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February 15, 2007 08:32 PM UTC

Giuliani is Running

  • by: Colorado Pols

Not that this is news, but former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced his candidacy for President to Larry King.


88 thoughts on “Giuliani is Running

  1.   Does anyone know how long before the caucuses an unaffiliated voter must declare party affiliation in order to participate in those caucuses? 
      If Giuliani is still an active candidate and competitive come next winter, I’m going to have to do the unthinkable.  I’m going register Republican!
      I haven’t voted in a Republican primary since the early 80’s.  And I have never attended a GOP caucus athough I’ve heard all sorts of hoary stories about what allegedly goes on at them.
      This should interesting…….

    1. But I believe that the requirement is to be registered with the party for 30 days at your residence.  Check with your county clerk to find out what the cut-off date will be.

    2. OQD, would it be safe for an out gay man to walk into a Republican Caucus without the gathered trying to commit us to the “treatment” just competed by The Rev. Haggard?

      Guess I’ll just have to pack some heat just to be safe.

      1.   I’ll get my concealed carry permit when I change my party affiliation. 
          I might also ask Mike Jones to accompany (notice I avoided the use of the word “escort”) me to the GOP caucus. 
          He received a nice, warm welcome from the New Life Church.  I expect nothing less from the Arapahoe County GOP.
          If I end up doing this, I may go the full distance and try to jump start the Log Cabin Club……please pray for me!

        1. I doubt your experience will be anything but pleasant, in fact if you announce you are carrying upon entering the premises you may get a round of applause.

          1. You went to a Republican caucus.  I doubt very seriously that someone going to a Repblican caucus and announcing that they are for a pro-choice, pro-gay rights candidate will be anything except ignored and treated rudely.  I know I certainly was, and I was a life-long Republican and former county chairman, and in a “country club Republican” precinct to boot.  The fact is that none of us attend.  If you go, you can expect to go no further in the process. You’ll never get to vote for Rudy or even delegates to the national convention who will vote for Rudy.  Just ani’t going to happen.

            1. Go to the Democratic caucus and proclaim that you’re a pro-life evangelical Christian who supports the War in Iraq.

              It cuts both ways.

              Republicans had two pro-choice elected officials as the two featured speakers at the convention in 2004 (Rudy and Arnold). 

              The late Bob Casey (the current PA Senator’s father), when he was Governor, was not allowed to speak at the Democratic National Convention in 1996 because he was pro-life.

              1. I doubt Dems would treat a conservative Dem that way, especially since Ritter broke the mold and is very much personally anti-abortion.  Don’t lump us in with you.

                1. Feel free to pat yourself on the back for Ritter and your tolerance thereof. 

                  But he (as a pro-life Dem) is a much larger anomaly than pro-choice Republicans.

                    1. I list off the two biggest time slots for convention speeches in 2004, you have nothing comparable, so you decide to move the goalposts to suit your needs. 

                      But I’ll take the bait (don’t know why):

                      Mr. Robert P. Bass, Jr. (NH)
                      Representative Judy Biggert (IL)
                      Honorable Sherwood L. Boehlert (NY)
                      Honorable Ben Nighthorse Campbell (CO)
                      Honorable Tom Campbell (CA)
                      Honorable Lincoln Chafee (RI)
                      Senator Susan Collins (ME)
                      Lt. Governor Mary Donohue (NY)
                      Mrs. Gerald Ford (CA)
                      Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ)
                      Representative Wayne Gilchrest (MD)
                      Honorable Benjamin A. Gilman (NY)
                      Mrs. Barry Goldwater (AZ)
                      Honorable Amo Houghton, Jr. (NY)
                      Honorable Nancy L. Johnson (CT)
                      Honorable Sue Kelly (NY)
                      Representative Mark Kirk (IL)
                      Governor Linda Lingle (HI)
                      Governor George E. Pataki (NY)
                      Honorable John Edward Porter (IL)
                      Governor M. Jodi Rell (CT)
                      Representative Christopher Shays (CT)
                      Honorable Rob Simmons (CT)
                      Honorable Alan Simpson (WY)
                      Senator Olympia Snowe (ME)
                      Senator Arlen Specter (PA)
                      Honorable Arliss Sturgulewski (AK)
                      Honorable Jane Swift (MA)
                      Honorable Sue Wagner (NV)

                    2. Ben’s not in Washington any more.  Good thing, too.

                      Alan Simpson was Senator…ten years ago.

                      So what does this list represent then?  Every Republican in history who might have toyed with supporting abortion rights?

