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May 17, 2024 09:23 AM UTC

Caption This Photo: #WalkAway From Lauren Boebert!

  • by: Colorado Pols

Yesterday as readers know, Colorado’s cantankerous carpetbagger Rep. Lauren Boebert turned up in New York City with her close backbencher friend Rep. Matt Gaetz, very far from Colorado’s Eastern Plains but close to her most important supporter, to help ex-President Donald Trump defy by proxy the gag order that prevents Trump from disparaging the judge, judge’s family, and conduct of the criminal trial proceeding against him for allegedly covering up a “hush money” payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.

But the press conference following Boebert’s ostentatious stare-down with jurors went sideways for Boebert, even more literally than usual:

The presser appears to have ended without anyone telling Rep. Boebert. Or maybe the other congresspersons just didn’t want to be Boebert’s backdrop?

It’s a .GIF so we don’t actually know what Boebert was saying.

But it doesn’t look like it matters.


12 thoughts on “Caption This Photo: #WalkAway From Lauren Boebert!

    1. She actually scored quite well on her GED test. Well above average, well above passing.  Academic stupidity isn't her problem. Other kinds of blindness, ignorance, and stupidity, including not being able to read the room and know when her moment has passed, are her problems.

      1. I know you’ve shared that before and I believe you. She’s like a feral alley cat and her performative drama is perpetually buoyed by her ignorance, feigned or not. 

  1. You are welcome to try taking all four GED exams at one sitting, as Bobo did, and to pass them all. Log on to and give it your best shot. You are a self-proclaimed expert in all things, so why not. I'm sure you know more about the math, science, social studies, and language arts High School Equivalency exams than I do. I've only  been teaching the content for the last three years and was an English teacher for 20 more.

    I'll even pay for your practice tests – you can meet me in person and try out all your Jedi mind-reading tricks, think up some fresh insults, and still pass the exams. That's a real invitation. Name the time and place.

    1. I don’t think they score it the way they did when I took it, decades ago. I was two elective credits short at the end of my junior year and just wanted to get on with my life. As you say Tootsie did, I sat for the whole thing in one whack and came away with a composite 58, with no brush-up classes. 

      1. Yes, there was a 2002 version ( probably the one you took if your score was 58 composite), and a new version that came out in 2014, where they don't do composite scores, but you have to pass each of the four exams with a score of at least 145. They seem to be on a 12 year cycle.

        This is still different from the HISET HSE exams, which are still used in many  districts. We gave up on them when the parent company  changed from a nonprofit to a profit, fired most of their staff and quit grading their own  tests. They have pending scores from last year the last I checked

  2. Boebert…MTG…Johnson…Jordan…Gaetz…et al.
    Jason Stanley: "For fascist parties and politicians to win elections, they usually must attract support from people who, if asked, would loudly reject the fascist label. But this need not be so difficult: voters merely have to be persuaded that democracy is no longer serving their interests."


  3. ‘Hello New York. As my congressional district has told me to “Just head East, and keep going”, proximity to the theater district and for personal reasons, It’s my honor and pleasure to announce my candidacy for NY Congressional District 11. Together we’ll make Staten Island Great Again!!!’

    The only thing missing was the stage hands dis-assembling the mics as she continued her rant.

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