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December 29, 2006 06:18 PM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Shhh…it’s snowing.


13 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. up here above Colo Spgs, the snow is higher than the dog’s back (literally). Three measures we use at the house:

    1. Can the smaller dog clear her belly – last week’s was just a touch – today it’s almost over her back – getting her fitted for a snorkel

    2. Can I still see the aluminum patio chairs – last week the seat bottoms had clearance – this week the chairs are just bumps

    3. When I took the dogs out last week I had clearance over the tops of the boots – on the driveway area that was clear on Wednesday its over the tops of the boots.

    The biggest bozo of this set of storms is not Hickenlooper – it’s Waste Management. We have a Thursday pickup for our trash service (not city services here) so there was no pickup last week. And the snow Friday led them to “reschedule” our pickup for Firday this week. (Yeah, skip a week and call it rescheduling). SO it’s two weeks since the last pickup – with Christmas wrapping and boxes – and still no pickup. The only thing deeped than the snow is the trash.

    1. Our normal trash day is Thursday, so with the blizzard last week there was no pickup. The city just ended up cancelling Thursday and Friday pickup, saying they would get it next time. (Which means our recycling has to wait til next week, or 4 weeks after the last time they took it away.)

      Because of the holiday that means that the trash is supposed to be picked up today. So far, no sign of trash trucks and it won’t surprise me if it gets cancelled (or “rescheduled”) again. That won’t be too hard to deal with – we have extra cans – but some neighbors have had their stuff out since last Wednesday and it’s really starting to pile up. I’m just glad that scavengers are unlikely in this weather.

  2. We live right up against the foothills in Boulder and so we generally get more snow than even a half mile down in the main part of Boulder.

    We’re snowbound but I have 3 daughters and as I always tell them – this is why we have kids – get out there and shovel. (Of course then my wife tells me to get out there too – so we all end up shoveling.)

    Anyways, everyone have a nice day.

  3. We ended up owners of a pound kitty that turned out to be a ‘Norwegian Forest Cat’ (Skogkatt).  He has webbed feet, a very long waterproof coat, and has had a very strange look in his eyes for the last week.  He has not been interested in sleeping-in.

    1. The AG opinion was a sobering testament that the critiques raised before the election were not hysterical rantings but legitimate analyses of a very badly flawed product. The AG focused on questions put forth by University President Hank Brown, and while some of the analysis is useful to other governmental employees and their families, no one has really looked at the independent contractor issue.

      The measure makes independent contractors, by constitutional definition, government employees and subject to all the bans, prohibitions and restrictions in 41.  Wait until some consulting engineers who do work for CDOT or Arapahoe County or the City of Castle Rock figure out that they are caught.  Local governments in particular cannot perform all the services required of them without independent contractors.  The budgetary implications of having to take many things in house are staggering.

      The AG opinion did not address independent contractors.

      It did, however, address faculty at institutions of higher education (public, not private), but did not indicate whether 41 applies to adjunct faculty as well as tenured faculty.  Nothing in 41 distinguishes between full and adjunct or full time employees and part time employees.  If independent contractors are captured, it stands to reason that part time employees are likely going to get caught as well.

  4. in the eastern part of Colorado, I don’t want to hear one flippin’ word about “drought” from Front Rangers in 2007. Not one word.

    By the way, here in the western canyonlands, our temperature is at about 44 degrees and we haven’t seen a flake of snow in more than a week. We’ve been playing basketball in the driveway since before Christmas. Maybe we’ll go mountain biking tomorrow.

    Enjoy your snow!!!!

  5. Last week the Mayor  cared about getting sleds and chocolate for the children.
    This week he actually went to DIA and seems to be working to keep the streets clear.
    But what about the poor children?
    Where are they to get sleds and chocolate?

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