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March 04, 2024 12:47 PM UTC

Why MAGA Insurrectionists Shouldn't Crow Too Much About Today's SCOTUS Ruling

  • by: Colorado Pols
January 6th, 2021.

Today’s unanimous decision by the U.S. Supreme Court striking down the disqualification of Donald Trump from Colorado’s presidential primary ballot is being celebrated at maximum volume by the ex-President’s supporters, another consequence that Trump’s opponents had been steeling for as the expected outcome for over two months since the Colorado Supreme Court’s historic initial ruling. The Colorado Republican Party, whose chairman Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams has staked his personal political ambitions on parasitically riding Trump’s coattails, sent out this ebullient statement this morning:

Now that this absurd 14th Amendment case has finally been decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, voters can move on to determining this election at the ballot box in November, hopefully with all other challenges to President Trump’s candidacy across the country coming to a close.

The Colorado Republican Party will now pivot to defeating Joe Biden while working with President Trump to get across the finish line in the general election.

Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to our shared conservative Republican principles. Together, we will restore balance to Colorado and the White House.

For Free & Fair Elections,
Dave Williams
Chairman, Colorado Republicans

P.S. Please chip in to help cover costs associated with this fight. The radical Democrats engaged in “lawfare” to waste Party resources, and we could use your help. Please donate today by clicking the buttons below or above…

Fresh from this weekend’s endorsement by Trump CO-04 carpetbagger Rep. Lauren Boebert made no effort to conceal her revanchist glee:

Even Rep. Gabe Evans in Colorado’s red-hot competitive CO-08 race couldn’t resist a punch down at his home state:

The problem with all of these rosy assessments of today’s ruling is that, while Trump will be allowed on the primary ballots he is at this point almost certain to sweep anyway, the Supreme Court did not strike down the findings by Colorado courts that Trump engaged in insurrection and was therefore disqualified–or at least disqualifiable–under the 14th Amendment. Trump, and by extension Boebert, fellow 2020 election deniers Ron Hanks and Dave Williams running for Congress in the state’s other two Republican congressional districts, have been in no way “vindicated” by this ruling, which only found that a state cannot enforce the 14th Amendment. As for “Gabbin'” Gabe Evans, his current position that the 2020 election was fairly decided-“ish” pleases neither side and will have to be “evolved” one way or the other.

With Trump cruising to the Republican nomination, today’s ruling is much less disruptive in the short run than a decision upholding Trump’s disqualification would have been. The real contribution this case will have comes later in the year as support for the criminal cases against Trump, and in the still-unresolved battle for public opinion over the 2020 presidential election. Trump specifically asked the Court to clear him of the insurrection finding, and the court chose not to do so. That failure allows Democrats to continue to argue insurrection as found by Colorado courts is exactly what Trump did.

In November, voters across America will render the judgment on the merits that the Supreme Court did not in Trump v. Anderson. There’s plenty of time for MAGA Republicans crowing about today’s decision, unanimous though it may be, to find themselves nonetheless on the losing side of history.


6 thoughts on “Why MAGA Insurrectionists Shouldn’t Crow Too Much About Today’s SCOTUS Ruling

    1. Making excuses for what? They are probably right. Congress needs to do it

      Do you think your Messiah will still remember his own name by Nov.? His dementia seems to be progressing rapidly.

    2. Well, it was 306 to 232, and Trump is still making excuses.  Prior to that final electoral college count, it was 62 to 1 in trial court cases alleging election violations, and unanimous set of victories in Circuit courts, and there are still people complaining the 2020 election was "stolen."

      And on the January 6th Capitol insurrection / occupation / riot, the score is 957 guilty to 3 acquitted in trial verdicts, and there are still people making excuses for those participants.


    3. 9-0 in the judgment, Moddy, not in the reasoning.  4 of the justices did not agree with the conclusion that section 3 of the 14th amendment is not self-executing, which is why Justice Barrett did not join part II-A of the main opinion and why Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, and Jackson concurred in the judgment only.  You don't understand the law, so stay in your narrow, myopic hypocritical lane.

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