                      BTW, here’s a great quote from old Republican Senator Simpson:

                      I’ve been a Republican all my life. They’ll never throw me out. But they have an amazing ability to “eat their young”. They will give each other the saliva test of purity every once in a while, and then they lose. And then they just sit around and bitch for four years. It’s a fairly fascinating party.

                    3. Let me get this straight… I put out the frontrunner for the Presidential nomination and the governor of the largest state in the union and you come back with Harry Reid and claim to have trumped my point? 

                      The funny thing is, I’m pro-life.

                    4. flip-flop on the issue, I suppose you could count him also.

                      Talk to me after you have a nominee.  Guiliani is DOA in the Republican primary.

                      Swarzenegger is governor of California in spite of, not because of, his party.

                2. Ritter was only accepted by the base when Hickenlooper bowed out and they had no other options.  Until then, there was a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth to my recollection.

                  1. And once the “choice” advocates understood that ones personal belief doesn’t mean changes in law, I think that they got sort of comfortable with him.

                    Ritter spoke for me: personally opposed, and also opposed to government interference in reproductive choices.

                    A recent bumpersticker: “If you found out that that fetus was gay, would it be OK to abort it?”

              2. People were surprised (very surprised). And a lot told me I was stupid. (And have subsequently said I told you so.)

                But no one was mean or refused to let me participate in anything. And this is in Boulder.

                I did have to buy one group of friends beer one afternoon because I made a bet that things would get better in Iraq over one 6 month period.

            2. Well I was trying to make a joke with OQD, I honestly don’t think he will get a round of applause if he announced he is carrying, maybe a couple very serious nods of the head from some of the gun folk, but no applause.

        2. You should watch Gilly’s fear monger at the 2004 RNC where he uttered in one speech the words Terrorists, 9/11, and Iraq more than Bush has in the past 4 years!

          He’s a despicable politician of the worst kind. He’s already down a flip mctwist on his “liberal” social stance on abortion and gay marriage.

          He’s worse than Bush because he won’t stand by his word, or by his wives! Did one of his numerous wives find out she was being left when it ran in the paper? What a compassionate conservative.

          1.   Of course, nor did I care for the way in which Bill Clinton humiliated Hillary in 1998. 
              At the risk of being consistent, a candidate’s personal life is, well, his personal life while his political positions can and should reflect on how he will craft and implement public policy.
              I wouldn’t want my sister to date either Rudy Giuliani or Bill Clinton but I have no problem with voting for either one of them.

            1. Then Gilly is not your guy.  Take a look at what he ran on for Mayor of NY, and where he stands now.

              He’s also flipping support for the war, from his fear mongering just 3 years ago, to say he knows the way. 

              The man is incredibly inconsistent, untrustworty, and a greedy politician. Out of all the R’s, Gilly is the worst. Romney is the only one I could even think to support. McCain lost all support yeara ago, and by hiring a hit squad that attacked him is just lunacy.

              1. ….in the Rudy vs. Mitt choice. 
                  Rudy may be trying to slide around his pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro gun control prior statements with his new found fetish for conservative judges, but he has refused to actually recant his prior positions.  Much like Hillary and her refusal to recant her vote in favor of the war.
                  Romney, on the other hand, is a shameless flip flopper who would make Bob Beauprez and John Kerry blush.  How someone could possibly go from promising to be a bigger advocate for enactment of gay rights legislation than Ted Kennedy, to being the darling of the christian conservative movement is mindboogling.
                  I agree with you entirely on McCain.  There was a time when I admired, respected and would have seriously considered voting for him.
                  But unfortunately that time is gone.  Between his position as “Cheer Leader in Chief” for Shrub’s policy on Iraq and now as you pointed out, his hiring of those thugs who trashed him in 2000 is indeed lunacy.

      1. Recent Polls show three Dems (Clinton, Obama and Edwards) all ahead of McCain, Gilly, and Romney.

        And all three Republicans have done backflips with regards to their social issues (abortion, gay marriage, and guns), that is making the heads of the base spin like crazy (even though that’s not tough to do to the cons base.

        McCain and Gilly are by far the two greediest politicians in the mix right now. They will do and say anything to win. They are little Bushie’s, who will only continue us down a road of destruction.

        1. I see McCain as a complete sellout to the radical religious right.  In 2000, he called Falwell and Robertson intolerant, which they are.  With a stance like that, I could have gone for him.  But now he’s kissing their butts, doing a 180 on his moderate views, and trying to get their endorsement… a complete sellout and completely unrespectable.  And Dobson is still refusing to give him so much as the time of day even though McCain is doing his best to kiss the butt of the radical right.  So far, no Republican candidate is extreme enough to make them all happy.

