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October 24, 2006 08:53 AM UTC

The CNN Program the Lamborn Campaign hopes you never see

  • by: DemoGirl

If Jay Fawcett could have had every Republican household this evening in the 5th CD watching the CNN program that featured Joel Hefley, that went into his principled stand against Doug Lamborn’s sleazy campaign and hypocrisy as a so-called “Reagan Republican”, Jay would have picked up another very substantial Republican vote, far larger than Jay could have ever hoped for in his best dreams.  It would have assured a Fawcett victory, it was that devastating to Lamborn’s pretensions on power.

Flipping through the channels tonight, I stumbled onto CNN’s Broken Government series that discussed the ethical shortcomings in Congress of the days when Rostenkowski was in power and the present days with Hastert is in power.  (No party has had a monopoly on corruption.)

Congressman Joel Hefley was featured, you might even say, was the star of the program as the odd man out who stood up to Tom Delay, Dennis Hastert, and others.  It went into Hefley’s days on the ethics committee and his principled stands against Tom Delay’s efforts to corrupt the system and the political costs it exacted on Hefley, how he was shunned by Republicans who were too afraid to stand for high ethics for fear of getting hammered by “the Hammer” and, if you will, Hastert too.  The piece then went into perhaps 10 minutes of air time on the current race in the 5th CD, and specifically discussed how the Christian Coalition of Colorado and the Lamborn camppaign engaged in sleazy campaign tactics.  The piecs was timely right down to having shots from the Action 22 debate.  Doug Lamborn came off very, very, very badly and Fawcett came off quite well.  I don’t know how the Lamborn shills, the Club for Growth, and the Christian Coalition of Colorado would  try to refute this piece but, man, Lamborn got screwed! 


24 thoughts on “The CNN Program the Lamborn Campaign hopes you never see

  1. I saw a few more good you tube moments with Lamborn. He should just “Shut Up” for the rest of the camaign.  Speaking is not a good thing for him.

    How could anyone vote for this guy after seeing CNNs Broken Government.  I thought the comparison of Hefley and Hastert was terrific as well.  HMMMMM and who is Hastert supporting…. Lamborn oh yeah!

  2. Wanda, I saw the piece too, and I’m not sure what you’re smoking or what your selling, but I don’t want either.

    First of all, Fawcett didn’t come off well, because Fawcett only had a few seconds of air time. He was a bit player in this profile, for obvious reasons. It was a fluff bio on Hefley with the teaser of Lamborn as the next Congressman. The rest is your imagination.

    Also, I’m sure you didn’t “stumble” onto it, because CNN would have told your campaign the air date.

    1. You can’t afford the truth. In fact, you wouldn’t accept it if it was given to you!

      But, your willingness to buy into the lies of the Christian Coalition of Colorado and the Club for Growth, the Hotaling brothers and the Lamborn campaign, then repackage them and sell them on the school yard lots like a drug dealer would, says a lot about why Hefley’s principled stand is so galling to the Lamborn campaign. It is galling, isn’t it Jon?  Isn’t it Wayne?  Hefley was beat about the head, neck, and shoulders by the Republican establishment in Congress for his ethical stands and he has applied the same ethical standards in the 5th CD as he did to Tom Delay.  The only thing the Lamborn campaign can try to do is to try to drag Hefley’s reputation down to Lamborn’s level.  That dog don’t hunt and that’s why Hefley’s refusal to endorse Lamborn pricks pricks like you! 🙂

      Fawcett did indeed come across well.  Very well. 

      Doug Lamborn came across as the political equivalent of  American Idol “star” William Hung, famous for his botching of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs.” He can’t stand on the same stage as Jay Fawcett.  He can’t stand on the same stage as Joel Hefley. 

      And, indeed, I did stumble across the CCN piece.  And if you didn’t see it, you’re a liar to comment on what the piece was about.  And if you did see it, you’re also a liar.  You can’t ignore how good Fawcett looked, you can’t deny how bad Lamborn looked, and you can’t denigrate the piece as “fluff” on Joel Hefley, whose shoes the Hotalings, the Lamborns, the Blahs, of this world are unworthy to untie!

      Doug Lamborn may, indeed, win the 5th CD but the reputation he has won is his to keep and not one of which to be proud. Joel Hefley won his reputation, will keep it, and is honored for it by not excusing any sleazy politician, whether of his own or another party’s offering.

  3. in the week. Per CNN. But hey, corruption plays well, so they gave the R’s the spotlight.

    Jay didn’t get much air time, no, but Joel did.

    In fact Hefley got tons of air time: it was his show — to explain how Republican leaders failed, to explain how he was pushed out by Hastert for trying to uphold their phony “ethics” platform. Joel also explained why he will never support Lamborn, and he exposed the GOP’s Power over Ethics™ platform for everyone in the country to see.

