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January 04, 2007 12:45 AM UTC

Announcing 2nd Congressional District Exploratory Committee

  • by: Halfhand

Larry E. Johnson
Congressional Exploratory Committee
3623 Benton Street
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80212


Larry E. Johnson announces the formation of a Congressional Exploratory Committee to explore the possibility of his seeking the Democratic Nomination to the 2nd Congressional Seat in the 2008 election cycle.


21 thoughts on “Announcing 2nd Congressional District Exploratory Committee

  1. who ran as an Independent candidate in the 1996 congressional election for CD2 and lost to David Skaggs?  (The SoS’ office lists his Party that year as “H”–what’s that?)

    Or the Larry E. Johnson of Boulder who ran as a Republican and lost to Bob Greenlee in the CD2 primary in 1998?

    Or the Larry E. Johnson who lost as a Republican to Carolyn Cox in the 2000 CD2 primary?

    1. Larry also ran for the U.S. Senate in 2004, then announced he was running for CD-2 when Udall was briefly a candidate for the Senate. When Udall decided NOT to run for Senate after all, Larry then announced that he was once again a candidate for the U.S. Senate. 

      1. of Boulder also oppose Fern O’Brien for the Dems’ AG nomination in 2006?  It’s either too common a name, or this guy’s quite the opportunist.

          1. … should we make fun of you now or later Larry?

            Sorry, it’s just something about a  guy going by the handle “Halfhand” Johnson that brings out the cruel, locker room humor in me.

            I’m not the only one who sees the humor here am I?

              1. Lester,

                They say war is politics by another means …. or in this case politics is war by peaceful means — a war of ideas, and I have been fighting for mine for years.  These ideas that I may carry into the coming 2008 campaign are not transitory, but they are such as would transform America and our 2nd district for generations to come.  Yes, to say something so bold is to be in a fox hole alone …  at least, at first.  Election by election, year by year, my way of thinking gains the ascendacy, and will ultimately triumph as the foremost progressive direction for progressively thinking and 21st century minded Democrats.

                1. I won’t buy a house in a ligislative district held by a Dem.  That alone keeps me out of the 2nd CD.  You’ll have to tilt at windmills without my help.

                  1. Lauren,

                    The I and R equation will be a minor distraction; As an African-American, I was pratically born a Democrat.  I worked for the Jesse Jackson for President campaign in the 1996 campaign, and during this cycle I did some work for the Bill Ritter campaign.  When I fought for the protection of the Social Security program, one of the most progressive acts of the 20th century, I was attacked by those on the far right as being too much like Al Gore.

                    My progressive-moderate ideas revolve around building a high-tech, high-wage society; this is the central core of many of my ideas.  Colorado is a high-tech hub, and that foundation should be strongly nurtured.  I believe education, high service technologies, space and new environmental technologies are fundamental to continue American dominance and competitiveness for the next half of this century.

                    I hope this helps draw a small picture. 

            1. Mike,

              You can make fun now and later … why short change yourself?  Nevertheless, I am going to win this nomination if I officially get in.  My numbers have always gone up, and last time I ran I got 47% of the vote. 🙂

              P.S.  Halfhand is from the Fantasy Novel, The Chromicles of Thomas Covenant, by Stephen Donaldson.  It’s a series in six original books, the main character being known as The WhiteGold Wielder or Halfhand. 

              Just for your information.

              1. “… has the Weird of the Waynhim been destroyed by the ur-viles’ killing rampage against the Waynhim or fulfilled with Vain’s metamorphosis?

                What is the significance of the Haruchai’s and Giants’ participation in the struggle against the Despiser and how will they interact with the denizens of the new Land?

                What remains of the Search and Starfare’s Gem? What is the destiny of the Cavewights, and Mount Thunder (and it’s fitfully slumbering banes)?

                What is the fate of the new Land and its few remaining peoples, and how can the Earth reconstitute itself after the ravages of the Sunbane?”

                All these questions and more Halfhand shall answer on his quest for public office…

                stay tuned…

                  1. When Mr. Johnson, aka Halfhand, referred to his inspiration for his monikor, I couldn’t resit a small poke at the sci-fi language from the books.

                    Don’t like sci-fi myself, more of a history and fiction guy.

                1. Car 31,

                  You bring back good memories of a great read; I read the Chronicles as an undergraduate when I attended the State University of New York at Binghmaton.  I remember reading the first book, Lord Foul, and putting it aside as being far to esoteric for me!  But as I turned sophmore I picked it up again, and it worked for me.  Hmmmm … wonder why? 

                  But the details … ah … there are so many. I thought Vain was the most impressive character Donaldson created, besides Covenant himself; All I can say is, of the last 6 years, is any of it real or are we all numb from Leprosy?

  2. Why are you seeking the Democratic nomination, since you’ve previously represented the Republican Party and had an Independent candidacy?

    Or, what makes you a Democrat now?

    Thanks for participating here!

    1. Oscar,

      See my reply to Lauren.  I will add …  The prodigal son did eventual come home …  I took a brief intellectual journey and when I saw that the wizard behind the curtain wasn’t really interested in progressive action, I knew there was no place like home.  (i.e. see my response in the Longmont Daily Times Call to Bob Beauprez when he was chairmen of the 2nd District Republicans in 2000)

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