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May 03, 2024 10:14 AM UTC

Puppy-Killing Gov. Kristi Noem Cancels Jeffco GOP Fundraiser

  • by: Colorado Pols
Gov. Kristi Noem and a dog not owned by Noem that was presumably allowed to live.

That’s the word this morning in a statement from Jefferson County Republican Party chair Nancy Pallozzi, a fundraiser planned for tomorrow at the Denver West Marriott headlined by South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has been cancelled as the repercussions from Noem’s disclosure in a new memoir that she personally shot and killed a young hunting dog she deemed “untrainable” continue to, well, repercuss:

Our Saturday, May 4th fundraiser event with Governor Kristi Noem has been cancelled due to safety concerns.

When we received confirmation on April 5th from an invitation we sent to the Governor’s office on January 23rd, we were excited to have her speak at our annual fundraiser. The timing was perfect, as it was just prior to her new book being released. We had no prior knowledge of the contents of the book when we invited her. [Pols emphasis] When I received a phone call from a news reporter Friday afternoon, April 26th, I knew our event was going to be affected by mainstream media coverage. In the past few days, numerous threats and/or death threats that have been made to our organization, the hotel, and to the Governor and her staff.

After a conversation with the Governor’s office late Wednesday, we mutually decided that safety was the most important concern for everyone involved. The Denver West Marriott also received alarming comments and shared with us their deep concern over the safety and security for those attending our event, other guests, and their staff. We understood there was a planned organized protest outside of the hotel, led by Progress Now, a George Soros-funded organization, but when credible threats continued, we had no choice but to cancel.

Our number one concern is safety for all and when extremist organizations such as Progress Now organize a protest, the outcome is never good, and someone always gets hurt. It is very sad that standing up and expressing our First Amendment rights in our current culture means we are going to scream, yell, and hurt others. The last threat received was a nasty voicemail message stating there would be “guns at the protest and people might get hurt.”

As Chair of the Jefferson County Republican Party, I felt that our event would be negatively impacted, and we could not take the risk that those who made threats would not cause physical harm. Please know that the Jefferson County Republican Party is not taking a position on the public outcry on the Governor’s book… [Pols emphasis]

Despite the attempt to blame this cancellation on liberal agitators planning a protest, the truth is that the story of Noem killing her 14-month-old puppy in her new book, disclosure of which was necessary to get out of the way since the incident was apparently well-known in South Dakota political circles, cut across partisan boundaries in its horror and upset a great many Republican dog owners as well as those with a partisan reason to object. No conscientious dog owner, even one who distinguishes between “working dogs” and pets, can justify what she did based on the facts as Noem laid them out. Noem’s attempts over the past week to explain the situation away have not helped her standing.

In short, Jeffco GOP can blame the left all they want, but they know Kristi Noem disgusted dog lovers fromacross the political spectrum. Their defense that they “had no prior knowledge of the contents of the book,” and that they’re “not taking a position on the public outcry,” is their admission they know this is not just a regular partisan kerfluffle.

As for Kristi Noem? We’re pretty sure she’s all done. Like Sen. John Hickenlooper confessing in his memoir to taking his mother to see Deep Throat, the point of these disclosures in memoirs is to get them out of the way so they don’t become political pitfalls later. Noem reportedly had no choice but to address this story given the wide local knowledge of the incident. But unlike Hickenlooper’s somewhat odd but ultimately harmless tale, Kristi Noem confessed to something that while perhaps no longer prosecutable is in every conceivable way career-ending.

The moral of the story? If you want to succeed in American politics, don’t kill puppies.

If this seems like a lesson everyone in politics should already have learned, that’s because it is.


17 thoughts on “Puppy-Killing Gov. Kristi Noem Cancels Jeffco GOP Fundraiser

  1. I’m a long time registered Republican; as most around here already know; and I think Noem is disgusting. There is also the nepotism issue with Noem getting her daughter a cushy state job several years ago.

    1. If you go to the South Dakota subreddit, a lot of people on there don't like her.  They bring up all this stuff.  Some of those posts are years old.  So, it didn't all just start with this revelation.

    1. It went up. Last story I read said 4 reservations had banned her, another couple were considering.

      One tribe's president promised to arrest her if she appeared on their land.

  2. I find the alleged safety concerns and gun violence threats to be hillariously ironic. 

    Is there anything that says that PETA and ASPCA members do not enjoy God-given, Supreme Court-protected A-2 rights?

    Won’t there be any good guys with guns near the protest?

  3.   Best press clip IMHO….from fridays Kyle Clark show.

      "On talk radio, Pallozzi bemoaned that her GOP group was now stuck with 300 copies of Noem's book."


    1. They can stack 'em in the cellar of GOP headquarters between the 500 copies of "Going Rogue" (Sarah Palin's autobiography) and the 1,000 copies of "The Art of the Deal."

  4. What the hell did she expect?

    These people in the MAGAverse have made it a contest to secure the attendance of the biggest turd in the punch bowl as their dinner speaker, and then they express shock and disappointment when that turd turns out to be really offensive.


  5. With the cancellation, we will be left wondering — would Heidi Ganahl, known as  "the founder and former CEO of Camp Bow Wow" attend the fundraiser to mingle with the Republicans with money? Or was this event worth avoiding?  There's no indication she was willing to go public in opposing the selection of the speaker.

    1.      The most elegant solution would have been for Heidi Ganahl to host a fundraiser at Camp Bow Wow featuring Governor Gnome demonstrating how to euthanize dogs in a gravel pit with proceeds to go to the International Fund to Suppress Furries.

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