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April 17, 2024 01:46 PM UTC

'I'm Not COVID Vaxxed:' Boebert Denies That Vaccination Caused Her Blood Clot

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Conspiracy theories are ruthless — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

In the days after U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert was rushed into emergency surgery to remove a blood clot that threatened her life, the online underworld swirled with speculation that the clot resulted from Boebert receiving a COVID vaccination.

In a radio interview last week, Boebert put the speculation to rest.


“I’m not COVID vaxxed,” said Boebert. “So we can we can squash those rumors now.”

Boebert made the comment when asked during an April 10 radio interview on KHNC in Johnstown, Colorado, whether a COVID vaccination might have led to her April 2 hospitalization for the clot in her leg.

“That’s what everybody’s asking me,” radio host Jay Dee told Boebert on air. “… Did she get the shot? And is that why this happened last week?”

“And, so, for the listeners out there, if you didn’t catch it, Lauren Boebert is not, is not, COVID vaxxed. So stop asking me about that,” said Dee.

“That is correct,” Boebert replied.

This means, of course, that Beobert disregarded the advice of health professionals to get the COVID vaccination during the pandemic. Today, health experts recommend COVID booster shots for those 65 or older.

Throughout the pandemic, Boebert repeatedly slammed efforts to control the virus, baselessly calling federal health officials “needle Nazis,” saying that half of COVID relief funds would fund abortions, and lashing out at public health officials.

Blood clots continue to be a concern for people who contract COVID, not for those who get the COVID vaccination. The most common side effects of the Covid vaccine are fatigue, headache, and soreness at the injection site — all of which usually disappear after a few days.

Nonetheless, some anti-vaxxers have called the Covid vaccination the “clot shot.”

Facing a tough path to re-election in her southwest Colorado congressional district, Boebert decided at the end of last year to run for an eastern Colorado seat. She’s currently running in a primary against multiple GOP opponents, with the winner likely winning in November in the deep red, rural district.

RELATED: Public Health Expert Says Boebert ‘Stoking Mistrust’ of ‘Heroes’ Who Work in Public Health


17 thoughts on “‘I’m Not COVID Vaxxed:’ Boebert Denies That Vaccination Caused Her Blood Clot

  1. Perhaps if she had been vaccinated, she might not have developed a blood clot. (I know, I'm applying "MAGA logic" there.)

  2. It's one of the many litmus tests a real MAGA has to pass these days. This story, fabricated or not, will play well with the base out on the Plains. How's Jerry going to up the ante? Vow to get government completely out of his life? A pledge to eschew Social Security when he's eligible? Forego farm subsidy payments? (j/k on both accounts but illustrative in just how far down the rabbit hole my old party has burrowed). 

    1. Get over yourself, Miguel. I have had EVERY available COVID vaccination. I haven't been sick…at all. The thing I don't understand, is how you have accepted living in a non fact-based world. You used to be smarter than that…what happened?

      1. That was after his Lord and Savior ended up in the hospital and almost died from the "China Virus Hoax" in October 2020.

        One of the very, very few accomplishments of the Trump administration was the development of the COVID vaccine in a really short amount of time. But, of course, his moronic base believes it is nothing more than a Deep State conspiracy to inject microchips to monitor and/or control Free Men and their Women Folk.

        So, like Mitt Romney and Obamacare in 2012, the COVID vaccine is an achievement that Trump dare not speak aloud.

      1. And if you want an analysis down to the COUNTY level, you can read

        Charles Gaba said then (a year ago)

        • In general, the single most jaw-dropping takeaway is that the COVID death rate has run higher—significantly higher for most of it— in the reddest fifth of the U.S. than the bluest fifth for 32 straight months of the 36 months since the pandemic started.
    2. Ali, I liked your reasoning better in that old Westword interview Michael Bowman linked to. You said:

      I really haven't changed that much. It's just that I've decided to be part of a political party that values a dialogue more than a purity test. The thing I love about the Democratic Party is that more than ideology, there is a value in having a dialogue and asking: "What can we do to help America?" I realized I can defend my political philosophies. I just need to be in a party willing to give me a chance to defend them. That's what motivated the switch.

      So now you defend a party that values a purity (and loyalty to TFG) test more than dialogue, and more than finding solutions to help America. What happened?

  3. Always gotta make sure that the rubes, troglodytes, and conspiracy theorists know that you're one of them, even at the risk of your own health and that of your family.

    She's long overdue to get a raging crippling case of Covid (although I'm sure she'd then spread it around gleefully). Or it's possible that she did get the shot on the sly and just hopes no one ever finds out – she's nothing if not a hypocrite after all, just depends on whether her anti-vaxx conspiracies are really truly felt or just another form of marketing for her.

  4. I am reading True West by Betsy Gaines Quammen. Excellent explanation for so much of the current wave of stupidity washing over our country.

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