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December 16, 2006 06:53 PM UTC

Salazar Back On DNC Message

  • by: Colorado Pols

Sen. Ken Salazar’s statement yesterday that Denver’s chances of hosting the Democratic National Convention are “50-50” upset his fellow Colorado Democrats. As in a lot of his fellow Colorado Democrats.

Rumors flew yesterday morning about angry “what the hell is the matter with you” phone calls between Salazar and other principal Dems, and this morning the Denver Post has the result: a four-part harmony once again.

Sen. Ken Salazar, Gov.-elect Bill Ritter and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper emerged from a Friday morning conference call with Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean feeling “very hopeful, confident and enthusiastic,” Salazar spokesman Cody Wertz said…

In the AP wire story printed around the country today titled “Denver may not land 2008 convention,” we see state Democratic chair Pat Waak working the situation with her usual deft touch: does she not want the damn thing here either?

“There probably is some sentimental favoritism toward Denver because the West is the new Democratic ground, and Colorado did so well in the last election,” Waak said. “But everything I’ve heard is that this costs a lot of money to do and obviously New York is a much bigger city with a much bigger corporate base to raise money from.”

Funny, wouldn’t you expect to hear that from the chairman of the New York Democrats? Way to represent, Pat. She ought to come out and say the DNC in Denver will mean a lot of work for her and she’d rather not screw with it…


18 thoughts on “Salazar Back On DNC Message

  1. Either having the DNC in Denver is a good idea or it isn’t!  I’m so sick of this 2nd guessing bullshit!  The nationial dems had to come in and bail out Boston & LA when they had the convention there so what.  If it is worth making a statement about the new democrats of the west, if the party really wants to reach out to the nation like Dean claims to in his 50 state strategy, then why shouldn’t these east coast liberals put there money were there mouth is and help us have the convention in Denver.  For Ho-HO of all people to question this reminds me of why Dean lost the primary because he would say whatever hell sounded good at the time.  It’s sad to see him lack to commitment of his own 50 state strategy.

    1. Practical considerations are something that need to be taken into account and it is ludicrous to say that Dean asking questions is second guessing. I have long thought that Denver should host the DNC, and have stated so many times. So please tell me what Dean said that makes you think that he is lacking commitment.

      Apparently you are not familiar with Dean’s presidential campaign. He did not say what sounded good at the time. He was consistent through out the whole campaign and was really thrown under the bus by the media and the party for being percieved as ultra liberal, which he most definitely is not. Look at this terms as governor if you dont agree. I would be willing to wager that there is more opposition coming from the DLC, DCCC, and the DSCC, than from Dean and the DNC. Dean gets more flak from those three groups concerning his 50 state strategy than almost any other group (republicans being the other group). I bet when it is announced Denver will be the city picked, because it is stupid not to come here. The money will flow in either way, but the votes will really come in if it is a city in the west.

  2. If Dean really believes his 50 state strategy then he could make it happen.  As I said before the national party had to come in a raise last minute funds for both Boston & LA so why not for Denver too.  We’ll see if Dean really believes in the 50 state plan or not.

    As for Dean’s 04 campaign I can’t even count how many times Dean contridicted himself or denied saying things as Gov. that were clearly documented.  Sorry for even bringing that up because that is whole seperate issue.

    1. ..if you wanted to convince someone to give you something, would you really want DeGette to be the one asking for you?

      Labor wrecked this one for Denver if it doesn’t come here.

    2. DeGette has been working closely with Debbie Willhite of the host committee to convince Howard Dean to select Denver for the national convention.  Paul Lhevine of the host committee served as DeGette’s campaign manager a few races ago, so DeGette has close ties to the committee.  Just because Salazar and Hick did not include DeGette in their call doesn’t mean that DeGette isn’t on top of this.

  3. The blame for Dean’s indecision should go to the Denver Host Committee which appears to be no more than a “Good Ole Boys” clique. Lots of important names on the list, but no worker bees or salesmen. For instance, how impressive is it to have Steve Farber, a Beauprez supporter, as a co-chair on this committee?

    And what do political hacks, like Paul Lhevine, really know about putting together a huge event like the DNC convention? Poor Willhite has had to carry the whole project on her back.

    Apparently, the Host Committee has not been creative enough in their fundraising attempts and they have excluded help and information from important organizations like the state Democratic Party and its members. If I were Dean, I would be asking for more assurances, too.

    Sure, maybe getting the DNC Convention is like playing poker: you have to keep the cards close to your chest. But if you have only two pair in your hand compared to NYC’s full house, it’s time to put your cards on the table and ask Dean to deal a new hand (aka stall the decision a little longer so the Denver Host Committee can get their act together and hire some real fundraisers and promo people.)


    1. behind the scenes for some time about Hickenlooper not doing as much as he could to secure this.  I see that he was on the call and he has been very vocal publically, but I have heard that there  were many involved with the bid who were unhappy at his actual involvement and help.  Not being on the inside, I don’t know and can only rely on what I have been told. 

      The word disengaged was used in reference to his involvement.  I think it was as much about the fundraising as anything, but again, not being on the inside I don’t know.

      Didn’t Lhevine run Hickenlooper’s Mayoral race?

  4. Paul Lhevine’s a good guy and a capable guy. They have a good team putting the proposal for Denver together.
    David Kenney was the brains behind Hickenlooper’s campaign.
    Bottom line it makes no sense to take money away from voter outreach to bail out Denver if they cannot raise the money.
    New York was the scene when Clinton and Carter were nominated and it matters not a bit where the convention is located.
    Pat Waak is right and her candor should be praised.

  5. I predict it based on Colorado’s election results. Who can ignore it? Salazar may seem to have conceded prematurely, or was his purpose to rally the foursome into action by crying wolf? The senator is way too smart not to have known the effect of his insightful statement.

    DNC is in favor of Denver. New York is going to cost 21% more than Denver. Denver will attract more younger Dems than NYC. Senator Clinton prefers Denver because she would be abandoning her senator role in order to run for president – she’d rather do it away from NYC.

    The dice is loaded in Denver’s favor!

    1. some fair play reversal here. Flood the DNC with anti-liberal posters, t-shirts, bumper stickers, bill board signs,……
      Then cry to the ACLU when they are escorted out…….

  6. This is obviously closer than was thought.  Weren’t we hearing a few weeks back that the choice would be announced the first week of Dec.?  Rumor was that it was definitely going to be Denver. Maybe Salazar felt the need to shake things up and remind Dems to finish the race before celebrating the win.

  7. It’s true — New York can raise money for an event like this in its sleep. And I’m getting tired of hearing all this crapola about how the Dems need to have their convention in Denver to show their commitment to the blooming new Democratic West. Politics is politics, and no matter where the Dems gather — whether it’s in Denver, New York, or Timbuktu — it won’t change a thing about the way they govern after the summer of ’08. Like the Repubs, the Dems will pay lip service to so-called “Western issues” when it’s convenient, and forget about us the rest of the time.  Since I come from the camp that continues to believe Colorado made a wise decision in rejecting the 1976 Olympics, I would love to see New York get this convention.

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