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February 01, 2006 09:00 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Happy February!


25 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. A must read is the 5280 indepth profile of Beauprez.  Author Maximilian Potter really gets inside the candidate, some of which is good for Bob, but a lot of other stuff is not so good for Bob.

    A very troubling aspect of the article is  is the portrait of Bob holding a sparkler, with a really weird expression on his face, looking like a d-bag.  No other way to describe it and you’ll agree when you see the  photo.

    John Marshall, press guru and boy wonder, chalks up another public disaster for Beauprez. On the heels of the governor-announcement-in-a-phone-booth at the Capitol, people have to wonder what the hell Bob is doing with a press guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  2. The 5280 article has as it’s lead-in, “What would JFK say?”

    Who gives a rat’s rump what ‘JFK would say’.

    I also noted an article right below the BB article… “Hickenlooper Still Undecided”… that would make a great campaign slogan for Hick… “Vote for Hick – He’s Undecided”

  3. I’m curious what it would cost to have an updated RSS feed from a campaign on here? It’s technically possible to list the most recent posts from a campaign blog or press release feed, and for a campaign like Bob Beauprez’s, which has been posting like crazy, it would be a lot more valuable than a plain vanilla text link.

  4. Lovely quote by Alice “I’ll run if St. John of Hickenlooper doesn’t” Madden in that article (thank you, CO Rep for sharing it).

    A typical “hey, look over there!” response.

  5. “Pat Waak, state Democratic Party chairwoman, said she has not heard of the organization.” (Research and Democracy)


    Hmmm…. sorta makes you wonder…

    from an article in the Rocky, 1/30/06:

    Sen. Ron Tupa, D-Boulder, is fighting to ban cash contributions to the office accounts of legislators. And even though his bill would not prohibit the kinds of donations made by Research and Democracy, Tupa said he believes they are no different than direct money.

    “Whether you take $5,000 in cold hard cash and then do a constituent mailing, or whether you accept $8,000 in in-kind contributions to do a mailing, it’s effectively the same thing,” he said. “It’s clearly inappropriate.”,1983,DRMN_23906_4426276_ARTICLE-DETAIL-PRINT,00.html


    I guess Alice and Ron don’t share the same views on this.

    Next I suppose we’ll hear how Kevin Vaughan also has right-leaning news articles.

  6. I just read the 5280 article Ouch.  Looks  evenhanded but pretty damn favorable for Beauprez overall. Don’t really know where you can construe “public disaster” out of that.

  7. Things that struck me as lopsided about the article:

    * Amount of space given to the complainers compared to rebuttal.
    * Insinuation of “four rich guys” into the story without providing any actual evidence of their involvement.
    * Not contacting most of the D. Reps who were accused in the article.
    * Not taking the time to research campaign finance law to see if there’s any “there” there.

    But otherwise, Frates just sets me off with his slanted writing.  He belongs in the Opinion pages or on Faux News where people expect bias.

  8. As judged, of course, by the totally objective and responsible Phoenix Rising, who rants demagogically that the President of the United States is a liar because he says something PR doesn’t agree with!  I don’t think you’re much of a judge of honest journalism, PR.  You haven’t liked anybody since Michael Moore.

  9. Damn that Michael Moore!  Always ruining my perfectly good reputation!

    Actually, I think there’s a reasonable if understated amount of good reporting going on out there.  But there are two reporting styles I dislike: (1) quote-and-run reporting, and (2) reporting with an obvious bias.  Frates did a bit of both, using long sections of Republican quotes while in general only short snippets or paraphrases of Democratic responses.

    I don’t know if there’s anything to this Post story, but I feel I’d know a lot more if the reporter actually did enough reporting to fill out the story a bit, and I’d trust him more if every single quote or paragraph wasn’t slanted towards a single political party.

  10. Go, go gadget Ginsberg; Ben Ginsberg, that is – Chief Counsel to Bush/Cheney ’00 during the recount,  also in the ’04 campaign until he resigned for representing the Swift Boat liars at the same time…

    In a speech at Duke University (Real video):
    […] Just like, really, with the Voting Rights Act, Republicans have some fundamental philosophical difficulties with the whole notion of Equal Protection.

    Reminds me of the Philly Young Republicans’ “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Social Security’s got to go!” chant.  At least it’s honest.  Would that Republicans were honest like that more often – Democrats would have a much easier time of it.

  11. To repeat the obvious, Acid Reflux Rising, your impressions of what is fair and objective reporting rank for credibility right alongside those of Joseph Goebbels.  When you’re down to citing the Denver Post as running a right-wing Republican Konspiracy, you’ve gone over the line from fool to laughing stock.

  12. Voyageur: Give it a break. You have nothing to add to these conversations but poor attempts at wit. NADA, zilch, nothing! Go to bed….you need the rest.

  13. Robin, you poor sick little wretch, you’ve never had anything to contribute beyond your spasms of hate.  Too bad you mentored PR in that same line.

  14. phoenix, I rarely post but I’ve read a ton of your posts, and the thing is, with you it’s never about examining issues.  without fail in every thread you search for a position that best demonstrates liberals are right on every issue, and that republicans are dishonest crooks, and the media is biased against dems, blah, blah, blah. 

    So, hear this:  you are just like fox news.  you’re just as big a shill.  no matter that you’re not an actual journalist, because you regularly present facts on this very blog, and they are very often incorrect (just like a real journalist).  although i’m sure you are a very nice person, most liberals are. 

    by the way, why not come out as a girl?

  15. Selective reading?  I’ve been more than willing to admit that individual Democrats (and in some areas and times, larger parts of the Democratic Party) have shortcomings.

    I also admit my errors when I make them, and am willing to listen to criticism and take it when honestly offered.

    And might it not have occured to you that I have my own bias, both as an active Democratic Party member and also as a Liberal Christian?

    To offer some specifics in response to your comment, jack:

    * Traficant was a crook.  Clinton was dishonest under oath.  And Congressional Democrats of the past were so entrenched in their power that they deserved what they got – ousted.

    * Studies of TV news talk shows in recent years have shown a decided imbalance between Republican and Democratic guests in favor of Republicans.  But my major complaint about media isn’t bias, it’s laziness.

    * It is hard to come out as a girl with a suffix on your name of III and all the attributes such a suffix normally denotes.  My identity is not a secret; this post and every other has a link to one of my websites, and a search on my name will turn up other tidbits.

    –Leslie M. Barstow III
    aka Phoenix Rising (since 1987)

  16. Born in 1987 PR?! You’re awful young…….
    I know what you are saying about the posts. I put one in last night at 6:20 and when I turned the computer off at 9:00 it still wasn’t up. But this morning there it is showing a 6:20 time frame……….

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