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March 27, 2024 12:19 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Here is the rule to remember in the future, When anything tempts you to be bitter: not, ‘This is a misfortune’ but ‘To bear this worthily is good fortune.'”

–Marcus Aurelius


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

    1. After the little Drumpf Bible stunt yesterday, and given its Holy Week, I'm planning to post an antidote once a day the rest of the week to sage that shit (stick with me fellow agnostics, atheists and wickens).

      What the hell did you expect me to do? 

      You told me to love my neighbors, to model the life of Jesus. To be kind and considerate, and to stand up for the bullied.

      You told me to love people, consider others as more important than myself. 

      You taught me to sing "red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight." 

      We sang it together, pressing the volume pedal and leaning our hearts into the chorus. You said that “He loved all the children of the world”. 

      You told me to love my enemies, to even do good to those who wish for bad things. You told me to never "hate" anyone and to always find ways to encourage people. 

      You told me it's better to give than receive, to be last instead of first. To help the poor, the widow, the stranger at the gate. 

      You told me that Jesus looks at what I do for the least-of-these as the true depth of my faith. You told me to focus on my own sin and not to judge.  You told me to be accepting and forgiving.

      So I paid attention.

      I took in every lesson.

      And I did what you told me.

      But now, you call me a libtard. A queer-lover. You call me "woke." A backslider.
      You call me a heretic. You make fun of my heart. You mock the people I’m trying to help.

      You say I’m a child of the devil.

      You call me soft. A snowflake. A socialist. You shun the very people you told me to help. 

      What the hell did you expect me to do?

      I thought you were serious, but apparently not.

      You hate nearly all the people I love. You stand against nearly all the things I stand for. I'm trying to see a way forward, but it's hard when I survey all the hurt, harm, and darkness that comes in the wake of your beliefs and presence. 

      What the hell did you expect me to do? 

      I believed it all the way. 

      I'm still believing it all the way.

      Which leaves me wondering, what happened to you?

  1. Why I hate the oily boys.

    Oil-backed group proposes Colorado drilling ban, tighter ozone rules in ballot initiative surprise – Denver Business Journal

    "Protect Colorado, the political campaign group backed by oil and gas companies, submitted the initiative language not to get them on fall ballots for voters to decide but hoping the title board will reject them.

    The Colorado Constitution prohibits the title of legislation and ballot initiatives from being more than a single subject. Protect Colorado proposed the ballot initiative language to test whether the three bills being debated by legislators meet that standard.

    “Besides threatening Colorado’s economy, we believe SB24-159, SB24-165, and HB24-1330 as introduced violate the single subject requirement,” explained Mark Truax, campaign manager for Protect Colorado and president and CEO of Pac/West Strategies, a consultancy, in an emailed statement. “We have filed these three bills as ballot measures with the non-partisan Title Board to weigh whether these in fact violate single subject, and therefore Colorado’s Constitution.”


    1. Though my Mama told me not to hate anyone, the denizens of the Petroleum Club exhibit many reasons to intensely dislike them. It is endemic within the "oil bidness" to believe you have a unique set of rights and privileges, just for you. Deep pockets will do that. Things like Colorados' property tax exemption just for O&G, or the BLMs' easy, greasy waiver process, or the states' refusal to require adequate bonding and provide vigilant enforcement of same support their thinking on that.

      The stupendous amounts of money the OilyBoyz spend protecting their right to intrude and pollute allow them to steamroll their competition more often than not.


  2. #DerangedDonnie continues to target Judge Merchan’s daughter. (In 2020, a Trump supporter shot and killed the son of Judge Esther Salas)

    We should totally put the nuclear codes in the tiny hands of this lunatic.

  3. Secretary of State update from 3/26 includes "Deborah Flora Qualifies for State Primary Ballot"

    Petition Verification Summary:

    Number of qualified signatures submitted: 3,504 

    Number of entries rejected: 1,619

    Number of entries accepted: 1,885

    Number of valid signatures required:  1,500

  4. Has You-Know-Who weighed in yet on how the Francis Scott Key Bridge never came down during his administration?

    Or is he too busy peddling his Bibles? BTW, for an added charge, does he autograph them?

  5. And the process grinds on.  AP reports

    Ex-Trump lawyer Eastman should lose state law license for efforts to overturn election, judge says

    A judge has recommended that conservative attorney John Eastman lose his California law license over his efforts to keep former President Donald Trump in power after the 2020 election.

    State Bar Court of California Judge Yvette Roland’s recommendation, issued Wednesday, now goes to the California Supreme Court for a final ruling on whether he should be disbarred. Eastman can appeal the top court’s decision.

    I gotta say I'm confused how a Supreme Court "final ruling" can be appealled.  I really don't believe the US Federal Courts have much to say about states licensing its own state's attorneys.

    1. The judge who heard the evidence acts as fact finder but the state supreme court is the ultimate authority which has to pull his license. I imagine that it will be a formality and they will not do anything to override her decision.

      BTW, what is going on in federal court in Colorado with the state GOP's lawsuit over the semi-open primary? Is Honey Badger warming up in the bullpen to take over for Eastman?


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