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February 27, 2024 11:28 PM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones, but by contrary extreme positions.”

–Friedrich Nietzsche


43 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

      1. I had RFK Jr. people stop by my house over the weekend. They handed out a big door-hanger with his messaging, and while he does not have my vote, I can see where some of what his campaign wrote might enjoy some popular support. So GG, I'm guessing that while you might not have heard much from him lately, you will!

    1. She's not your traditional type of candidate.

      Besides, maybe she is following the Nikki Haley Strategy. Even though you are far behind, should anything happen to the front runner whereby he leaves the race, you can make a claim for the crown.


    2. lol

      Williamson apparently decided there was more meat left on the grift bone than she previously surmised.

      Williamson, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, The Secret . . . Ophrah Winfrey has much to answer for.

    1. Who could have possibly seen this coming? At some level you have to feel bad for this kid. His mother is making Sarah Palin look like a Mother of the Year candidate. 

      👇👇👇"grooming", indeed.  Exhibit A:

            1. But one has to wonder about the intent of Turlow's piece. Does he really expect to peel away votes from Biden because of something Biden's great -grandfather did?

      1. When I see that Christmas photo of Boebert and her kids, I immediately think of Jennifer Crumbley who, with her husband, bought their unstable kid the gun he used to kill his classmates for Christmas because, as Ms. Crumbley put it, she didn't want her son to be "pussified."

  1. McConnell stepping down as Leader this Fall. May the Senate Republican Hunger Games commence! 

    One of life’s most underappreciated talents is to know when it’s time to move on to life’s next chapter,” McConnell said in prepared remarks obtained by the AP. “So I stand before you today … to say that this will be my last term as Republican leader of the Senate.”

    1. This means that Ted Cruz must be gearing up for his run for leader. 

      Looks like FDFQ is going to crow about taking down the Old Crow.

      I'm guessing McConnell will try to install Cornyn, Thune or Barrasso as his successor.  

          1. I think the Special Master in that case controls his NY assets for the time being. Maybe he's got cash stashed at Whore-a-Lago in the classified documents storage area!  A couple CDs maturing at Gazprombank? 

            1. I really think the strategy of insulting the judges, prosecuting attorneys and the entire court system, as well as turning the entire procedure into a circus with all of your public blathering, was a pretty savvy legal strategy for Dumpy. He's now reaping the fruits of his labor with his bullshit 100 mil proposal being immediately shot down. Stable genius at work.

          1. Trump under oath in his deposition:

            I’m worth at least $10 billion, I have over $3 billion in tangible assets, I have $400 million in cash.

            Trump to appellate court:

            I can come up with $100 million and I need more time to sell stuff to come up with the rest.

            1. Nah… he doesn't think he will need to come up with more since he doesn't  think the judgment's amount is reasonable.

              And whatever he thinks is what will happen, of course……

              He continues to live in fantasy land.

            2. The Appellate judge gave FDFQ some wiggle room:

              Singh did grant a temporary stay of Engoron’s directive blocking Trump and his company from seeking loans from financial institutions in New York for three years — which Trump’s attorneys suggested was a hinderance to posting the full bond.

              So he potentially could borrow the necessary cash to post the bond.  Are there enough loan sharks in NY to cover that amount?  Given his credit history, though, making the vigorish might be almost as tough. 🙂

        1. Cruz IS universally despised, but that wing of the GOP will field a MAGA candidate for leader. If not Cruz, maybe Mike Lee, Eand Paul, Josh Hawley or the new kid in town, JD Vance.

          They will not sit quietly while the Old Crow annoints one of three Johns (Thune, Cornyn, or Barasso) as his successor.


  2. Alva, got this message when trying to log in to reply to a post:

    "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this admin page.

    Reason: There is a hidden menu item with the same URL (index.php) but a higher priority."

    Is this my secret message from George Soros?

  3. This is rich: Matt Gaetz confirming Hunter Biden didn't invoke his 5th Amendment right a single time today.   Compare that to Eric Trumps 500 times and Fat Donnie hiding behind the 5th over 400 times in the NY cases. 

    It's a national embarrassment that Gaetz sits anywhere near a lever of institutional power. 

  4. Supreme Court says it will hear Trump’s claim of immunity from prosecution, delaying his trial

    April 22 hearing. Likely no decision until June which effectively punts the DC trial until after election. IIRC he is also asserting immunity in the GA case?  I guess that leaves Alvin Bragg as the only man standing.  Let's get this porn-star payoff issue litigated! 

    1. It would not surprise me to see him move to stay the NY state court case as well since the Supreme Court has accepted his immunity claim. 

      I've said it before, I'll say it again. He aint going to trial in any of the criminal cases before November.

  5. CPR has an interesting story about Dave William's & CO GOP.



    ‘I don’t trust the state party anymore’: Colorado GOP leader Dave Williams under fire by party members over controversial tactics, personal attacks


    By Bente Birkeland and Caitlyn Kim· Today, 4:00

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