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March 21, 2006 09:00 AM UTC

Dancing Governor Has a Strong Base of Support

  • by: Colorado Pols

You may remember Paul Fiorino, a former wrestler and dancer who is running for governor as an Unaffiliated candidate.

We received a press release from Dancing Paul today and thought we’d share it with you because he points out something that we had missed: As the only Unaffiliated candidate for governor, he has a significant built-in base of support. There are 969,915 registered Unaffiliated voters, second only to the Republicans in overall registration numbers, which quite clearly means that he has the second-best natural base of support of all of the candidates for governor.

Fiorino’s Unaffiliated Party gives him a huge advantage right out of the gate, because Unaffiliated voters are known to lean towards Unaffiliated candidates, just like Republicans tend to vote Republican and Democrats tend to vote Democratic. Or something like that. Click below to read the full press release…

The Governor’s Race 2006 is well under way, with candidates positioning themselves for the November 7, general election.  It seems that this is a two party race, according to the media coverage, but in fact, Colorado has a strong third group of registered voters, Unaffiliated. This group of independent, nonpartisan, unaffiliated voters are a significant number, according to recent voter registrations, at the Secretary of State Elections Department. Republicans still lead with 1,044,843, with Unaffiliated in a close second with 969,915, and Democrats at 871,689 registered voters. Libertarian and Green are the only ones that register over 1,000; 5,910 and 4,730, respectively.

This obvious fact that Colorado is strongly unaffiliated, and is moving toward the middle, with its politics. The passing of referendum C solidified this trend. 

Paul Noel Fiorino is the only registered unaffiliated candidate for Colorado Governor. This nonpartisan independent candidate is known through out Colorado as a public servant in nonprofit arts, as an advocate, educator and businessman, who has lived in the State for 50 years. Governor candidate Fiorino represents the issues most near and dear to Colorado citizens, and is the answer to moving Colorado forward. With almost a million registered unaffiliates and growing, the two party system has lost ground with its caucus process and engaging new members, as the season begins.  Republicans must still go through a primary on August 8, and the Democrats are endorsing their one and only candidate, however, unaffiliated are undecided, they still have a strong, energetic, in-to win, candidate that has the will of its constituency, to give Colorado, its first unaffiliated, nonpartisan Governor. 

The grass roots campaign of  Fiorino for Governor  is launched and will move throughout Colorado, with the announcement, from the Mile High Step, at the west side of the Capitol on Saturday, April 1 at noon. 


11 thoughts on “Dancing Governor Has a Strong Base of Support

  1. I dunno, George.  That’s getting very close to the state motto of Wyoming: “Wyoming, where men are men and sheep are nervous!”
    And we wouldn’t want to give Rep. Welker any ideas. 

    1. Gotta correct you here – Wyoming’s motto is “the equality state” – a tip of the hat to the state’s wonderful history of supporting equal rights, particularly womens’ suffrage (1st in the nation)…
      so that’s about enough about sheep…
      don’t make me crawl through this computer!!

  2. Voyageur, I will be your Lieutenant Governor if only we set aside time to babysit sheep somewhere in the San Juans on a yearly basis. Otherwise, I’m sure Gecko would make the run with you.

  3. I’m not sure if Sir Robin is going to run, Gecko, but let’s just say I had a reason for not offering him the lieutenant governor nomination;^)

  4. “Governor candidate Fiorino represents the issues most near and dear to Colorado citizens,”

    Yet Governor candidate Fiorino doesn’t say what those issues are?

    Having the kickoff announcement on April Fool’s Day seems appropriate.

  5. “Fiorino’s Unaffiliated Party gives him a huge advantage right out of the gate, because Unaffiliated voters are known to lean towards Unaffiliated candidates”
    Does defining yourself as something you’re not make you more inclined to vote for somebody else who defines himself as something he’s not?  Hmm. 
    More than 99 percent of American voters are not communists.  I am also not a communist.  Therefore, I will draw the support of 99 percent of voters if I run for governor on the I’m Not A Communist platform?  George, this could be our big chance.  You’re not a communist either, so wanna be my lieutenant governor?

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