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April 20, 2024 12:14 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Tragedy is like strong acid–it dissolves away all but the very gold of truth.”

–D. H. Lawrence


44 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

    1. I get in a fair amount of arguments over the perils of making ballot access too easy, and RFK in Michigan is a pretty good example of why it can really be a problem. Kanye only needed 9 signatures and $1,000 in Colorado. Not that RFK and Ye (hey, that slogan could be catchy, kids) couldn't get on ballots by other means, but I think there oughta be a sweet spot between mind-numbingly easy and brutally demanding, so candidates for President of the God Damn USA at least have to go through something to reach the ballot.

      1. I'm a Biden supporter. In Michigan, Cornel West worries me more than RFK.

        RFK probably takes as many votes from Trump as he takes from Biden (some Republican conspiracy nuts from Trump, some Dems nostalgic for his father and his uncles).

        West, OTOH, is going to take a lot of Dem votes from Dearborn.

      2. I keep wondering why the United States' Presidential ballot access is determined by 51 different authorities.

        Oddly, I wind up agreeing with the position of the Supreme Court blocking Colorado's right to make choices about the Colorado ballots.  It ought to become a broader principle — states ought not have unique qualifiers or exclusions. Federal elections ought to have Federal rules (and federal support to carry out the election).

          1. Lake's record in court is climbing into elite territory.  Probably can't catch up with Trump's series of losses at trial and in appeals,

            • 2 hours ago — The Supreme Court declined Monday to take up a case brought by Republicans Kari Lake and Mark Finchem over the use of voting machines
            • Kari Lake declines to defend her statements in a defamation case. Mar 27, 2024

            • On March 5, the Arizona Supreme Court rejected Kari Lake's appeal in the defamation lawsuit filed against her by Maricopa County Recorder …

            • Nov 30, 2023 — PHOENIX (AP) — A judge has rejected Kari Lake's request to examine signed ballot envelopes of 1.3 million early voters,
            • December 24, 2022 – An Arizona judge on Saturday ruled against Kari Lake in her challenge of Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs’s (D) victory, dismissing the highest-profile case challenging the midterm election results.
    1. Happy 4/20, everyone. Smoke 'em (eat 'em, drink 'em, vape 'em…whatever!) if you got 'em.

      I truly didn't think I would live to see such a day. Kudos to all the people who worked for so many decades to get us here. It has become, around here, a part of the scenery.

      And a special shout out to Willie!!

      1. “I give you seeds of renown for the miseries of mankind.”
        Ezekiel 34:29

        Hear, hear!  Thankful for all the grownups in Colorado that passed Amendment 64 and forced the transition at the federal level (as slow and awkward as it is). Today we’ll celebrate freedom, tomorrow we’ll fight on.  Did you leave some milk and cookies out for Willie last night? 

  1. At first I thought this morning's quote "Tragedy is like strong acid…" was from Hunter S. Thompson, but then the goddamn bats started swooping by and Sympathy For The Devil was on the car stereo…

    1. Speaking of tragedy…  God(dess) has spoken.  She’s quite happy with the Ukraine vote and presently taking her wrath out on the Magadonians   

      Donald Trump has to cancel North Carolina rally because of weather

      Donald Trump has canceled his first planned rally since the start of his criminal hush money trial because of a storm in North Carolina, an added complication for the former president and presumptive Republican nominee as he juggles legal troubles and his rematch against President Joe Biden

      What now? Jet down to Mar-a-Lago and hold hands with Melania and schmooz the LCR mob or back to NYC for a little R&R and trial prep?

      Perhaps maybe Franklin just sits this one out? God(dess) has spoken and she seems slightly peeved. Of note: this preacher who enjoys a lavish lifestyle via his tax-free status made sure to include his disclaimer that he’s not telling you how to vote!

  2. You won’t have to be ‘elevated’ today to get a raging belly laugh from this one. It appears the FART Brigade has failed. Some moran is spreading the message across social media that StrokeBert would make an excellent speaker replacement (likely originated from you-know-who’s Grammy’s basement)  Gawdess, you just can’t make this stuff up. 

        1. I've lived most of my life operating on the assumption that doing stuff like this would disqualify a person from not just serving in Congress, but many forms of gainful employment. I don't think I need to change my Pols handle to Pollyanna Snowflake Jr. because of holding these standards either.

          1. Speaking of snowflakes…  Just wait!! The names are coming soon!! Send money!!  Bloomberg reporting today the funds he has set aside for legal expenses is down to $6.8mm  

  3. Twenty years ago at various Dem gatherings a small, but dedicated group kept pushing for legalization in Colorado.  A couple or more years later I was sitting in a meeting in Aurora chatting with some people about new slogans for Aurora agriculture, there were farms in Aurora back then.  I said something like Plant Weed Not Wheat.  The looks were great. A law enforcement officer (very high ranking)  turned to me and pleaded, don't say that in public.. Yeah, times have changed.

    This is the first year Maryland is legally celebrating 4-20.  MJ became general legal last year on July 1.  Cheers

  4. 351 to 71.

    That was the margin by which MTG's amendment to cut out all funds for Ukraine lost. All 71 "aye" votes were Republicans.

    So, the Putin Caucus consists of 71 Republicans.

    1. So she lost 23 Hatriots from yesterdays vote!  So. Much. Winning. They should be mercilessly mocked every day between now and Election Day.  One of the white, bald-headed members of the brigade opined yesterday on camera. “We just as well go back home and not return. Nothing left for them to do”. Yes, please resign and go home. Do it for Merika .

