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January 19, 2006 09:00 AM UTC

Denver Post Hammers Beauprez

  • by: Colorado Pols

Somebody over at The Denver Post is pissed off at Bob Beauprez. The same newspaper that endorsed Beauprez for congress in 2004 isn’t pulling any punches now that he’s running for governor:

Rep. Bob Beauprez officially launched his campaign for governor Tuesday – and officially abandoned his responsibilities to the people of Colorado. By giving up congressional influence he accumulated in three short years, Beauprez ditched a position with enormous benefit to Colorado in order to scratch the itch to be governor…

…Beauprez opposed Referendum C to save face with the anti-tax zealots of his party, knowing all the while that his political calculation was contrary to Colorado’s interests…

…Beauprez says the passage of C “fixed absolutely nothing about the way we do business in the state,” essentially rebuking voters who gave it their approval.

He just doesn’t get it.Thanks to the state’s political and business leaders, and especially its voters, Colorado’s economic future is secure and its opportunities for growth over the next decade are considerable. No thanks to Bob Beauprez.

He’s wrong on C and is now abandoning Colorado’s interests in Washington. Has there ever been a more twisted road to a gubernatorial announcement? Poof.


19 thoughts on “Denver Post Hammers Beauprez

  1. How is the fact that The Post beat up on Bob Beauprez, the leading REPUBLICAN candidate for governor, evidence that it’s “moving right”, Blue Bronc?  When they start beating up on Hickenlooper, THEN they will be moving to the right.

  2. If the Pols were looking at today’s Rocky, they would see Vince Carroll’s piece on the Post’s Beauprez rant, which more accurately portrays the situation.

  3. the post will not endorse, and will likely oppose, any candidate who did not support ref c.

    you could actually see a ‘no’ endorsement in a both ways bob-mh primary.

  4. you’re yesterday’s news lebowski

    Hilarious. I guess the folks at Colorado Pols are getting a little sensitive about not keeping up with the dailies. Poor babies, do need your bottles before you take your naps?

  5. (This comment is just my personal political handicapping of the governor’s race this year – right now.)

    Of course the Post blasts Beauprez — he’s a tool. A tool of the folks who have given us the biggest deficits in U.S. history. A tool of his fellow GOP politicians that have grown the federal government faster than at any time since WWII. A tool of the lobbyists that have bought and paid for scores of his Republican pals. A tool of the neocon, radical mindset that thinks spying on Americans without a warrant is okay.

    Beauprez has rubber stamped everything this corrupt, lying Bush adminstration has asked for … who in their right minds would want to turn our state government over to a guy like that?

    I’m obviously an outsider to both of the big, establishment political parties that have gotten our country into the mess it is now in … but, sheesh! Beauprez the banker and ‘inside’ political operator is a disaster for the Colorado Republicans.

    So, I hope they nominate him.

  6. Right On, Dave! The Republicans are out to destroy everything we hold dear….out worth, our morals, our pricipals and our value as human beings….fight it to the last breath!

  7. Well, Sir Robin, you model of literacy, the only principals worth destroying are those who are pawns of the teachers’ union which educated you. Principles, on the other hand, can be debated.

  8. Thinking Player: Such a typical response from the sheeples willing to follow this administration whatever they do. Do you deny that Bush and the Republican controlled House and Senate have borrowed more money that all past 42 presidents combined? You can’t deny it, because it’s true! Do you deny that this administration ignores science at the expense of our air, our water, our quality of life? You can’t, because it’s true! Do you deny that Bush and his rubber stamping legislature have us bogged down in a war of their choosing that broke international laws prohibitng attacking a sovereign nation, …..and thus Bush will go down as a war criminal? Do you deny that this war will cost $2 trillion of our taxpayer dollars and over 2,500 of our sons and daughters lives? You can’t! You’re pathetic.

  9. Everything Dave Chandler said above is true, and it goes for Allard as well. Every mailing I get from Beauprez leaves me with an overwhelming urge to go take a shower.

    Since when does the GOP fund Green Party candidates? If they do, it can only be to split the Progressive votes.

  10. Not so loud, Three Blind Mice!  If the Greenies ever figure out how we’re using them to split the liberal vote, the Republican hegemony in this country will be in danger!
    Don’tlisten to them, Dave!  We Republicans are terrified of the Greens, we tremble every time the left splinters yet again.

  11. This blog’s getting popular among the Big Boys.  George, Dick, and now Karl.  What, do you guys have a secret plan to take over the Colorado governor’s office in 2008 after you’re out?  Or is it more that you figure you’re going to be removed by election time this year…

  12. Oh, Sir Robin, why do you find certainty that one who would note your misuse of the language is a Republican? Evidently your training in logic was as poor as your training in vocabulary.

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