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January 11, 2006 09:00 AM UTC

Perlmutter Raises $199,000 in Q4

  • by: Colorado Pols

Democrat Ed Perlmutter announced today his campaign finance numbers, indicating that he raised $199k in Q4. That marks a far better quarter than he had in Q3, which saw him raise $105,000, and means that he finished 2005 with $515,000 raised in total and more than $400,000 cash-on-hand. 

Perlmutter’s fundraising numbers should be far behind what Republican Rick O’Donnell raised in Q4, but the important test at this point will be to see where he comes in compared with Democrats Peggy Lamm and Herb Rubenstein.

To read the full press release, click below…

Perlmutter Campaign Surpasses Half-million dollar Mark for 2005

Ed Perlmutter, Democratic candidate for the 7th Congressional District, rang in the New Year having raised more than $515,000 since launching his campaign in April of 2005.

Our fundraising success is two fold, one, its a reflection of how hungry this district is for change and skilled representation in Congress and two, its a tribute to my fantastic finance committee led by Jim Polsfut and Daniel Yohannes, said Perlmutter, former President Pro Tem of the Colorado Senate.  I am humbled by the fact that people from all walks of life — making contributions large and small — are investing their confidence and hard-earned money in my effort to restore sanity and balance in Washington. 

Some prominent Coloradans  Democrats and Republicans alike  appearing on Perlmutters Federal Election Commission (FEC) financial filing include:

– Former Colorado Governor Roy Romer and Bea Romer

– Rita Bass Coors and Bill Coors

– Former Democratic Senate candidate Tom Strickland

– Prominent Republican businessman Greg Stevinson and Sue Stevinson

– Chris Wirth, son of former Colorado Senator Tim Wirth

– Former State Supreme Court Justice Jean Dubofsky and Frank Dubofsky

Perlmutters filing also shows:

– More than $400,000 cash on hand

– 1200 contributions from individuals

– Only ten percent of contributions come from political action committees

In releasing fundraising figures early, campaign spokeswoman Danielle Radovich Piper said, While were certainly pleased to have raised more than $500,000 even before entering the election year, we arent taking anything for granted and fully intend to set the bar even higher for ourselves in the first quarter of 2006.

Official reports are due to the Federal Election Commission by January 31.

Ed Perlmutter was raised in Jefferson County — which includes nearly two-thirds of the 7th district’s voters — where he has lived virtually all his life.  For many years, Ed has and continues to support his community through various Parent Teacher Associations, coaching children’s sports and leading efforts to increase education funding for Jefferson County school children.  Ed is recognized as a skilled and experienced legislator, quickly earning the trust and respect of his colleagues who elected him President Pro Tem in 2001.  Ed also was instrumental in helping Democrats regain control of the Colorado Senate in 2000, the first time since John F. Kennedy was president.  Today, Ed is an attorney with the Denver-based law firm of Berenbaum, Weinshienk & Eason where he specializes in business reorganizations and commercial litigation.


10 thoughts on “Perlmutter Raises $199,000 in Q4

  1. Impressive numbers, but money won’t buy this seat.  Nobody ever doubted that Peggy would be outraised by Perlmutter.  EMILY’s List will start their national mailings soon and Peggy will have plenty of money to be on television.

    Peggy has broader appeal with actual voters (who can’t write $4,000 checks).  Democrats love an underdog!

  2. Scoop has it nailed, Peggy has much broader-based appeal than Perlmutter, at least here in the 2d CD where she has lived most of her adult life.  Plus Republicans won’t forget the help she gave Owens in the last electio, so she will get lots of crossover votes as well.

  3. “Peggy has much broader-based appeal than Perlmutter, at least here in the 2d CD where she has lived most of her adult life.”

    Wow, Henry… If Peggy is so popular in the 2nd CD, I guess she is a shoe in to win there huh?

  4. Henry,
    Peggy may get crossover votes in the GENERAL but that does her no good in the PRIMARY which is where she will see her downfall.  Also there is no way that Peggy has a broader appeal with 7th voters because she is new to the district and has no real roots here.  There is no chance that I would ever support Peggy over Ed. NONE!

  5. I personally still get a chuckle over Peggy Lamm … is she running as a Democrat? You cannot find the word “Democrat” on her web site — even in her biography.

    Is she ashamed to be identified as a Democrat? Well, she probably should be considering the wimpiness of the Democrats currently holding seats in the House of Representatives.

    I’m Green and proud of it … there’ll be no coyness from me. And no PAC money keeping me from representing the best interests of all the people of the Seventh Congressional district.

  6. “… but money won’t buy this seat. Nobody ever doubted that Peggy would be outraised by Perlmutter. EMILY’s List will start their national mailings soon and Peggy will have plenty of money …”


    Oh, the irony!

  7. Dave Chandler – you must not really keep an eye out on how things are really working. Most people are taking parties off of websites and signs and such.  It is a way to not lock yourself into party and let people talk about the issues.

    I think Peggy has more chance to win this seat than ED. 1 he is tapping out his fundraising base in the distric. ( being that he is taking all the money for favors if he wins)  2. Ed does not connect with people, he is flat and comes off as another joe who thinks he has earned the seat.

    Ed is weak, Peggy needs to work on her speaking but is much better than ED. Herb needs to stop and go find more public policy work where he is good at.

  8. Chandler,

    What Demanator says is true.  I also wish more Democrats would stand tall and call themselves Democrats, but in a state where unaffiliated voters outnumber either party, it’s not smart politics to label yourself.  Republicans do the same in Colorado.

    Peggy and Ed (and Herb)…it’s nice to have choices.  I actually like Peggy, but I don’t vote in CD-7, so ignore me.

  9. Ok, this makes me laugh…

    “Republicans won’t forget the help she gave Owens in the last election, so she will get lots of crossover votes as well.”

    Do you know just how hard she and her campaign are scrambling to distance herself from Owens and her support of him? She has to get through the primary before “crossover” will do her a bit of good, and having Republican support only makes her look like a weaker Democrat.

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