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January 02, 2007 07:33 PM UTC

McInnis Set to Run for Senate

  • by: Colorado Pols

Former Rep. Scott McInnis has apparently decided that he will be a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2008 provided that Sen. Wayne Allard retires. McInnis is holding off on any announcement until official word comes from Allard, who is not expected to run for re-election.


49 thoughts on “McInnis Set to Run for Senate

  1. McInnis has been out of the public eye long enough that he can re-invent himself.  Dispirited Republicans unite!  Where do I get the t-shirt?

  2. He’s been out of the spotlight forever.  Udall can’t connect him with Bush’s failed War, but can connect him with the failed GOP Congress, their deficits, their national debt, and their inaction on issues that really matter to every day Americans.  Nobody outside the western slope really knows who this guy is either.

    Ok, so my side is going to villify the guy as a wack-job right winger (like you guys will attempt to do so for Udall as a lefty), but I have to say Scotty is a nice guy, having only met him once.

  3. One of Scooter’s last votes as a U.S. Rep was to vote against the Musgrave-Allard Federal Marriage Amendment.  Assuming that he does not renounce this position (a big “if”), I cannot rule out the possibility of voting for Scott McGinnis.

    1. I’d be surprised if he pandered to the far right.  A public fight with James Dobson would be front page, state wide coverage that could put him in good standing with the same voters that sent the Salazar brothers to DC in ’04.

      1. Lose him the nomination.  By the way, he panders to the right all the damn time.  He is one of the absolute worst.  He’s been claiming he’s pro-choice forever but cast not a single pro-choice vote the entire time he was in the US House.  There was always some excuse, but he always ended up on the wrong side.  He’ll pander the the far right because he knows he has to to get anywhere in the primary.

    2. He only voted that way because he wasn’t running for re-election.  He may personally oppose discrimination against us (gay folks) but he knows who butters his bread and he’ll sell us, and his personal opinions, out for a vote.

      1. I’m a straight Republican and I don’t find a lot of support for anti-gay legislation in the circles I travel.  Yes, the occasional redneck loud mouth gets more than his share of attention but that is the exception, not the rule.  I don’t see Scott worrying about the redneck vote since they would never vote for a Democrat anyway.  He stands a chance of alienating the female voter by being anti-gay.

        1. elected statewide (in Colorado) or in a congressional district that has come out against the FMA, and I’ll buy your argument.

          Are the Republican circles you travel in in Vermont, Rhode Island or Maine?

          1. I’m just a local nobody.  I don’t rub shoulders with the high and mighty.  My point is that the rank and file in Arapahoe County are not anti-gay.  We have a handful of Bible thumpers that we wish would just shut-up and get a life, but they are not the majority in my circle of activist friends.

            1. …in a primary in House District 41.  He lost to Scott Shire (75% to 25%), who in turn lost to then state-Rep. Suzanne Williams.  Personally, I found the fact that 25% of Republican primary voters in a suburban community were willing to vote for an openly-gay candidate a pleasantly surprising bit of news.

              1. How on earth do you remember that? (And my girlfriend says that MY head is full of uselee information!) I think you and I may be brothers separated at birth. 

                My favorite Aurora City Council member is floating the idea of domestic partner benefits for City employees.  Looks like a step in the right direction to me.

        2.   I use to be a Republican (many years ago), but I’m still gay.  I was a Dem until last year when I changed to unaffiliated. 
            I’m actually toying with the idea of rejoining the GOP if and only if Rudy Giuliani shows some signs of viability in the race for GOP Presidential nomination. 
            If I do become a Republican again, I would probably vote for McInnis in the GOP primary, assuming he does not recant his opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment. 
            I like Mark Udall and whether I would vote for McInnis in the general election is another question entirely, depending on how many Senate seats (other Colorado’s seat) the Dems look as though they may pick up, whether McInnis runs as a civil libertarian Republican or is suddenly reborn as a Bible thumper?
            I really believe that those of us who believe in a two-party system have an obligation to save the GOP’s soul from the Christian fundamentalists.  Any time we get a chance to help the secular, civil libertarian Republicans, we should not refuse to help them with their exocism of the fundies from the party.

