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April 08, 2024 08:02 AM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

–Jonathan Swift


22 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. Well, I guess it is something ….

    Trump says abortion is up to the states, declines to endorse national limit – POLITICO

    First, I was surprised to see that he actually put out a position when he said he was going to put out a position. (Remember all the declarations of "Infrastructure Week" we had between 2017 and 2021?)

    Second, it was probably the only position he could realistically adopt. 

    But all of that is immaterial because it would never work. If the 50 states were all separate, water-tight compartments, it might work but they're not.

    Mifepristone can and is shipped across state lines so how does that avoid implicating the interstate commerce clause to the constitution? And what of those red states that are trying to criminalize the actions of its citizens wgo aid and abet a woman in a red state who travels to a blue state for an abortion? 

    It's a ridiculous position but there was really nothing else he could say.

    Remember, he who stirred up the shit pot is obligated to lick the spoon.

      1. It absolutely is on their agenda. Trump only needs to get passed November 5 by obfuscating his position long enough to convince enough suburban Republican women in purple states that he is not anti-choice.

        This is why it is imperative that the Dems retake the House in November.

        The Dems Senate majority is lost (best case secenario for the Dems is 50/50 split with Vice President Harris or Vice President Stefanik casting the tie-breaking votes), and when the new Senate is organized, they will abolish the filibuster so 51 votes is all that it will take to enact abortion legislation.

        I suppose Lisa Murkowski, and perhaps the vacuous Susan Collins, will vote with the 50 Dems to reject hard right abortion legislation. 

    1. All that's reasoned and logical. However; listen to the coverage of the Republican Assembly. KNUS interviewed Marcy Little head of "Colorado For Life" and you'll understand why they don't think in a logical way. Something she says is "Abortion is their religion" Jeff Hunt says "LGBT is a religion". Neither of them have an ounce of self awareness. 

      The Republicans can't help themselves they need to make abortion the issue if just to repeat it to themselves.

    2. As a resident of Florida he's going to have to take a position on abortion (and cannabis).  Inquiring minds are going to want to know where he stands. 

      1. He stands on letting the voters decide and respecting the will of the voters. And the sanctity of the secret ballot. YADDA YADDA YADDA

        1. President Joe Biden didn't immediately comment on Trump's announcement, though a spokesperson for his reelection campaign said Trump was "endorsing every single abortion ban in the states," including states without exceptions, and "bragging about his role in creating this hellscape."

          1. Big woo …..  

            Mike Pence dropped out before the first votes were even counted. Trump is the only one left standing. That shows who matters in the modern GOP.

            Conservative Republicans have redefined "pro-life" to be whatever Trump says it means. And they're happy doing that.

    3. In 2016, Trump had 5 positions on abortion… in about 3 days.

      He is addressing a hypothetical at this point. He will sign whatever Congress sends him and celebrate if the Supreme Court…. that he is responsible for nominating the Justices …. makes a ruling.

      1. It looks like the solar eclipse provided Lindsey "Blanche" Graham with an opportunity to grow a pair and break with Trump on abortion.

        Trump fires back at Graham and abortion ‘hardliners’ over criticism | The Hill

        My prediction:  It's short lived. "Blanche" does a 180-degree turn in about a week and suddenly sees the "wisdom" of letting the states decide what to do.

        Remember, before she became a flaming xenophobic asshole, "Blanche" supported immigration reform which would have provided a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants.

        1. It is a nice distraction today from the discovery that Fat Donnie's "bond" isn't really a "bond".  Sad!  Quoting KellyAnne "alternative facts" Conway's ex-husband:

          "The legal document from Knight Specialty Insurance Company doesn't actually promise it will pay the money if the former president loses his $464 million bank fraud case on appeal.

          Instead, it says Trump will pay, negating the whole point of an insurance company guarantee."

          1. I knew it ! Knew it, knew it, knew it ! Dump just cannot refrain from being a scam artist 100% of the time. Anyone (especially any lawyers) think they can haul his fat ass back into court for this, considering the "bond" is not actually a bond ?

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