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March 20, 2006 09:00 AM UTC


  • by: Colorado Pols

Congratulations to Rep. Jim Welker, perhaps the dumbest legislator in Colorado.

You might remember Welker as the genius who forwarded an e-mail to colleagues that could easily be construed as racist, and which prompted the resignation of a public-relations adviser to the Loveland Republican. Well, as it turns out, this Mensa member has been doing this for a long time. From the Rocky Mountain News:

More racially charged e-mails forwarded by a Loveland lawmaker to colleagues and constituents surfaced this week. One essay sent by Republican Rep. Jim Welker discussed illegal immigrants who give birth in the U.S.

“These are illiterate Third World mothers who, like birds to a feeder, know a good deal when they see or hear about it,” it said. Welker did not write the essay.

In another instance two years ago, Welker forwarded an essay, “Beware of Islam in America,” which said devout Muslims could not be patriotic Americans, the Loveland Daily Reporter- Herald reported Friday.

Welker has been under fire since March 10 when the Rocky Mountain News reported he forwarded an essay written by a black minister describing many black Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans as “immoral” and “welfare pampered.”

Democratic and Republican lawmakers were outraged. Welker apologized that day on the House floor, saying the essay was racially offensive and he should have included a disclaimer that said he didn’t agree with everything in it. But the furor continues.

A number of Republicans say they have deleted far more missives than they ever read from Welker, a prolific forwarder of essays he says he finds thought provoking, but which critics say are racist and homophobic. Among those on Welker’s list is former state Rep. Bill Kaufman, R-Loveland, who once held Welker’s seat. “Some of these e-mails are terrible,” Kaufman said, adding he often deletes them before reading them.

Kaufman said he has fielded a number of calls from Larimer County Republicans who think Welker should resign. Welker did not return phone calls Friday, but earlier in the week he said no one has asked him to step down.

Sen. Jennifer Veiga, D-Denver, said a year ago Welker circulated at least two e-mails that included disparaging remarks about gays and lesbians. Although “everyone was talking about it,” she said, no one publicly took him to task. “It’s very sad we have someone like him serving in the legislature,” she said. “I find his comments to be very homophobic and bigoted. He’s an embarrassment to the legislature.”

Veiga criticized the Republican Party for failing to hold Welker accountable.

Last October, Welker forwarded an essay by Frosty Woolridge about illegal immigration. In that e-mail, Welker did say he didn’t agree with the author on everything but noted Woolridge “offers some very startling information!”

“We cannot celebrate or tolerate growing numbers of Charles Mansons from other cultures like Muslim terrorists among us,” Woolridge wrote.

Former state Sen. Norma Anderson, R-Lakewood, said Welker is giving the party a black eye. She said she can’t imagine Welker’s district shares his beliefs. But Welker told the Loveland paper he had received more than 40 supportive e-mails, and sent several to the newspaper.

Is Welker a racist if he forwards racist e-mails? We won’t get into that. It also doesn’t matter that Welker has every free speech right to discuss whatever he wants, including ridiculous e-mails. The point here is that Welker is a certifiable, undeniable moron for ever forwarding e-mails like this to anyone outside of a few friends or family. You have to know that something like that is going to get back to you eventually.

Welker is completely clueless to how stupid this is, because he thinks it makes a difference if he were to include a “disclaimer” in the e-mail that he doesn’t agree with everything in it. That would be like Colorado Pols posting pornography on our Web site so long as we included the line, “Well, we don’t agree with everything you see here.” What difference does that make? We still shouldn’t do it.

Welker is up for re-election in 2006, and here’s betting that more than one Republican is quietly hoping for a primary.


39 thoughts on “Dumbest…Legislator…Ever…

  1. I think you’d have to go well beyond a disclaimer in sending one of those e-mails on to a wider audience.  Those are disgusting; please tell me the Dems have a reasonable candidate in place to replace this guy.

  2. Now Gecko, the ‘your side does it too’ is a lame non-defense defense.  I haven’t exactly noticed any of my fellow lefties rising to Bad Moon Rising’s bait to defend Bennish on this site.

