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December 21, 2006 04:23 PM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Yeah, that’s a lot of snow.


59 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Eastbound for Snowy City; hoping to slide in with the high pressure front tomorrow.

    Had a great time in SF, interviewed Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jerry Cimino of the Beat Museum, and spent time with John, Kathy, and Carolyn Cassady. 

    You heard it here first:  Carolyn will be joining son John and musician David Amram at the opening of the OTR scroll on 1/4.  Convinced her to do so.

    Didn’t catch much Pols in the last ten days, hopefully I will resume my annoyance soon.

  2. Went to the gym at about 7:30 AM yesterday. Schools were already declared closed for the day in Col Springs and had about four people come up to me and comment how “the teachers must have wanted a day off – this isn’t so bad”.

    I talked about how the superintendents had to look at the forecast and take into the consideration the risk that they would have to close schools at noon because of heavy falling snow and then put kids out in buses on VERY windy and treacherous roads. Wasn’t that safety risk worth avoiding with the chance of being wrong? Grumble, grumble was the reply.

    Well – I think maybe the school adminstration was right. So, let’s remember next time everyone complains about “those schools” that the administrators are willing to take the heat for the sake of the kids.

    1. And she worked her friggin’ BUTT off for her kids, as did most everyone else we knew.

      I get so sick and tired of those “the teachers must have wanted a day off” folks – I’ll bet they’re the same people who don’t spend an extra minute with their own kids and put them last on their priorities: making money, keeping up with the Joneses, prestige, popularity, power… then WAY down on the list, doing what’s right for their own kids.

      The kind of people who never pick up a book to read to their own kids. Who really believe that crap about “quality time” versus “quantity time.”

      Sorry… grumble grumble… stuck in my house with a bad back and way too much snow.

  3. Boy, Ritter is not even in office and already he has trashed our economy for the last critical days of Christmas shopping. I knew electing Democrats would hurt the economy – but I didn’t think it would be this much this fast.

    1. Someone was complaining yesterday that he had either (a) wasted money by putting mag chloride on the streets too early or (b) wasn’t doing enough to get rid of the snow (this criticism coming in as it was still a blizzard). Couldn’t quite figure out what the rationale was, but clearly this snowstorm was all Hick’s fault.

      Well, we gotta blame SOMEONE, right? And this time the weather forecasters couldn’t be faulted for not warning us.

  4. DENVER:  December 21, 2006–It is day 6 of the unions holding the Democratic Party hostage.  Negotiations are under way but the hostage takers are as stubborn as ever.  “It matters more that a few workers who had never heard of unions be allowed to form one, than to bring a money and media bonanza to Denver,” says the union representative.  But convention organizers in Denver say that this obstinacy could torpedo their efforts, “they just can’t see the forest for the trees.”

    DNC Chairman Howard Dean, mindful of the hostage situation by the unions just before the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, wants this all cleared up ahead of time.  “Yeah, unions are a pain in the butt, but better they come out strong for us than stay home on elections,” he says.

    New York City officials are licking their chops over Denver’s roadblocks.  State Sen. Esther Firnbaum says that this only highlights the impression Denver is a backwater hicktown more able to herd cattle than host a mega-convention, “These unions in Denver are meshugeneh!  Every day this drags out the more likely the Dems will take a bite out of the Big Apple!”

    Union officials in Denver disagree.  “We just want a living wage.  If we can’t get it, no one should have it.” 

    A decision on the Convention has been postponed until early January.

    (In case you couldn’t tell, all characters are fictional, but the situation is not.)

    1. that said something about laying down with union scum?
      Holds true, the Dems get what they deserve.

      Kinda like trying to raise an alligator as a pet. Sooner or later it will bite your ass……..

      1. Kinda like Oil companies and defense contractors taking us to war in Iraq.

        Difference between today’s Dems and Repukelicans, the Neo-Cons take us to war out of greed, stupidity and arrogance, while our boys and girls are dying.

        Conservatism never existed.

      2. It was just corporatist who duped the religious wing of the country into following their flawed path. I feel sorry for the religiouso who were taught compassion, fogiveness and understand, that have been fooled into believing that they must delcare war on everything. The only winners are the elitist who profit from war, but will ultimately pay for their sins.

