, 2005), the premier political Web site and blog in Colorado, celebrates its first anniversary this Friday, Dec. 23., with the announcement that nearly 250,000 people visited the site in 2005. In its first year in existence, received nearly 250,000 unique visitors and 1 million page views.

Traffic to Colorado Pols continues to increase, with average monthly unique visitors of more than 30,000. With a primarily Colorado-based audience, that traffic gives Colorado Pols a larger readership than most monthly newspapers in the state. Colorado Pols is frequently visited by some of the most important political movers and shakers in the state, and elected officials such as Sen. Ken Salazar and Rep. Bob Beauprez have taken time to participate in online question and answer sessions with Colorado Pols readers.

Colorado Pols by the Numbers (as of December 22, 2005):

Total Visitors: 250,000
Average Monthly Visitors: More than 30,000
Total Page Views: 1 million
Average Monthly Page Views: More than 43,000
First Post: December 23, 2004
Total Number of Posts: 1,294
Total Number of Comments from Readers: 24,579

Notable Q&A Participants:
Sen. Ken Salazar
Sen. Wayne Allard
Rep. Mark Udall
Rep. Tom Tancredo
Rep. Bob Beauprez
Rep. Diana DeGette
Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Ritter
Gubernatorial Candidate Marc Holtzman
Gubernatorial Candidate Rutt Bridges
CU Regent Michael Carrigan
State Treasurer Mike Coffman
Attorney General John Suthers


12 thoughts on “Colorado Pols hits 250,000 Readers in 2005

  1. Congratualtions!  Seems like y’all have been around much longer than only a year.

    And just think, each one of those 24,579 comments are traceable. 

    But seriously, congrats!  Here’s to another successful year.

  2. Hey, did everyone go home for the holidays at CoPo? How about a list of “Christmas presents” for our politicians….I’ll start:

    To Al White, (R) 57th District: a tank of gas.
    After doing absolutely nothing to help mitigate the impacts of gas exploration in his district, the tank of gas is for his trip home–to stay– after the 2006 elections. Even Republicans (who lack their mineral rights) don’t like to see their private property rights ignored with a gas well 125 feet from their door.

  3. By tracing IP addresses, we are now able to prove that 249,999 of the ColoradoPols hits came from just five authors:
    EMROSA, 50,000 posts explaining that Republicans in general and conservatives in particular are no damn good.
    Phoenix Rising, 50,000 posts explaining that Democrats in general and liberals in particular are very very good.
    Sir Robin 50,000 posts making no discernible point whatever, but doing so at great length.
    Peter, 50,000 posts whose only accomplishment is to make Sir Robin’s posts look like a critique of pure reason, which is no mean feat.
    49,000 posts by Iron Mike, in desperate attempt to set the record straight on the posts of EMROSA, Phoenix Rising, Sir Robin and Peter.
    Everybody else, 1,000 posts, including some by Dan Willis and Roger D that provide some actual useful information, for which we are grateful.
    With the serious analysis out of the way, let me ask a humorous question:

    Total Visitors: 250,000
    Average Monthly Visitors: More than 30,000
    Isn’t 12 times 30,000 more than 250,000?  Or is this now the fuzzy math board?

  4. We didn’t have 30,000 unique visitors right out of the gate. The monthly number goes up every month, as more people hear about Colorado Pols. It isn’t a static number, and we didn’t start out last January with 30,000 visitors.

  5. I’m sure Mrs. Teal enjoys Mike?s postings too, er…anyhow, I may have some obsessive tendencies, but I’m sure I didn’t come to Pols that much. Although that is my plan, to assimilate this site to all EMRosa all the time. Like the borg. Yep.

    I just can?t be serious this season.

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