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March 07, 2007 01:46 AM UTC

Eidsness Makes it Official: He's a Democrat

  • by: Colorado Pols

Former CD-4 Reform Party candidate Eric Eidsness has officially changed his party registration to Democrat.

As a third-party candidate Eidsness captured 11 percent of the vote in 2006 and often seemed to be the more impressive of the three candidates in public appearances. But now that he’s a major party candidate, will he be as interesting?

Click below for the full press release and a poll…

Eric Eidsness, Reform Party Candidate for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District in last year’s general election who won over 11% of the vote and the endorsement of five of the seven daily newspapers in the District, announced today that he has changed his party affiliation to Democrat.

“Anyone who saw me debate my opponents on October 24, 2006 at Windsor High School or studied my web site at knows that my progressive ideas on health care, homeland security, taxing and spending, immigration reform and energy independence and more are issues the Democrats and not the Republicans are trying to address”, said Eidsness.

“The changing political landscape can be dizzying”, he notes. “The Republican Congress and Administration chalked up the biggest national debt and largest federal bureaucracy in history in just six years and the Democrats who now control the Congress are professing fiscal responsibility”.

I am a new Democrat who can bring business savvy and fiscal restraint to the Democratic

Parties proposals should I run for Congress in 2008 and win”.

A former Reagan appointee in the EPA and Vietnam Combat Veteran, Eidsness believes he can do more for the 4th Congressional District as a Democrat though he says he is not announcing his candidacy until he has proven to the Party leaders that he fits, can be trusted and can win.

“I think most Coloradoans regardless of political affiliation believe in keeping their house in (fiscal) order; don’t want big government telling them what to do; help their neighbors when they need it; and, believe in law in order”, says Eidsness.

“Many of us are at once conservative, progressive, green, libertarian and independent – it depends on the issue. Being true to my conscience and our values here in Eastern Colorado will remain my principle goal. I won’t change for political expediency”.

“I said when I announced in April of 2006 and do now that we are a two-party system”, emphasizes Eidsness. His web site home page noted he was not trying to build a (third) Party but to join a movement of moderate, common sense and civil elected representatives in Washington who put country above ideology.

Eidsness’ move to the Democratic Party is a logical progression and other former Republicans have done the same in recent times.

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17 thoughts on “Eidsness Makes it Official: He’s a Democrat

    1. He really did it.  What will be the Musgrave angle on Eric now?  Heard that National Dems don’t want him.  Could financing be a hurdle he can’t overcome?

        1. from an individual on the big line that has also been visiting with national dems.  So I can’t say they wouldn’t lie, but I can assure you they had no reason to lie to me.  Plus we were the only two in the conversation, and no press.  Hope that helps you in your quest for sources.  LOL

      1. I understand he was the best presenter in the debates; if his proposals really do fall under a more Democratic vision, then I don’t see him having any problem with the national party.

        He’s probably not much different from a Tester or a Webb in terms of his positions; the Republicans have moved so far to the right in the past 25-30 years that he’ll likely fit right in to the moderate and/or restrained-progressive side of the party.  At the very least, if he plays it well, the national blogs will probably look favorably on him (see dKos support for Shuler, Webb, and others who aren’t from far left field…); that will probably translate into enough cash to prime the pump at the DCCC.

  1. To honor this day, I’d like to declare that I’m officially changing my party registration to Democrat, too.  I’ll be running against Mark Udall for Senate.  Donations can be made to First Bank under the name, Makeluv Notwar (alas, my identity has been compromised.  Where’s Fitzgerald when you really need him?).

    Actually, this guy’s a veritable political Whack-a-mole.  He was whacked back and 2006 and he’s back for more.  How many whackings will it take before the state’s first ‘conservative, progressive, green, libertarian, and independent’ Republican gets the message that it’s a red county?

    I mean, I thought it was bad that he’s belonged to three parties in the span of a year.  But then he goes off on the whole ‘conservative/progressive/tofu-eating/gun-toting/Buddhist’ rant.  I have a fine idea for his campaign sign.  He can have a rainbow with one of those cross/star/crescent signs next to a giant American flag under which will read: Co-exist with Eidsness!

    Indeed.  Co-exist with Eidsness in 08.

  2. Remember when changing parties used to mean something?  RR did it, Hillary Clinton did it, and it was a big statement. 

    Now, not so much.  Now you better be an elected official to switch parties and have it mean something.  Otherwise, it’s white noise.

        1. I guess I’m going to have to resign my party Chair position and revert it back to the former, second-former, currently Unaffiliated third-former Chair.  I only converted in 1999.

          I think Hillary can be forgiven for the party switch if it was really that long ago.

  3. First we flirt with a couple of hicks, now we are looking at a party-hopping Reagan appointee.  When will Senator Shaffer step up and end this nonsense?  Shaffer is Stanford grad,  CU law grad, veteran and highly regarded State Senator.  Aren’t all the voters in the 4th on the Front Range? Time to stop this side show and go with a Front Range winner.

    1. Can anyone hear Dick Wadhams laughing?  I can, as can most Republicans in the 4th.  Shaffer runs and gets skewered as a Front Range, better yet, Boulder, lawyer.  Dems lose the 4th again and Repubs maybe pick up Shaffer’s senate seat.  Did anyone notice that the current occupant of the congressional seat in the 4th district is from little Morgan county, not the Front Range?

    2. If 42% of the voters in the 4th CD are not in Front Range counties and
      Musgrave is not from the Front Range, why do the Dems keep throwing up Front Range liberals?  It is clear the swing votes are in the rural counties not the Front Range. Paging Dr. Riesberg, paging Dr. Long.

    3. If 42% of the voters in the 4th CD are not in Front Range counties and
      Musgrave is not from the Front Range, why do the Dems keep throwing up Front Range liberals?  It is clear the swing votes are in the rural counties not the Front Range. Paging Dr. Riesberg, paging Dr. Long.

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