  3. Or, Gecko, maybe Joe Stalin or, being more kind, perhaps Bubba “Bull” Connor.

    p.s. I see you’re still playing Sancho Panza to Voyageur’s Don Quixote!

  4. Ah, named a beautiful white German Shepherd, Dulcinea many years ago. She was a wonderful animal. Quite beautiful, in fact. Now, having said that, what does what you said, above, have to say (subliminally speaking here) about you? I see a little brokeback here!

  5. No question, George.  Just remember on the Dulcinea thing that she epitomized romantic love as celebrated by the troubadors … to love, pure and chaste from afar…  Since we’re all in committed long-term relationships, that version works best for all of us 😉

  6. Now Gecko, the ‘your side does it too’ is a lame non-defense defense. I haven’t exactly noticed any of my fellow lefties rising to Bad Moon Rising’s bait to defend Bennish on this site.


    Bennish needs no ‘bait’.  He’s a worm on his own.

  7. Dulcinea’s? Sancho’s? Quixote’s? Some of my favorite bars. Stiffest drinks in town.

    but seriously, Welker is unbelievably incompetent. Anyone who has watched the guy in a committee hearing can attest to this – he is in way over his head down there.

  8. Indeed, Voyageur. But, what about you and Sancho? You know, that thing about “Cowboys are frequently, secretly (fond of each other)?” Sincerely hope you’ve heard the Willie Nelson tune.

    BMR: Even I didn’t defend Bennish ( I do find your “worm” comment akin to Limbaugh’s “…maggot-infested…” comment with regard to Bennish. But, then, wasn’t the subject of the string Welker and, I’d really be interested to know what kind of despicable, sub-human category you’ve put him in.

    DQ (Voyageur)it’s been so long since I read de Cervantes that I wanted to reaquaint myself with him by taking a look at some of his writings/quotes and, in the context of you-know-what, I found this little ditty that, um, I really don’t know what to do with: “Hold you there, neither a strange hand nor my own, neither heavy nor light shall touch my bum.” Scholar that you are–and I mean that sincerely–I thought you might have some insight on what the hell he’s talking about other than what appears to be the obvious.

  9. Voyageur,

    This is exactly the right time for a Dem to step up to the plate in this district.  Sure, a Republican primary would be the best chance to oust Welker.  But his forwarding this kind of e-mail repeatedly gives Dems an opening that they wouldn’t normally have to take this district for themselves; a good candidate stands a chance if Welker’s the name next to the GOP endorsement come November.

  10. Welker is an embarassment to the GOP and someone ought to ask Wayne Allard why he and his political people recruited this dingbat in the first place.

  11. someone ought to ask Wayne Allard why he and his political people recruited this dingbat in the first place

    Well, to make them look smart by comparison?

  12. It will never be known what acts of cowardice have been motivated by the fear of not looking sufficiently progressive.

    – Charles Peguy (1905)

  13. And the foil to said quote:

    As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality.

    –George Washington

  14. The assumption, therefore, Plumber, is that feigning conservatism will put God in His heaven and make all right with the world.

    I’m wondering how you, Plumber, could latch on to an obscure French philosopher ( and intermittent Catholic, God’s sake, Voyageur) when you’ve got the likes of Dubya to quote: “Fool me once…”

    Google help out a bit, there?

  15. The Washington quote was at least a sidewise swipe at Slavery, PR.  The father of our country was uncomfortable with slavery, freed his own in his will and helped pass the northwest ordinance keeping it out of new territories.  He hoped it would eventually wither away.  Jefferson, in contrast, for all his noble words about liberty, did not free his slaves.  He apparently did father, not our country, but several children out of wedlock with a slave, Sally Hemmings. In practice, George Washington walked the walk a lot better than Jefferson, who only talked the talk. But then, I’ve always been ambivalent about Jefferson.  Take away the Louisiana purchase, which fell into his lap, and what did he really accomplish during his presidency?