    2. LB – looks like some votes shifted in the final tally: 311-112.. One hundred twelve is enough to remove Johnson from Speaker if those votes all held in a vacate procedure with Republican-only votes. Next move : the FART Brigade. 

      1. It might be tactical voting. This way, when Mierda Larga calls, they can point to one vote in the sausage-making process which towed the party line.

        It was nice seeing the blue and yellow Ukranian flags held up on the Dems' side of the House. Question:  why were FART and Putin Caucus members not waving the white, blue and red Russian flag to show their support?

        BTW, did you notice the batshit crazy Victoria Spartz – the only member of the House who was born in Ukraine – actually voted against the funding to assist in defending her homeland? As Thomas Wolfe might say, "You can't go home again." But you can probably go to St. Petersburg.

        1. I saw that! In other news an eastern-European escort, soft-porn-actress-turned-First Lady, the third wife of Putin’s< prized useful idiot, is hosting Log Cabin Republicans at Whore-a-Lago on Hitler's birthday! 

        2. I'm certain the lack of flag-waving from the Republican side of the House is due to their rigid and rigorous attention to the rules of House decorum.</s> 

          Seeker Mike Johnson gaveled during the session to remind the House members they are not allowed to wave flags on the floor of the House.

          I was mildly surprised to see Lamborn voting against the majority of his Republican colleagues when he supported the bill.

          1. Lame Brain is now a Lame Duck and no longer needs to pander to the crazies. 

            He may also be hoping to beef up his resume in the hopes of getting an offer from K Street, and to do so, he may be trying to come across as a team player.

            1. Or someone might have explained the benefits of military spending for his district. 

              According to a column of Marc Thiessen in the Washington Post

              With a team of researchers at the American Enterprise Institute, I have catalogued the weapons systems being produced in the United States for Ukraine, identifying the congressional districts where they are being made and how House members voted on the funding.

              While the list does NOT include Lamborn's CO-05, I suspect there may be more than passing interest in the military-industrial complex of El Paso county.

  5. All politicians will leave a legacy and a history long after they leave office, and after they have passed away.

    Lauren Boebert is leaving a very negative legacy after her 5 No votes on the security bills. 

    She cares only about absolute loyalty to dear leader Donald and to MAGA Republicans.


    1. Do you think any of these jokers gives two shakes of a rat's ass about their legacy? 

      I don't even think that they know what word means.

      In his inaugural address, JFK said, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."

      Fast forward 54 years and one of Kennedy's successors summed it all up by saying, "What's in it for me?"

      That is the current mentality in Washington.

  6. Speaker Johnson appears ready to bob the tail that has been wagging the GOP dog.

    Yet with Johnson following through on his pledge to bring the long-stalled aid to Ukraine to the House floor, Johnson’s allies seem confident he will survive. Several Democrats defended Johnson on Sunday, indicating there will be sufficient Democratic support to block Greene’s efforts.

    “I serve with some real scumbags. Look, Matt Gaetz, he paid minors to have sex with him at drug parties, Bob Good endorsed my opponent, a known neo-Nazi,” [Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas)] said on “State of the Union.” “These fringe people think they have the high ground. They do not.”

    It seems sane Republicans have had enough, at last!

    1. This morning’s edition of The New York Post.  I have a hunch we’re going to see more and more of Republicans openly mocking these Hatriots. 

      1. "La apertura; Hay que meter la puntita." (Sorry to be so off color, but not sorry for Moscow Marge)

        The wedge issues are showing signs of strain. Trump is all-in on Russia; the evangelicals are all in on a wrathful god-head; MagaTs think anti-mexican rhetoric wins, but immigrants are essential to the industries of agriculture, food processing, hospitality, food service, nursing, etc.

        I wonder Michael, how your MagaT relatives and farm-country diner diners are processing these cracks. I would think few farmers think Russia is their best friend. Why does Maga-land want to be crucified on a doublecross of Ukraine.

      2. The funny part is that the same people who own the NY Post own Fox News.

        Is it possible that Rupert is of two minds when it comes to coddling up to Putin?

        1. Rupert is no doubt reading the tea leaves and understands that everyday that gang of weirdos have a platform to speak is another day the GOP chances in the Fall slides backwards. What are we down to? 200 days? 

        2. I would put it at “almost certain” that Mr.Murdoch is covering his ass and, as my dad would say, “”playing both sides against the middle”.

          There is an audience for both messages.

          I’ll bet he hedges the market, too. You know….?

  7. Is Trump Losing His Grip on the Republican Party?. The MahaBlog.

    Three months later, Trump’s party in Congress has rebelled against him—and not on a personal payoff to some oddball Trump loyalist, but on one of Trump’s most cherished issues, his siding with Russia against Ukraine.

    The anti-Trump, pro-Ukraine rebellion started in the Senate. Twenty-two Republicans joined Democrats to approve aid to Ukraine in February. Dissident House Republicans then threatened to force a vote if the Republican speaker would not schedule one. Speaker Mike Johnson declared himself in favor of Ukraine aid. This weekend, House Republicans split between pro-Ukraine and anti-Ukraine factions. On Friday, the House voted 316–94 in favor of the rule on the aid vote. On Saturday, the aid to Ukraine measure passed the House by 311–112. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Senate will adopt the House-approved aid measures unamended and speed them to President Biden for signature.

  8. When I logged in today, the homepage was from a month ago, March 23, 2024. Kind of weird. if I'm gonna be doing any time traveling, let's go back to December 2008 or January 2009, right after Obama won the Presidency.

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