  4. McInnis sure left the Congress late in the game, without an heir apparent. His support for Matt Smith was weak.
    Does Scott McInnis have some major skeletons in his closet? There are rumors of domestic violence out there but does anyone have anything concrete. Are these rumors valid or just an uban myth such as the Owens Love Child?

    1. is that he produced the neocon pestilence which is Josh Penry.  I hope Snotty Scotty does run.  Udall will thump him like a whack-a-mole.

        1. The definition from the American Heritage Dictionary is:  noun, “An intellectual and political movement in favor of political, economic, and social conservatism that arose in opposition to the perceived liberalism of the 1960s”  While Penry certainly meets the definition, I would define him as a fanatic ultra far far right wingnut.

          1. In the past decade, the term has come to specifically refer to a group of interventionist conservatives (often marked by the fact that they used to be Democrats) who believe in overturning the realpolitik doctrine of stability.

            So unless you know where Penry stands on, say, avenues towards destabilizing the Assad government in Syria as a long-term route to a more peaceful Middle East, it’s a bit bizarre to see the label thrown around like that. 

            1. Penry is a neocon.  My own veterans group has email from Penry stating that he supports Bush’s failed policies that have “destabilized” Iraq.

  5. Oh yeah, that was me!

    The skeletons have been rattling for years and the press has tried to find real evidence, but nothing solid has ever surfaced to my knowledge.

    Unless an eye witness or a victim talks, I think the Dems will be stuck with “Rumor has it…..”

    1. about the rumors, that there is supposed to be some 911 tapes and a police or sheriff’s report in Glenwood Spgs/Gafield county of a domestic violence incident involving Scott’s previous wife.

      However, no one has ever been able to produce them.

      That means to me that they no longer exist, if they ever did.

      Lauren B. is correct in her assesment of the situation.

      I still don’t think Scott will run and would be curious on what basis the dead govs have made this post.  Do they know something more concrete than pure speculation? 

        1. I was out of town avoiding the snow, so missed the story.

          I’m still skeptical about him actually getting in the race, but then, I predicted Al Gore would win the presidency in 2000, as well.

    1. Uh, no.
      I have never called “The Sky is Falling” Gore, ‘Mr President’.
      If you have you were asleep in Democrat la la night night time.
      Or just wishing that reality was something different than what it really is.
      I can check for ya but I’m pretty sure your president and mine, George Bush, won in 2000. Gore went home throwing temper trantrums all the way.
      HA HA HA

      1. Imagine if the tables had been turned in 2000 – that is, Bush got the highest number of votes nationally but Gore got the most electoral votes after a controversial, party-line vote by the Supreme Court (pretend SCOTUS had 5-4 liberal slant then) prevented any more recounts.

        O boy, everybody to the right would have been up in arms. We would not have heard the end of it, even though Gore, unlike Bush, would have governed like the will of the people mattered.

        That’s the logical disconnect going on in the mind of the right winger. It’s all a big game and it only matters if you win, not if you’re right.

          1. Although there’s an answer – Gore did win the popular vote, and those who completed a recount in Florida have found a Gore victory. He should have been President. But that didn’t happen (thanks, SCOTUS) and I for one have moved on.

            My point is that right wing nuts who crow over the result really don’t care about democracy – they care only that their guy won, and damn the will of the people. Yes, I know there are some on the left who are just the same. But I for one would have been just as unhappy if the theoretical reversal had been true.

      2. Gore was the epitome of the gracious loser, even though he didn’t really lose.  He was a gentleman all the way, and remained so even out of office.  Don’t forget it was the Boosh folks who took the case to the Republican Soopreme Court, Gore was the defendent.  And that was based on some legal sleight of hand about selective vs. general recounts.

        It was the Republican operatives, the “Brooks Brothers revolt” and other disgraceful shenanigans that kept trying to stop the vote recount.  Have you ever wondered why?

        In the year following the 2000 election, several media groups slowly went through the ballots.  Their conclusion was that Gore took Florida, which would mean he should have become president.  And that slight plurality was despite Katherine Harris’ purging of 10,000 mostly Democratic voters. 

        Gore also, even without the Florida plurality, got a majority of votes nationally.  I beleive he was the fourth candidate in our history to do so. 