  2. In head-to-head surveys, Rudy is the only contender who can take down Hillary.  Sorry to be so matter of fact – but let’s all just get with the program here.  Rudy will be the nominee.

      1. Can you imagine if NY state became a battleground state?  I mean hillary Vs. Rudy it would force the dems to play in an expensive state that we normally just take for granted.  I hope the repubs eat their own in the primary and rudy doesn’t make it out, but if he does he could be the toughest R to face.

        1.   It’s hard enough to get to 270 electoral votes when California and N.Y. are both in the bag (just ask Gore and Kerry), but take either out of the equation and it becomes virtually impossible.

    1. Gilly is a NY politician and he hasn’t received the warmest welcomes from southern Republicans. He’s going to have a hard time selling his inconsistent social stances on the issues to the base.

      Romney is the only sensible candidate on the right, but unfortunately the cons want accept him.

      1. Where are you getting your insider info. on the conservative movement?  The Right, right now, is split between Rudy and Romney and I think Romney will prevail.  In Iowa and South Carolina the social issues will matter a great deal and should give the nod to Romney.  If not, I’m just fine with Rudy.

    2. What coalition does Rudy put together to win the nomination?  Just look at Colorado.  When was the last time a pro-choice Republican get the majority of the delegates from Colorado.  That would be 1972, before Roe vs. Wade.  Even Ford, as an incumbent President got only 4 delegates out of a delegation of 24 as I recall.  In 1992 when Bush the 1st decided to let the state pick its own delegates, there were a 2 short of half the delegates who were pro-choice, but all the votes went to Bush or to Buchanan.  If Rudy can’t win in libertarian Colorado, where can he win?

  3. I’ll be shocked if Rudy wins the primary. His only prayer is that things get so obviously horrible for the Republicans that they realize they must nominate a centrist. But by then Rudy will have moved so far to the right that he won’t be it.

    But even if he gets that, how on earth will a Republican win in 08? The only possible way is if the Democrats nominate Lieberman.

    – dave

    1.   But I’m afraid that your main argument is valid.  It’s very unlikely that the GOP will nominate Rudy.  It would either have to be an act of sheer desperation, or even worse, the situation is so bad next year that the right wingers decide to let a centrist have the nomination and get his ass kicked in Nov., then start to rebuild.

  4. Honestly, it makes no sense why this guy is such a hero–he did nothing any other competent Mayor would do after a tragedy and during a crisis.  They hated him in NYC before 9/11 happened.  I remember an NPR report the day before 9/11 about a guy getting a citation because he was smoking a cigarette on a milk crate in front of HIS business.

    Someone needs to deflate why people think Rudy is such a great guy.  Maybe someone can explain his mystique to me?

    1. c. 1990 versus c. 2000

      Unless you saw it, you wouldn’t believe the difference.  A lot of people today seem to think it was always the ESPNZone and MTV’s Total Request Live.  It wasn’t.  It was the one of the shadiest sections of the shadiest city in America.  And today, they have the lowest murder rate of any large city in America and Times Square is New York’s Epcot Center.

      1. When you take a major city and turn it from the run-down place it was into the bastion of law and order, you’re bound to crush a few toes.  Rudy is a prosecute first, ask questions later kind of guy – a bit more law enforcement than we really need…

        Don’t get me wrong – I love the new, cleaner 42nd Street and Grand Central Station.  But Rudy took some shortcuts to get there, and I don’t want to perpetuate a state where the Amadou Diallos of the world get their anal rapings from the authorities.

    2. look at Ray Nagin.
      I was really surprised that he was voted back in after the mess with the Hurricane, with him trying to put all the blame on the Governor and President, while he sat back and did nothing.
      Nagin wouldn’t make a good mayor of Victor, Colo., yet alone Nawleans.
      Rudy is a saint compared to him.

        1. Why do you lefty liberals think everyone that doesn’t agree with you listens to Rush Limbaugh?

          Nagin is worthless, and you know it. The fact that he was re-elected is sad but they get what they ask for.
          I still remember him trying to invoke hatred with his anti Bush speeches. To me he acted racist to the extreme all the while doing absolutely NOTHING to help out.

          We have been over this before but the fact of the matter is that the Mayor did nothing and the Governor did nothing.
          After that comes FEMA.

          Of course if there was a lefty president in power you would then have to look somewhere else for blame, huh?

          1. And that was to stand up and tell President Bush that he wasn’t the dictator.

            Was it right or wrong?  I don’t know.  But Bush’s petulant refusal to send in hospital and evacuation ships because the Governor refused to Federalize the Guard showed that there was too much conflict going on at all levels; at least the Governor had the excuse of knowing Bush’s tendencies towards misuse of authority.

