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February 03, 2024 01:02 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I sometimes think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability.”

–Oscar Wilde


11 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

    1. FWIW … the voting starts today: "Early voting starts Saturday for NY-3 special election between Tom Suozzi, Mazi Pilip."

      In an unusual event, "Rivals Suozzi, Pilip rally together for release of Israeli hostages."

      Long Island Press said

      Though Suozzi carried it comfortably for all of his terms, Santos won by a wide margin over Democrat Robert Zimmerman in 2022, suggesting that the recent redrawing of the district may benefit a Republican. The low turnout that comes with a special election also tends to favor Republicans.

      Despite this, the Cook Political Report – among several other polls – have Suozzi narrowly winning the race, with David Wasserman of Cook writing that Democrats have reason for “cautious optimism.”

  1. When conservatives say "no agenda" do they think that makes them sound non-partisan and just against organized meetings, or partisan and incompetent, or both? 


    1. You are correction in that the word "agenda" once meant a list of things to address at a meeting.

      But in the 1980's, when the religious right start using partiuclar words as sound bites, "agenda" took on a nefarious meaning, to wit: the liberal agenda, the radical homosexual agenda, the feminist agenda.

      (I digress but notice it was always "the radical homosexual agenda." The non-radical, or conservative, homosexual agenda consisted of widestance closeted conservative men trolling airport toilets for sex with strangers.)

      In 2020's, we now have the Woke agenda and the BLM agenda and the Antifa agenda, most of which are laudible goals and objectives. But to the MAGAts, they are red flags which make them see orange.

      1. My problem with the "Woke Agenda" is nobody sends me Woke emails. There is no, there is no talking points, or alert that we have woked Christmas ornimants to furter the "War on Christmas". Its almost like "woke" is a made up word for cooties and conservatives are just pointing at random things and prouncing them as wok… OMG 


        1. I don’t get them either but I’m not surprised. I still haven’t gotten my Soros checks either. I probably should have opted for direct deposit. 

  2. Kudos to George Stepanopolous on ABC this morning. His handling of J. D. Vance was perfect. We need to see more interviewers not letting lying bastards keep spewing their lies.

    1. J.D. Vance is a piece of work. If anyone has read his book or seen the movie, he clearly grew up in horrible conditions. (If the movie is to be believed, his grandmother set his grandfather on fire.)

      To his credit, he rose above his trailer trash roots, graduated from Yale Law School where amongst other things, he learned which was the appropriate fork to use at a formal dinner, and got himself a high paying job. So far, so good.

      But Vance has gone back to not only embracing his roots but elevating the redneck lifestyle to some kind of a calling or virtue. Domestic violence, poverty and drug addiction ….. I'm missing out on what is the attraction. 

      Kind of also reminds me of the Duck Dynasty family which I was surprised to learn had migrated to California only to discover that there was money to be made going back to Louisiana and marketing their hillbilly schtick.

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