        Boosh II is a minority president.  He wouldn’t be in his office today if not for stealing the election of 2000. 

        Actually, the recent, late, not-great Republican Senate was also a minority institution.  Low population “red” states swung the balance of power so that a minority of Americans controlled the senate.

        As a proponent of “no mandatory helmet laws”, I fear that you make a great case for them. 

  6. Did anyone from the press really investigate McInnis?
    Or, did they drop the story when he chose not to run for reelection? Or, are all these rumors nothing but rumors? If there was a police report it is still around somewhere.
    Is Udall in or out?
    First he said a year ago that he was in. Than a month ago he said he needed some time to decide. I know every Democrat wants him to run but has Udall truly made up his mind to run?

  7. … bringing home bacon like just under $1 million in funds to figure out how to get rid of tamarisk. He explained that if you ask for just under $1 million, the request never hits the budget radar and nobody asks any questions about it. In a state like Colorado, where people love to complain about pork-barrel spending but gladly gobble it up when it comes, McInnis fits right in. Welcome to the Senate, Scotty.

  8. I’m on board if Scott runs!  Bring some of that pork back to CO!  We need it!  He was a great Representative to and for his District, and would make a great Senator!

  9. When his staff wanted to honor him, they had the Colorado Canyons National Conservation Area renamed the McInnis Canyons NCA. After all, they reasoned, McInnis worked hard on the legislation that set the boundaries and ground rules creating the area. McInnis, instead of politely declining the honor, embraced it with all his ego. There’s something unseemly about a politician who accepts the naming of a geographic area after himself.

    McInnis also broke a term-limits pledge. Methinks he does love the power and prestige that comes with federal office.

    1. who worked very hard to have a building named for him before he left office, despite a long-standing city prohibition against such actions.

      It seems this kind of action doesn’t have a party label.

    2. There is much contoversy in GJ over the name change.  One vandal pain stakingly changed the sign to “McPennis Canyon”.  The work was quality with matching paint.


      1. ….once upon a time, nothing was named after anyone until after the namesake was dead and buried…….we really should go back to those days.

  10. McInnis can’t get enough of himself.  He asked Campbell to sponsor the legislation renaming the Canyonlands.  The best thing McInnis ever did was give Penry a job so he can now go on to build an empire, lets hope void of McInnis and his Canyonlands.
    I vote to rename them after Wayne Allard, who I’m sure is not running again.

  11. In a major step forward in his journey to the Governor’s Office, Scott McInnis today filed the necessary documents with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office to create his campaign committee and begin raising funds.

    He said his first campaign contribution of $100 came from Harold Piper, a small businessman from Rifle, who has been the first contributor to each of Scott’s campaigns.  He was the first contributor for the successful run for the State House of Representatives, for Congress, and now governor of Colorado.

    “Our challenge is to demonstrate the vision and leadership to move Colorado forward, and the experience and skills to take the common-sense steps we must take to create jobs, jump start our economy and restore basic fiscal discipline.” Scott said.

    Scott said the numerous challenges the state faces can be met with a return to strong leadership and a clear vision for Colorado’s future.

    “We need a commitment to restraint in spending taxpayers’ money, not just rushing to cut anything when tough times hit,” Scott said.  “We need to strengthen taxpayer protections, not tear them apart.  And we need a climate where Colorado is once again a magnet for small business and entrepreneurs, not a state that demonizes companies that offer family-sustaining jobs – and tax revenue.”

    Scott said that he has been traveling the state extensively and listening to the concerns of Colorado families and businesses.

    “Coloradans are hungry for positive, strong experienced leadership,” he said.  “They want a decisive vision for how we can get our state back on the right track, creating jobs and offering real opportunity in every corner of Colorado.  And they want an end to stealth tax hikes and massive fee increases that hurt family budgets that are already stretched thin.”  

    The campaign website – — will launch on Thursday morning, giving Coloradans a detailed introduction to Scott’s background experience, leadership, and lengthy deep record of accomplishments for Colorado.

    Equally important, the website will offer Coloradans a unique opportunity to share their vision for Colorado’s future through letters, photos and video.  

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