  5. Even though the weather has cleared this Mayor cannot manage to get the airport open until tomorrow. Let’s face it this guy is a fun Mayor quick with a quip and incredibly popular.
    But, the Mayor has one minor problem utter and total incompetence.

    1. and remember, he was the Dems 1st choice for Governor!
      Wait until the #2, backup, reserve, I guess we’re stuck with him, might as well pick him because everyone else is walking around in circles talking to themselves, we really wanted Hick but he is too busy screwing up Denver, choice takes power. (Ritter)


      Screw this noise. Time to jump off this stupid slow wagon and go have a beer!

      1. Hick was never the Dems number one choice for Governor. Gecko, just a grumudgeon lying through his teeth. You are about as bad as Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.

        Gecko, hopefully over Christmas you come to recognize and understand your misplaced hatred.

        I for one will be enjoying the holiday season knowning that the majority (overwhelming 75% for a matter of fact) have seen the light and understand the leader of the GOP is an idiot.

        1. number one choice”……
          How short is your itsy bitsy memory?

          Go back in the archives and read the threads and posts on this FAR left blog in the weeks before the primary.
          Ritter’s name was down there with pond scum, because all hope was that Hick would run.
          He toyed with you socialists for months before he finally said fuck you all.
          Then and only then did Ritter become a serious contender.
          Go back and read the entries.
          You are just in denial that you got stuck with a second best liberal.

          1. I don’t need a blog to tell me you are riding the short bus. Hick was never in the primary race, while some were trying to convince him to run. And for someone to make a case that he was our “firstpick” would be like a liberal proclaiming Pete Coors was the Repubs number choice, and Beauprez was well, what we had warned all of you, a do nothing hack.

            State of denial seems to fit you and your party more comfortable. You can find a winner, and place blame elsewhere. So much for personal responsibility. You are scapegoats are nothing more than child with so much insecurity, you become angered and hateful.  It’s sad.

            Conservatism is a lie that you bought it and it seems you are haivng a tough time coming to grips with that.

            1. nice try.
              You are the one either in denial, or lived in another state a year ago.
              Ask anyone that has followed this blog for at least over a year.
              Hick was the liberal’s #1 choice period.
              Ritter was lowly choice #2.
              (Ritter didn’t even get serious until March or so when he knew Hick was not running.)
              Go ahead, ask them………
              Or just stay in denial that your liberal socialist side got stuck with CHOICE #2.

              Ha ha ha

              1. Apparently, by a 15% margin, people in this state think the second best liberal is the first best candidate for governor. I dont agree that Ritter was the second choice, especially considering how different the two are but keep on trying. Enjoy the next four years.

                1. Either that or you forget……….
                  Ritter was #2 pick
                  Hick was #1 pick
                  Last February or so……….Hick was THE MAN………
                  Ritter wasn’t even mentioned.

                  You can deny it but the liberal socialists on this blog pissed themselves daily hoping Hick would run.
                  And when he gave the finger to the Dems, your wannabee communists jumped on Ritter’s bandwagon.

                  Deny that

                  1. Ritter – the second choice for Dems – beat BWB, the first choice for Reps. By a wide margin. A spanking, if you will. Or a drubbing. Or a good old fashioned ass kicking.

                    The point of this thread is that BWB set himself up for it and just isn’t admitting it. Oh, sure, maybe he would have lost even if his campaign had a message, a direction, or even if he just hadn’t kept on screwing up (Mexican time, 70% abortion rate among blacks, flip-flop on 38, maybe he was against C&D or maybe he wasn’t, and on and on and on).

                    You bringing up ancient history is a sad demonstration of what you bring to this blog – nothing. At least Gecko can make an articulate statement about what’s going on. I’m waiting for you to do that, but I’m not holding my breath.

                    1. My point to the naysayer is that HICKENLOOPER <> the prefered candidate.
                      Not RITTER.
                      And the previous posts show just how good a job Hick is doing in the latest storm.
                      Imagine if he was Governor?

                    2. Keep talking and trying to obfuscate the obvious. 15% margin. That is quite a lot for a state that has such a huge republican registration majority. I’ll happily repeat it.

