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November 11, 2006 11:28 PM UTC

Big election winners and losers

  • by: Another skeptic


*Government employees’ union leaders. The fox is guarding the chicken koop.
* Illegal immigrants
* Terrorists
* Workers who earn the minimum wage
* Social issues moderates and, to a lesser extent, liberals

* All consumers who will pay higher prices for imported goods and services
* All retailers who will lose business as consumers find their dollars won’t go as far as they have under free trade
* Emerging economies that will be stymied by Western protectionism.
* Construction workers who will suffer from declining housing starts in the face of rising interest rates in anticipation of inflation caused by protectionism advocated by the Left.
* Religious leaders who gain power by preaching hate and discrimination. They’ve ruined the GOP, which will be out of power for a generation.
* Owners of government and municipal bonds whose principal will decline as interest rates rise.
* Investors who don’t dump their stocks and mutual funds while there is still time to protect their capital.
* Middle income people who will suffer a tax increase in the form of an increase in the minimum wage.
* Poor people who will be made more dependent on ugly government programs by increases in the minimum wage and increased protectionism, which will put them out of work.


22 thoughts on “Big election winners and losers

  1. liberals? The problem I have is that the current Republican administration has been perfectly willing to print money (though debt) to finance the government without paying for it. The inflation is caused by all that funny money chasing goods and the interest increases are caused by a financially bankrupt government having to pay higher rates to get foreign dollar holders to buy US debt.

  2. The Federal Reserve Prints money and controls the rate of increase in the money supply, which affects the rate of inflation, along with other forces such as inflationary trade and labor policies.

    If Congress forces changes in fiscal policy, the Fed will have to accommodate or fight those changes with its money supply policies and discount rates. But the most important factor in interest rates will be the money market’s expectations for inflation and interest rates.

    In recent years, we’ve been lucky to have foreign money pouring into our credit markets, but if there’s any sign of increased inflation and economic instabililty, that inflow could turn into an outflow. True, higher interest rates could attract more foreign money if our interest rates are higher than interest rates in other countries.

    But if trade protectionism sweeps the world, foreigners won’t have money to invest in the U.S., and interest rates will rise, stocks and economic activity will fall, unemployment will soar and Republicans will regain power in four to eight years.

  3. You will say things that I am totally with you on.  Seriously.  Then you will say things that I think are totally wrong.  You have a real talent.  I almost respect you even if I vehemently disagree with you many times. 

    1. to be wrong. I change my mind and positions as new information becomes available, and I don’t feel any loyalty to any party, religion nor ideology. But I am loyal to America, and try to figure out what would best for all.

      And I have a bad habit of thinking out loud. Writing helps me think about things. So does driving in a quiet car or walking the track at the health club.

      Thanks for your patience and understanding, if not 100% agreement.:)

  4. that got their ass handed to them in this election would finally ditch the “terrorist are going to win if you don’t vote for us” line.

    Every politician that got elected will go after the terrorists in same way that any of the rest of us patriotic Americans that voted for them.

    We are all Americans and we are all in this together.

    I am sick of my patriotism being questioned because I disagree with the policies of the now unemployed incumbents that weren’t getting the job done and that is why they are looking for something different to do now.

    1. I’m not questioning anybody’s patriotism.

      I’m predicting the consequences of our elections, which, btw, I’m pretty happy with.

      I’m not happy with the prospect of more confident and adventerous terrorists or a wrong change of course that may be forced by Congress before it will agree to continue funding.

      It’s my nature to speculate and predict with the information I have on hand rather than to hash over tired history.

      At this point, none of our war time leaders have my confidence.

        1. America’s enemies historically have misjudged our resolve, and our enemies are in a tizzy over Tuesday’s election results.

          They’re likely to do something catastrophically stupid, and bot we and they will suffer the consequences.

              1. is that the terrorists and insurgents will see this as weakness and step up their activities but that they’ll fail. If that’s correct then he’s not saying America is actually weaker, and means he’s not in agreement with the RRR’s who repeated that disgusting line.

                1. It’s a natural reaction.

                  That doesn’t mean that  voting Democratic was not patriotic. I did that myself in some races. I would have voted against Lamborn and Musgrave, possibly Rick O’Donnel. But I voted for Tancredo because he’s led the fight for secure borders and deserves another term.

                  If you think this questions your patriotism, I guess you’ve got a guilt complex thay you’ll have to think about.

                  1. He has led the fight, sure, but that doesnt mean that he has accomplished anything. And how long has this been his baby? For as long as I can remember, which I believe is his entire tenure.

                    What do the terrorist have to be heartened by again? Their biggest recruiting tool is Iraq. It is absolute chaos there, and the terrorist skills are becoming more and more refined. The sooner that we get out the better. Its a shame that the prewar planning was non existant, or we may not see the travesty that exists today.

      1. when you say your are ‘pretty happy with’…’the consequences of our elections’ and then go on to ‘speculate and predict’ that the election was a win for the terrorist then exactly what are you trying to say?

        And when you say the decisions I made on election day to throw out the do-nothing incumbents are helping the terrorist win then you sir are indeed questioning my patriotism.

  5. You nailed it right on the head.
    I can’t think of any other winners or losers other than what you listed.
    And I can’t argue with you on a single point either.

    Good thread………..

  6. “Another skeptic” is speaking for business owners with no regard for the employees who make the business work. Unregulated outsourcing lines the pockets of the wealthy at the expense of middle class.  People are generally tired of the elitist argument that business owners should have free reign to push income straight to top 10% while so many of the people who do the work struggle. It never ceases to amaze me how a country that defines itself on the premise of “liberty and justice for all”, and systematic “checks and balances”, routinely attack unions that helps safeguard those principles. 

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