  16. PR,

    Liberal in 1790 is libertarian in 2006. 


    I was actually turned on to Peguy by the National Review.  Odd that they, and then I, would quote a socialist. Call it a moment of leftist clarity.


    Jefferson threatened pirates in Tripoli when they demanded ransom for US merchant marines. Most of the merchants died in captivity as the threat made its way across the ocean.  Those that survived were released immediately. This set a precedent which continues till this day: The U.S. will not negotiate with terrorists.

    Keeping slaves is indefensible of course, but the practice was hardly unique to the States or Europe. 

    That said, accomplishing little (the less the better) is exactly what I expect from a President. Jefferson felt the same way. In that, he may be one of my favorites.

  17. The problem with the barbary pirates analogy, Plumber, is that America has often negotiated with terrorists.  Unless you’re a bear who hibernated through both the Carter and Clinton administrations, you’d know that.  That said, I’ve never claimed Jefferson was a terrible president but take away the Lousiana purchase, and the Lewis and Clark expedition that followed naturally upon it, and his record is quite scant.  His fame justifiably rests on his skill as a political philosopher, albeit even there he practiced the do as I say, not as I do, rule, as his treatment of his slaves demonstrates.  But as a president, his record was mediocre.  In his day, I doubt you’d have been a fan.  His foes reviled him as a ‘Jacobin,” the equivalent to being called a communist today.  The charge had considerable merit, but again it reflects more his restless intellect than anything else.  As president he was anything but radical.  Just for fun, look up his SECOND inaugural one day.  The great champion of freedom of the press gave the press a tongue-lashing like it has seldom ever received.  Considering the scabrous nature of the Colonial press, they had it coming!

  18. But, Voyageur, without the colonial “scabrous press” and the coffee houses within which all the dirt fit to print was daily discussed and digested, there probably never would have been a revolution against good King George. Eh!

  19. Your right V.

    Jefferson was definately a better statesman than President.  Judging by his tombstone, he had a rather dim view of public service.

    And yes, I did sleep through the Clinton presidency.  It is a safer alternative than drinking.

    Back to Welker.  The victim mentality should be critized from the rooftops, pulpits, and whatever soapbox can be found.  Able-bodied people, who put their hands out and blame others (the Man) for their situation, should be shamed and ridiculed from every corner of society.  Welker should stand up and say, “Yeah, I did it. And I’ll do it again and again, until the race-baiters and poverty pimps become a sad asterisk in the US history books.”

    Unapologetically standing up to PC fascists usually shuts them up.  It’s like a shark cage in infested waters.  Apologies and second guessing is like throwing chum.

  20. Not sure, Plumber, that the unabashed identification of a Colorado (flatlander) legislator as a nutcase who–redefining policitcal correctness here–plays to his audience, his constituency with the “correctness” they certainly expect of him, is wholly unwise. His constituency–like hungry sharks–surely appreciate his “chum.”

  21. As a constituent, I like candor and honesty.  If Welker is of the same opinion as Jesse Lee Peterson, then I am of the same opinion as Jim Welker on the issue of victim mentality.  Mr. Welker will get my vote again, unless there is a candidate with the testicular fortitude to stand up to the demand of the PC fascists that Americans self-censor.

    I read your comment three times, and I’m not wholly certain what you are saying (even after adding periods, removing commas, etc).  I hope I replied to your comment sufficiently.

  22. Didn’t think you’d get the gist, Plumber. Simply stated, Welker’s an old fox who knows what sells to all ya’ll who, most likely, will send him back to the legislature. But, indeed, that says probably more about you–and your ilk (such suffering victims of the left’s outrageous correctness) than it does about Welker. Marilyn and Wayne would be so, so proud.

    Keep on truckin’, Plumber. You know, a good “consultant” usually has the acumen to provide all sides of any issue the client may have hired them to take a look at. Then, of course–in my government experience–there are some consultants who toe the political line espoused by those who happen to be responsible for approving their billings; who tell the hiring entity what they want to hear, regardless of the facts. Those are called whores. 

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