                  2.   When Comrade Ritter and rest of the vanguard of the People’s Revolution seize control next month, we will begin by taking all private property and outlawing it. 
                      The fascist reactionaries who resist will be sent to re-education camps in Boulder where they will be forced to listen to sermons from Rev. Al Sharpton, learn to hug trees, and watch videos of lesbian commitment ceremonies.

                    1. (I am replying to my own comment directly above.) I was wondering if you could have a comment line just one letter long. This has been a test of the emergency comment system.

            2.   Many people indeed were trying to convince Hick to run, including many suburban moderates and Republicans.  I distinctly recall seeing his astronomical polling numbers in Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties.  Were those just liberal Democrats who were being polled? 
                Hick never got in the race but he did toy with the idea of running.  Ritter got in, said that he was going to stay in and go the distance, and indeed he did.  How refreshing…..a politician who actually does what he says.
                Dems had an embarrassment of riches when came to potential candidates. Pitty the Repugs……they were stuck with Both Ways after he and his cronies crushed the Little Fella in court.

  6. During times of lots of snow, like now, they contract locals with 4X4 and plows to cover the side streets.  This way the side streets get plowed within 48 hours and the city doesn’t have to hire full time people.  Its a good idea that Denver and all of CO should look at doing!

  7. Mayor Webb had a highly regarded pro running DIA.
    He was not enough of an ass kisser so Hickenlooper replaced him. Now we have this disaster. The snow is stopping, winds are OK, visibility is fine. Yet they cannot manage to get the airport open for another full day.
    Mayor Hickenlooper meet the ghost of Mayor McNichols.
    It was fun for a while having this guy as Mayor now we need to realize that the joke is on us.

      1. Let’s ignore the criticism of our beloved Hick and censor those who do follow lockstep with the 21st Century Santuary Man. I find it refreshing that we are stating to see some postings here with other than babbeling Lib speak all the time.

    1. Both the 97 storm and the 2003 storm did not close the airport as long as this closure is predicted for.

      If indeed the airport is closed until noon on friday that will be well over 36 hours.  I am almost certain that the airport was not closed that long for those other two storms. 

      And frankly, DIA is not getting the amount of snow that other parts of the metro area are getting.

  8. …..on how he has “evolved” to the right on abortion and gay rights over the past 12 years, and more importantly, how some of the wing nuts are questioning the sincerity of his newer positions on these issues.

  9. The FAA did not close DIA.
    FAA is not ordering DIA to stay closed even though the weather will permit planes to take off and land. The Mayor is running around talking about sleds for kids while his dithering is causing an economic disaster.

  10. was up and running by 4 am this morning…looks like conservatives are better than liberals. haha- just had to make that jab for the sake of the little guy down south.

    1. I wonder if it was due to the economic conservatives privatizing snow removal at the airport or the religious conservatives praying that God would take it away?

    1. I wonder if there is something else up with old Jeb Bush…first his father crying and now this cryptic remark.  When the terry shavio case was red hot and the fanatics were rioting in the streets, demanding that the Governor do something send the state troopers in to “rescue” terry…..old Jeb stood up to them and said something which the South needs to hear a lot,  and that was “I can’t violate a federal court order.”

      Remarkable. I wish him well.

  11.   Gov. Jon Corzine signed the civil union bill today making New Jersey the third state to do so (fourth, if you include Massachusetts which went all the way w/ same sex marriage). 
      First, Jeb Bush announces the end of his political career and now this, all in one day!

  12. Hickenlooper to appoint blue ribbon panel to addess snow storms in Denver.

    “We are bringing in some of the brightest business minds in the state to see what we can do about preventing these disasterous snow storms in Denver.  We need to find a way to have the snow in the mountains and not on the streets of Denver or certainly at the airport.  It is just too difficult to get that snow removed, so we need prevent the snow from arriving here.”

    So while CDOT has managed to get most of the major highways in Colorado open, and I managed to get my drive way and street cleared (with a snow shovel, not even a blower), and Colorado Springs managed to get their airport open at 4am this morning, DIA is still closed.

    60,000 feet of runway is still not clear and they only plan to have two runways open by noon Friday?

    what BS.  I’m sure Hickenlooper will say that he wanted to provide more help to the airport but they wouldn’t accept it.

    Channel 4 had a good piece tonight about the failure to open the airport.  No link from their website, but aviation experts are saying there is no reason and no excuse for the airport to not be open at this point.

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