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May 15, 2024 08:13 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”

–Mark Twain


21 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. As our current political arena descends further into “the theater of the absurd”, I cannot resist mentioning the image that flashed before me when I saw the talking Johnson, comrade Vance, and a few others standing on stage, shoulder to shoulder in their Trump look-alike costumes. I saw a stageful of those little, yellow minions from “Despicable Me”

    What a picture..

    1. I suspect that the VEEP stakes has dwindled down to a choice between Comrade Vance and that odious cow, Elise Stefanik.

      At least neither of those two – to our knowledge – has admitted to killing any dogs.

  2. Now that Biden and Trump have agreed to a couple of debates (will they be from jail, perhaps?), I would suggest a simple way to manage the debate.  Traditionally, a light or other quiet signal is given to notify the speaker that their time is up.  Since Trump has amply demonstrated that norms of civility do not apply to him, perhaps an air horn positioned conveniently next to his ear would encourage him to not exceed his allotted time on stage?

    Biden and Trump agree to CNN debate in June, another faceoff in September

    1. Unlikely, unless Trump is incarcerated for the contempt issues. 

      If he is convicted (I still think there will be a deadlocked jury – eleven to one in favor of convicting), his sentencing will be in the summer or fall.

      He is eligible for probation – and will probably get placed on probation – but that is going to open up a lot of interesting issues in itself. Examples:  he will be prohibited from associating with any known felons. Does that mean no campaign strategy meetings with Paul Manfort (who was convicted but then pardoned)?

      He will probably need probation's permission to travel out of state. Will the probation officer allow him to attend the debates? Can the PO condition permission on no incitement of any riots? Is that enforcement?

      Will he have to pee in a cup every week when his number or color comes up? Can they keep the lab analyses of those samples confidential?

      And, of course, there is always the possibility that he gets jail or prison time but that will be stayed while he appeals the conviction.

      1. Over the past 15 years Trump has paid more for sex than he has paid in taxes. The Evangelical response?  AMEN! 

        Let’s not forget that Michael Cohen blackmailed Falwell-the-Junior with the pool boy pictures and cockblocked Rafael Cruz from getting the coveted “tug” (looking at you, BoBo) from the Lord’s University and their flock of Prosperoty Gospel hyenas. 

        “Followest thou, the money”
        —1 Corruptians 3:12

    2. 1. I would use a left/right microphone switch. Only one microphone can be active at a time.

      2. I would draw a 3-meter diameter circle around each lecturn. Step outside of it and your mic is immediately cut AND you lose 1 minute of mic time.

      3. I would get all my questions from a Reddit AMA.

  3. Two things today…

    1) It would appear my praise for speaker Johnson last week was a bit misguided and premature.

    2) Rudy Giuliani has run out of Schlitz and ideas.

    Happy hump day Polsters !

    1. Will Rudy stay holed up in his condo longer than Marilyn Musgrave held out in the Motel Six in Fort Morgan after Betsy Markey was declared the winner in CD-4 back in 2008?


  4. Quote of the Day, regarding the Republican politicians attending Trump's trial.

    "Do we have something to do around here other than watch a stupid porn trial? I mean, this is ridiculous."

    Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

  5. The Colorado GOP has endorsed Ragin' Ron Hanks in the CD3 primary. While my first thought was they'll regret that at some point, my second thought was a little bit of fear laced with a strong dose of paranoia about how the state or nation or world might wind up regretting it worse than the Colorado GOP.

    1. Extremely well said, Dr. Jung.

      As we learned in 2016, sometimes rooting for the candidate in the opposition party who is too crazy to win the general election actually ends up winning the general election.

      In this case, though, I think Loren "Ron" Hanks gives Adam Frisch a decent shot at winning in November if and only if the unaffiliateds in CD-3 see Hanks for what he is:  Lauren Boebert with a Y-chromosome. 

      They may not see him groping Neil Gallagher at the Buell Theater but they will see video footage of the 1/6 attack in DC. 

      They need to be reminded that they just rid themselves of one lunatic when she folded her tent and moved to Sterling. Why bring in a another one?

      1. I believe I've said here before that the Buell Blasphemist might've decided not to run in CD3 because she would've lost, and that the Rs running a candidate who is just as extreme might cost them that seat. I don't think the voters will view Frisch as a potential member of The Squad, so unaffiliateds and centrists might prefer a centrist Dem over a guy who probably giggles like Beavis and Butt-head when he blows up a Xerox machine for a TV ad.

  6. Oopsie!  Trump may have to hitch a ride on a different plane Friday to his son's graduation and then the hop up to his fundraiser.  His 757 had a taxiing boo boo after dropping Trump off in Palm Beach last weekend.  It clipped another corporate jet while being taxied at 1:20am over the weekend.  Maybe just needs a little bondo and paint, but you know the FAA is pretty persnickety about things like that!

    Trump-owned plane strikes a jet at Florida airport

    1. Well, his minions may have to fly commercial

      Trump also owns a Cessna Citation X corporate jet designed to seat 12.

      Or he may need to "rent" one of his friend's planes.  But he's going to be on a relatively tight schedule, with Barron's graduation starting at 10 EST and the Minnesota fund-raiser starting at 5 CST.  And at least a 3 hour flight between.

      1. Somehow, I suspect Barron's graduation ceremony will get short shrift from Trump, with him ducking out early to make his meal ticket event that evening.

  7. Gaza Things Fall Apart. Josh Marshall at TPM

    There’s been rising angst within the IDF that there’s no clear military goal or strategy in Gaza. The IDF has already had to reconquer territory it conquered last fall and in some cases had to fight for the same territory a third time. Whatever else you think about the policy or it’s civilian toll, it’s profoundly demoralizing for any army to have to fight one, two and three times for the same ground because the government didn’t hold on to it.

    The whole situation is an illustration both of the coalitional and ideological complexity of the situation in Israel and just the deep stupidity of the entire situation. A big chunk of Netanyahu’s coalition wants to reoccupy Gaza and if possible rebuild settlements there. But that’s a total non-starter for every other country in the world. And it’s basically a non-starter in Israel too. But if Netanyahu rules it out there’s a good chance his government will fall. Or at least it’s a big risk. The one thing he’ll say is that it absolutely will never be the PA, the notional Palestinian pre-state which governs much of the West Bank.

    So if it can’t be Hamas and it can’t be the PA and it can’t be Israel, then who? There’s really no answer to that question. In theory you could have some group of friendly Arab states run it. But no one wants to take responsibility for running Gaza now that big chunks of it are wastelands. And they absolutely won’t do it without Israel agreeing to some framework or road map toward a Palestinian state. This government will never agree to that and it’s iffy whether any conceivable Israeli government will do that in the near future. So that’s off the table. So literally there’s no other option. That’s why Netanyahu has simply refused to address it at all.

    But if you just don’t do anything, you conquer, leave a vacuum (along with a ton of demolished buildings and dead people), and Hamas just streams back and takes over again. It’s as close to politico-governmental physics as you can get. You put some other entity in charge. They run civil administration and resist Hamas’s efforts to reassert control. If they need military or other assistance you can help them. But if you leave literally nothing of course Hamas comes back. As I said it’s like pushing water up a hill with your hands.

    The only real solution to any of this is the eventual partition of the land, two states.

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