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February 02, 2024 12:26 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“You can’t win if you don’t play as a unit.”

–Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


25 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

    1. I suspect Hurd's cash on hand will look substantially different for Q1 2024, but this last report has to be a little troubling since he has to run a primary across such a huge district.

      1. I don't remember specifics, but I don't think Hanks actually declared his candidacy until after the first of the year.  Even if it was slightly before, I believe FEC doesn't require reports for campaigns that raise or spend less than $5,000.

  1. Jennifer Rubin breaks down today's Republicans into three categories:  Collaborators, Resisters and the group she holds most culpable in enabling Trump — Accomodators.

    “When challenged, they speak up only long enough to make excuses for Trump and engage in moral obfuscation over issues that they must certainly know are not remotely complicated,” the Atlantic’s Tom Nichols wrote. They thereby “create a permission structure for Trump supporters, to model how a reasonable person can dismiss Trump’s astounding disregard for the law and even for basic decency and yet still vote for him and other GOP candidates in the name of some greater good” (e.g., preventing “socialists” from ruining America).

    Accommodators who think they can avoid history’s harsh judgment might consider how “moderate” White ministers whom the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. condemned in his “Letter From Birmingham Jail” were regarded. History scorns moral cowards for enabling evil. Trump accommodators will fare no better.


    1. It seems to me that the Dems have a similar set of accomodators that are papering over Biden's unfaltering support of Israel with pleadings of, "but fascism!" Certainly different in degree, but alike in reaping history's judgement, in my opinion.

      1. So you are drawing a moral equivalence between Trump Accomodators and Biden Accomodators?  How about this little historical reminder of why they aren't at all comparable:

        Political cartoon

          1. Perhaps the key phrase "… enabling evil" will help clarify the difference for burly.  Presidents have to make tough choices all the time.  As MLK Jr. said about "… history bends toward justice".  History needs our help.  Biden is helping, Trump never will.

            1. I never claimed there is no difference between Biden and Trump. I compared some of Biden's supporters to Trump supporters in that they will support him no matter what because of a perceived existential threat. Logic and strategy have moral limits, and MLK Jr would not sacrifice his dream at the altar of political expediency. History does bend toward justice, because of those refuse to let injustice go ignored. 

              1. Biden turning a blind eye towards some of Israel's war tactics will pale in comparison to what Trump will do when he returns to office in 2025. When that happens, I predict that Rashid Tlaib and the rest of her Odd Squad will look back fondly at the Biden years.

            1. So much drama …..

              You guys throw the word "genocide" around in much the same way that Ron DeSantis screams about "genital mutilation" in bashing trans folk or Trump calls everything with which he disagrees a "hoax." They are your sound bites.

              I detest Bibi Netanyahu and I can't wait for the day when the Israelis send him packing, but to my knowledge he isn't systematically moving Gazans into gas chambers or slave labor camps.

              That said, it is tragic when innocent civilians die in wars. Always has been and always will be.

              Here's a suggestion to your civilian friends in Gaza:  place some distance between yourselves and Hamas.

              1. Gazans didnt need to be moved into camps because they have been living in one. What do you suppose cutting off electricity, water, and humanitarian aid does to a population? 

                since you seem to have the answers here, for the civilians to "place some distance" between themselves and Hamas, why don't you answer this… what do you think is the end game here if it is not genocide or at least ethnic cleansing? What is Israel's final solution that they are so actively pursuing? And where would you suggest civilians place themselves out of harms way?



                1. Maybe the solution is for the Gazan civilians to clean house and turn the Hamas terrorists over to the Israelis. Just a suggestion. 

                  1. Once again you demonstrate that you have only the most simplistic understanding of the situation and no real interest in understanding. I don't know why I should be surprised. 

                    I'll ask again – what is the endgame here? What does Israel hope to accomplish? 

                    1. "what is the endgame here? "

                      Stopping attacks on Israeli civilians from Hamas.

    1. She’s definitely trying to play both ends against the middle, but it’s making The Screaming Yam spend the rubes’ money to campaign and she’s a bur under his saddle, so I’m good with it 

      1. Playing both sides agains the middle? Sounds like the definition of a politician. 

        Yes, she is torturing the Screaming Yam which is fine with me. And she is generating a lot of nice sound bites which Biden can use in September in TV commercials as he makes his play for the non-MAGA Republicans (i.e., the 20% to 45% of the GOP primary electorate who have been voting for Haley).

        And, Cook, you are right. Haley is forcing him to burn money in these primaries – money that could otherwise be: (a) spent on the general election campaign, (b) sent to his lawyers, (c) put in his own pocket, or (d) all of the above.

        I'm still looking forward to voting for Nikki Haley in the Colorado primary, assuming of course, that Dave "Hold My Beer" Williams doesn't succeed in getting the primary cancelled.

        1. The Presidential primary is already in progress and no matter what the Dave Williams "led" Republicans are interested in doing, election officers will conduct the election, count the votes, and report them. The single point of mild interest in the process will be the ratio of voters choosing Haley (and others) to Trump.  I'm really not plugged in to mass media & its advertising, so have no idea if anyone is spending money to make something happen or not.

          Jena Griswold's press release yesterday focused on the Republican effort to close the June primary:

          Denver, Colo – Today in U.S. District Court, Judge Philip Brimmer issued a ruling denying the Colorado Republican Party’s preliminary injunction to prevent Unaffiliated voters from participating in Republican Party Statewide Primary Elections. Secretary of State Griswold defended Unaffiliated voters’ rights in the lawsuit.

          Secretary of State Jena Griswold has issued the following statement:

          “We are glad that the Court today decided that Unaffiliated voters, who make up nearly 48% of all Colorado voters, can continue to make their voices heard in state primaries. The Colorado Republican Party’s attempt to suppress the Unaffiliated vote was stopped. As Secretary of State, I will always work to ensure  that all voters—Unaffiliated, Republican, and Democrat, alike—have their voice heard in our elections.”

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