    Good piece of the reporting is here.

    Doug is still clinging to Hastert’s promise of a job on the Armed Services committee. Ol’ Fat Denny went before the ethics committee today to testify what he knew and when he knew it about the Mark Foley affair. Think he’ll still be speaker?

    OR do you think Denny is glad he rigged the ethics committee and fired Joel Hefley for doing his job?

    1. Zap, thanks for that link.  I went to it and then drilled down to the following short 2 minute piece:

      Unfortunately, the excerpts don’t go into the 5th CD race but they do show Hefley’s position on matters of ethics–uncomfortable for sure both to Lamborn and Hastert, as well as any other Republican or Democrat breaking ethics rules. 

      If people see the whole CNN program, they’ll see Lamborn’s trying to falsely use Murtha as evidencing Fawcett wants to “cut and run” from Iraq.  Jay clearly makes his position known in replying about Murtha in one of the segments that features his positions.  Jay’s not advocating cutting and running.  The best antidote to lies is the truth.  That’s why the Lamborn campaign will shit in its pants if the CNN piece is widely watched in the 5th CD.  You’ve got to get the word to Fawcett to get his people calling in to talk radio and make the re-airing time known. 

        1. They should then recommend BLAH send it to all of Lamborn’s supporters so BLAH can prove to them what a “fluff” piece it was for Hefley; prove to them how “great” is the Hotaling Brothers’, the Club for Growth’s, the Christian Coaltion of Colordo’s “star”, Doug Lamborn; prove to them how “poorly” Jay Fawcett came off.  No.  I don’t think Mr. Handy 2001 would allow that, even if the links were accompanied by a bodyguard of Lamborn’s lies. 

          But, if you know anyone at Fawcett’s campaign, if they could indeed get an air time and get supporters calling the talk radio stations, it will be a synergistic boost to disclosing Doug Lamborn’s campaign for what it was and is.  Not enough voters will be on the political blogs to see the CNN video.  But people will turn on the TV that won’t get on a blog.  Hearing something on the radio reminds them of what a sleaze Lamborn is too.

          Lamborn and Fawcett are set to debate again on the radio on Oct. 30 on KVOR’s Dr. Joseph Michelli show. I suspect Lamborn will find some way to ditch the show, if at all possible.  I’m going to post the link to the KVOR site that will broadcast the debate live over the internet.  I’m sure BLAH will want to encourage all voters in the 5th CD to listen in–NOT!  It’s in Lamborn’s best interests for as few people as possible to hear that debate.

          1. Wanda, you seem very upset, are your polling numbers down? Or is it the whole Christian white male thing that makes you so mad. As for calling the radio station, you can probably tell your campaign workers from across the room to make those phone calls, kind of like you how you’ve had them write letters to the editor. Hijacking media seems to be your forte after all.

            Also, quick question. If you dislike “Christian, white, males” so much, why are you working to get one elected?

            1. You’re from the party of Lincoln.

              So is Joel Hefley. 

              Hefley is living by what Lincoln said,  “Stand with anybody that stands RIGHT. Stand with him while he is right and PART with him when he goes wrong.” Hefley is standing apart from Doug Lamborn, and for good reason.

              But, Blah, we know with whom you’re standing. 🙂

              Apparently, you’re more worried about high polling numbers than high ethical standards, more worried about winning, than about taking the hard road that’s required when choosing to stand apart from people like Tom Delay and Doug Lamborn.  Yours and Lamborn’s paths are conjoined, are wide and easy to travle.  Hefley’s is not. It’s lonely, difficult, and painful.

              Take it any way you want, but Doug Lamborn is a loser in this race, no matter if he’s sent to Congress or not.  A good reputation is to be desired above silver and gold, above high office. Lamborn made his trade with the devil.  Now let him enjoy it, if he can.

              1. Your sermon really made me see the light.

                Hefley is not the moral arbiter of Colorado, and just because it’s politically expedient for Dem’s like you to use him doesn’t give his claims any more validity. Hefley’s statements are a lot of things, but one thing they are not is true.

                1. Indeed, Hefley is not the moral arbiter of Colorado, nor has he claimed to be. 

                  But since your innuendo is that Hefly is lying about Doug Lamborn, on what authority do you stand? 

                  And, Blah, I must thank you.  For every time you try to defend Lamborn, it’s just another opportunity to remind voters of things Lamborn would rather be forgotten.  You’re doing a great job helping Fawcett.  Don’t stop now!

