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April 05, 2024 08:01 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them.”

–Franz Kafka


15 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

    1. Are we sure that it was a blood clot that put her in the hospital and not booze which sent her to Betty Ford?


    2. Wow, but I just read the Teflon Temptress qualified top-line at the CD4 assembly with more than 30% of delegates. Ted Harvey who apparently I was rooting for, despite my severe and undying dislike, did not qualify for the primary at 25%. Sonnenberg and Holtorf finished below 20% but can still get on if their petitions are deemed sufficient.

  1. "He is crucifying himself on a very large cross, and that cross is us [Israel]"  Josh Marshall at TPM.

    Very interesting thoughts on Biden, Netanyahu and the Israel invasion of Gaza.

    On food, I expect someone like Gantz would say, we really need to destroy as much of Hamas’s army and military infrastructure as possible. Joe [Biden], you tell us what you need to make it possible to support us in doing that. Netanyahu’s approach has been you give us the support we want and, as for the things you need, fuck you. And also fuck you again. And also I have a coalition to manage so don’t put me under this kind of pressure. And also fuck you.

    A big reason we are here in the current standoff over Rafah is that the current Israeli government has steadfastly refused to make any plans for what happens after this war concludes. Even many IDF generals have been irate about this because generals need a political outcome they are fighting toward. But he won’t give one. And the reason is because his political coalition doesn’t allow it. And also because he doesn’t want to. And he’s the only thing that matters.

  2. I see Letitia James is getting a hearing in a few weeks where Dump has to prove that Knight Specialty Insurance has the assets to cover the bond they posted if his appeal fails. If there's anything shady about the deal, and we know the chance of that is around 99.99 percent, I am guessing it will create another handful of problems for our favorite criminal.

    It seems the NY state attorney general's office is watching Dump like a hawk and rightfully not taking anything at face value.  Maybe they've just plain had enough of his shit ? Are we finally, finally in the FO stage of the FAFO cycle? I hope so. 

  3. Sen. Faith Winter (D-Northglenn) and the No. 3 Dem in the Senate has checked into a rehab for the teatment of alcoholism. Winter’s decision came after she appeared to be intoxicated at a community hearing in Northglenn.  I know from personal experience alcoholism is a progessive and destructive disease.  Apparently some of her colleagues in the Senate had become increasingly concerned about her drinking and had encouraged her to seek treatment.  Wishing her well in her recovery and a new life without alcohol.

  4. Wake up sheeple! White Prosperity Jesus’ message is clear! 

    PS: don’t be a Joey 

    The eclipse will pass over the United States this month and some will continue to deny the message obviously being sent to us by God.

    The eclipse will pass over not one but two American cities named Nineveh. Nineveh spelled backwards is Heven In, which sounds a lot like Heaven On, as in Heaven On Earth, which was a popular song by Belinda Carlisle in 1987

    If you add up the numbers in 1987 you get 25. You also get the number 25 when you add 19 1 5, which happens to represent the last year a major plague of locusts descended on Palestine, 1915. Taken by themselves, these might be coincidences but now consider that the pattern formed by this and the last eclipse over the US forms an “X” as in the Greek letter chi, which is the first half of the word, chitin, which is the material from which the exoskeleton of locusts is made! The plague of locusts was the eighth plague on Egypt. Eight is what you get when you divide 25 by pi. The most American of pies is apple and apple is the fruit Eve gave to Adam in the garden of Eden in the original act of sin. The expulsion from Eden was written in Genesis 3:23. 3×2=6 repeated three times gives us 666-the mark of the beast! In the sixth line of the sixth chapter of the sixth book of the Bible, Joshua commands the army of Israel to march around Jericho for SIX days before conquering the city. Today, Jericho is located in Palestine. The distance between Jerusalem (the capital of Palestine) and Hollywood (where Belinda Carlisle was born) is exactly 7,567 miles. 7 5 6 7 = 25

    1. Oh man, I did not see the Go-Go's angle in the apocalypse, but to be historically accurate the Great Harlot was probably Carlisle's bandmate Charlotte Caffey just because of rhyming. On the good side, the end of the world might keep the Rockies from breaking the MLB losses in a season record, or runs given up, or maybe both.

      1. Ha!  Well, the fake news is reporting the epicenter was near Bedminster.  I think my SkyDaddy is trying to tell prosecutors to look in Ivana’s coffin. 

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