            We pay FEMA to take care of major disasters.  We do not pay FEMA to send water trucks to Maine, or to take away the local first responders’ communications gear, or to shut down local broadcast stations.  We do not pay the President to sit on his ass at his home when it’s pretty obvious that something isn’t being done correctly.  At least Nagin and Blanco were still in their offices during Katrina.

  5. I’m a Romeny fan, but he’s doing bad in the polls right now.  But you know who he polls the best against?  Hillary.  It doesn’t matter who the Rs nominate.  If Hill is the Dem nominee, Rs have a shot.

    1. I believe that the Hildabeast will run out of gas long before she becomes any kind of threat.
      Hopefully someone will uncover some more of her shady deals while “Little Miss Arkansas”, and she’ll slither back under her rock with her cheating lying husband.

      1. Since it doesn’t seem to be working or really matter to the rest of the US. The only people who are “scared” of Hillary are the same 26% who still think Bush is doing a good job!

        1. That’s right.  Do not county Hillary out–she may be a b$#itch, but she’s our b$#itch, and has more cajones than Dubya.  I don’t blame her for not saying it was a mistake voting for the war–she made the best decision she could given the crap that Dubya fabricated out of whole cloth to mislead the Senate and the world.

          1. “To dream the impossible dream, to climb…..”
            It is easy for the Beast, Kerry, *hic* Teddy, and the rest of them to change their minds so convienantly. (I voted for the resolution, then I voted against it….)
            A little harder for your commander in chief…

        2.   I figured Shrub still had a solid 33% approval rating.  Wasn’t Nixon running at 26% during the first week of Aug. ’74?  And we all remember how that ended.
            I think Harry Truman immediately after firing MacArthur was at 22%.  Shrub may yet beat that number…..

    2. Like a shot in the face. We are something like 21 months out from the election and almost anything can change a campaign in a second.

      Romney is the better R candidate, but don’t think for a minute the blood hounds that McCain hired won’t start attacking him for being a Mormon or liberal. Also, watch out for the Washington Times and Faux News since they sell lies likes hotcakes.

    3. Romney has a network of activists and supporters exactly where he needs them.  I’m close to a lot of Romney people and they tell me that they feel they are in a VERY good position right now. He just got National Right to Life’s endorsement and he’s got the best people working for him. 

  6. Let’s be real–it is still way too early to count anyone in or out.  These polls are not very helpful indicators, in general.  After the many debates which begin the 21st of this month, then, perhaps in October and November these polls will begin to matter.

  7. I’m a Romney guy but I’d be just fine with Giuliani.  He is a gutsy guy whose not afraid to take it to the terrorists.  And it sounds like he’s going to get a lot of support from social lefties, too!  Beware, though, lefties, that Rudy will be nominating Alitos and Scalias, he promised he’ll hold the line on abortion and gay marriage, and the chances are sunny that he won’t further your gay rights or abortion rights agendas.

    But I’m glad to here you like the guy–it’s something we seem to all be able to agree upon.

    1. But by and large, we don’t really discuss national politics unless its a big story. Romney making a trip to New Hampshire or Edwards hiring contentious bloggers…we’ll leave those stories to sites that cover national politics more frequently.

  8. The primaries are a year off, the presidential election an additional 9 or more months.  SO much can happen, yet so many are making their predictions already. 

    From what I can see on the R side, the leading contenders are all flip-floppers and two of the three are serial marriers.  Made that one up.  McCain’s may be far enough back that, like REagan, it won’t matter.  Gilly’s latest is recent enough to be out there, let alone two.  Mitt could score some major points with traditional R’s for not trading in his wife.

      1. Looks like Mitt is living the Massachusetts Promise, the lowest divorce rate in America.  Must be all those gays there holding guns to the hetero’s heads to prevent them from filing divorce papers.

  9. The primaries are a year off, the presidential election an additional 9 or more months.  SO much can happen, yet so many are making their predictions already. 

    From what I can see on the R side, the leading contenders are all flip-floppers and two of the three are serial marriers.  Made that one up.  McCain’s may be far enough back that, like REagan, it won’t matter.  Gilly’s latest is recent enough to be out there, let alone two.  Mitt could score some major points with traditional R’s for not trading in his wife.

  10. This leftie…


    is as endeared with Mitt Romney as I am.  The author is anti-war, pro-gay rights and pro-abortion, but he absolutely loves Mitt Romney.  I’m telling you, this guy is the Mormon version of Reagan.

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