                  But if it’s a sermon you want, perhaps the part of the sermon you missed was one of the five that came from the pastors of five of the largest churches in Colorado Springs, including one from Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, denouncing the VERY SAME SLEAZY AD THAT WAS FRONT AND CENTER IN MONDAY NIGHT’s CNN BROADCAST.  Don’t care to remember that?  Or, I suppose Ted Haggard is a liar too, in your world of political expediency.

                  Try this one.

                  How about the sermon you missed with the repudiation by the national chapter of the Christian Coalition of the Colorado chapter’s use of that same ad that Haggard and the four other pastors denounced, that was so prominently displayed in the Hefley piece on CNN on Monday night? 

                  I’d say that not only CNN but those five pastors and the national chapter of the Christian Coalition have said that if you want the truth, don’t be looking to the Lamborn campaign to find it. 

  4. gosh, I was really enjoying this thread, what with all the high-brow intellectual stuff.  “I know you are, but what am I ?”  It brought back some memories. 

    1. You have to have seen Men in Black II with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith to appreciate it, but, Lamborn is our “bug”, the giant interstellar cockroach with unlimited strength, a massive inferiority complex, and a real short temper, and it’s been tear-assing around Colorado’s 5th CD in a brand-new Edgar suit, posing as a congressman–without a plan and without a clue.

      I just hope that more voters in the 5th CD can see the entire piece, against the full backdrop of Hefley’s stance on ethics and with that bright light of truth shining on Lamborn, it will destroy his exoskeleton for sure.

      1. and face facts. Lamborn is going to win and Fawcett is going to lose, as he deserves.
        We don’t need liberals and their extreme agendas in El Paso County.
        Thanks anyway.

        1. If Lamborn wins, he loses.  He’s justifiably lost his reputation.  He’s a one termer and out.

          You obviously didn’t hear Hefley’s message on why he’s not endorsing Lamborn.  But I won’t bother preaching to you the sermon I preached to BLAH.  The two of you are not only deaf, you’re dumb.

          1. and watch.
            Lamborn will win big,and you know it.
            He wouldn’t stand a chance in the lefty mecca of Boulder but he is a shoe in for Colorado Springs.
            Soooo sorrrrry

            1. http://www.rockymoun

              You still don’t get it, do you?  Lamborn has already WON the ballot on LOSING his reputation–and he won by a LANDSLIDE. I condede that race to Lamborn. 

              BUT, if you want to talk about the OTHER race, that is, the race for the 5th CD, Lamborn’s not going to “win big”. 

              He may not even win the seat at all. 

              Obviously, Cheney wouldn’t be visiting to shore his sorry ass up if Lamborn were “winning big”. 

  5. http://www.humaneven

    Colorado-5: It could be said that Rep. Joel Hefley (R), retiring from this heavily Republican district, is a sore loser who cannot get over the defeat of his favored primary candidate, Jeff Crank (R), by conservative state Sen. Doug Lamborn (R). But that would be a gross oversimplification of the matter, since Colorado Springs Republicans say that the enmity goes both ways, with Lamborn’s campaign doing its share of antagonizing the establishment unnecessarily.

    1. Either way, it should be almost impossible for him to lose this 66 percent Bush district to Jay Fawcett (D) or anyone else, but he is underperforming right now, leading comfortably only in partisan Republican polls that should be regarded with suspicion. Leaning Republican Retention.

  6. http://www.cqpolitic
    • 5th District: Home to five major military installations, the Air Force Academy and religious conservative leader James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, the fifth is one of the most conservative-voting districts in the U.S.

    But when Republicans failed to unify after a divisive primary, a wholly unexpected window of opportunity opened for Democratic nominee Jay Fawcett, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel who graduated from the academy and served in the 1990-91 Iraq war.

    Fawcett remains the underdog in a race against state Sen. Doug Lamborn, who squeezed past Jeff Crank, a former top aide to retiring 10-term Republican Rep. Joel Hefley, to win the nomination.

    Hefley, who is highly regarded in the district, was so angered by the negativity of the primary race that he refused to endorse Lamborn, a staunch conservative who benefited from a major intervention by the national anti-tax organization the Club for Growth.

    And with the high percentage of retired and active military in the district, Fawcett’s military background makes him a credible candidate, particularly in a race in which the Iraq war and military affairs are issues.

    This is one district where Colorado’s early voting could play a role — according to Bob Loevy, a political scientist at Colorado College, located in the district, who points out that early and absentee ballots gave Lamborn his margin of victory over Crank in the primary.

    “‘Apparently, Doug Lamborn and the people who support him know how to get those kind of votes,” said Loevy.

    And Fawcett would have to show extraordinary bipartisan appeal to win in the 5th, where voters just two years ago gave 66 percent to Bush and 71 percent to Hefley. rates the race Republican Favored.

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