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March 21, 2024 08:05 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Our human tendency is to be impatient with the person who cannot see the truth that is so plain to us.”

–Henry B. Eyring


19 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

    1. I don't know a lot but will hazard a comment. The bill itself is 25 pages long and not really very much about cannabis in the grand scheme of things. It's a lot more about creating regulations around social media policies, and I'll link the bill at the end so anyone can check it out.

      One of the problems that pro-MJ people are probably right to be concerned about is that the bill relies on a definition in existing law of "controlled substances." It has MJ in the same paragraph as cocaine and salvia, which I've heard you're best off having a "baby sitter" near you to protect you if you use it because you can get really out of it. I'm not sure how much of this section relies on that MJ is still illegal under federal law, but since it's legal in Colorado I wonder if this section of state law isn't ripe for review.

      I should add that I think I share at least some of the concerns mentioned in your linked story about the First Amendment and logical consistency with regulating other types of communications. I see much grey area in this general topic.

  1. "Pay Attention To What Trump Is Doing Here." David Kurtz at TPM

    The news that Donald Trump is considering bringing back archvillain Paul Manafort for some role at the Republican convention is a five-alarm warning of potential nefariousness given Manafort’s past ties to Russian intel, his previous money-laundering conviction, his refusal to ever turn on Trump, and Trump’s subsequent end-of-term pardon of him. But you get that, and I don’t need to explain it in depth.

    Here’s what you may not have picked up on.

    Coupled with the separate news that Trump is also considering bringing back Corey Lewandowski, Manafort’s immediate predecessor as Trump 2016 campaign manager, the whole thing looks even more like a mob boss move: Trump is a sending a powerful signal that as long as you stay loyal and don’t cross him, even if it means serving jail time, you will be protected. Your loyalty counts, it’s noticed, and it’s rewarded.

    It’s the same signal, of course, that the pardons of Manafort and Stone and others back in 2020 sent, but Trump can’t pardon anyone right now and he wasn’t under four criminal indictments back then. What he can do now is dangle the prospect of presidential pardons if he wins re-election, suggest that previous wrongdoers are still welcome in his circle, and offer the chance of redemption even to people he previously fired or got crosswise with. By doing so, he reassures his current co-defendants, supplicants, and enablers that he’ll protect them, too.

    It’s striking how vague the news reports are about what exactly Trump is “considering” and what roles Manafort or Lewandowski would actually have. That just adds to my sense that the value of these moves is at least as much the signal the leaks about them send as whatever actual value the former aides would bring to unspecified roles at some uncertain future date.

    You don’t think people in Trump’s orbit notice the transgressiveness of him embracing Manafort? Or extending an olive branch to Lewandowski? You don’t think his past pardons registered for them? Please.

    1. Alternative theory:  Given his fraught track record with folks with, you know actual experience and skill, he has to resort to recruiting from the shallow end of the gene pool.  I still believe Manafort is pulling for a job as the go-between with Putin and the sudden appearance of $557 million in bond money.

  2. Happy Thursday polsters. Another beautiful spring day in Colorado.

    Ken Buck being kicked out of the Freedom Caucus just two days before his departure is a good look and a badge of honor. It makes the Freedumbs folks look like the petty ineffective ninnies they are.

    Also, Jared Moskowitz daring Jim Jordan to actually, really impeach Biden right on the spot was beautiful. That man is a gem.

    1. Who’s going to break it to this ignorant twit that we’re already the largest producer of oil and gas in the world, energy independent on paper, and a major exporter?  Maybe now that the million-dollar, six-inch thumb isn’t keeping her abreast of the energy world she could use a new dumb-ass whisperer. 

    2. Kenny Boy getting kicked out of the Free Dumb Caucus was a hoot.

      File that under "You Can't Fire Me Because I Quit"!

  3. H/T Josh Marshall.

    Trump’s antics were never about Biden’s purported impairment (stutter). It’s about the politics of abuse and denigration, the most unbounded variant of the the dominance politics which is the throughline to every part of Trumpism. It’s who he is. It’s what his movement is.

  4. By "bipartisan" she means 3 Ds voted Yes (2 from Texas, figures) to support welfare for the richest among us.

    What D would vote to prohibit BLM from implementing management plans that have been through a multi-year public process? 

    Also, 10 Ds did not vote – WTF?

    1. She could have just told it straight up and said we’re going to put the O&G industry on the Endangered Species list and let them roam free, but then she just can’t help herself and keeps talking. Who’d have thunk someone would come along that makes Sarah Palin look like an Einstein Visa candidate? . 

      Remember this doozy


      Lauren has been taught to lie by professionals and the script never changes much. Your cousin, ardy39 ( just assuming you’re related, I am) will remember a few Colorado Democrats who would never cross the OilyBoyz. I am disinclined to name names, though. Gotta be a bunch of those types in Congress, nowadays.

  5. From Twitter: 

    And there it is: Ken Buck added his name to the House discharge petition for the Senate national security funding bill, the 188th signature and the first Republican to sign it. The signature will remain valid and count towards the 218 threshold even after his resignation

    1. Nice to know that the district is getting some action in the final week of Buck's work in Congress. 

      Any bets whether he will vote FOR the government/s funding when the appropriation bills get to the House?

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