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January 16, 2024 09:43 AM UTC

It's Official: Colorado Republicans Short-Circuit Super Tuesday

  • by: Colorado Pols
Colorado GOP chairman Dave Williams (right).

Ernest Luning of the Colorado Springs Gazette broke the news from Sunday’s vote of the Colorado Republican Party Central Committee, voting by a 65% margin to formally endorse ex-President Donald Trump for re-election two months ahead of our state’s Super Tuesday primary:

The Colorado Republican Party endorsed former President Donald Trump’s bid for another term late Sunday, nearly two months before state voters are set to cast ballots in Colorado’s presidential primary.

In an unprecedented decision, the state GOP’s central committee voted to endorse Trump over objections from some Republicans that the move abandons the party’s policy of staying neutral in primaries…

Colorado’s GOP became only the second state Republican Party to make an endorsement in the primary, following the Ohio party’s endorsement of Trump in early December.

The resolution put forward by Monument-based GOP activist Darcy Shoening not only endorses Trump for re-election, but also calls for the other Republican candidates to get out of the race entirely. Colorado Republican Party chairman Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams played coy when asked about this proposal in early December, but now that the vote has succeeded any pretense of impartiality from the state party has been discarded:

“On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, the Colorado Republican Party wanted to give President Donald J. Trump a big send-off by enthusiastically endorsing him for president in November,” said Colorado GOP Chairman Dave Williams after the vote, adding that the state party “is more than happy to stand with President Trump because he risked it all to stand for this country.”

We can’t say for sure whether late-breaking word of Colorado’s endorsement boosted Trump in last night’s Iowa caucuses, but it certainly didn’t hurt, and together with Trump’s convincing win in Iowa this move does help cement Trump’s status as the prohibitive favorite to win the GOP nomination. For a number of also-ran presidential candidates, however, this endorsement is doubly insulting after they paid tens of thousands of dollars to the state party to appear on Colorado’s Super Tuesday primary ballot. For candidates out of the running like the newly-departed Vivek Ramaswamy, it’s sunk cost–but if we were Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley we would be finding a way to get our money back with maximum public displeasure.

All told it’s a huge contrast to the last contested Republican presidential primary in 2016, when the state party pulled out all the stops to prevent a Trump victory in favor of Ted Cruz. The #NeverTrump era of the Colorado Republican Party, almost unthinkable after what the country has been through these last seven years, is a distant memory today.


14 thoughts on “It’s Official: Colorado Republicans Short-Circuit Super Tuesday

  1. Do you mean that I am to be deprived of the opportunity to vote for a qualified woman of color for president before La Pomposa gets the chance to do so?

    Unless they completely cancel the GOP primary, I'll probably still write in Nicki Haley's name to register my anti-Trump vote.

    1. The ballots are certified by Sec of State on January 5.  Ballots have to be printed, as the first go out VERY shortly "January 20 – Deadline to send ballots to registered military and overseas voters."

      No matter if candidates withdraw before they are sent, the printed ballots will have

      • Vivek Ramaswamy
      • Asa Hutchinson
      • Nikki Haley
      • Ron DeSantis
      • Chris Christie
      • Ryan L Binkley
      • Donald J. Trump

      Personally, I'm considering changing my registration to Unaffiliated so I can support the candidacy of the character from Bloom County, Binkley.

        1. When you register UN you are unable to vote in the primary for any affiliated party (R or D). There is also a timeline for changing your affiliation to prevent "flipping parties".  

          On another topic- Nikki Haley is very much under the control of DAVOS and is heavily funded by one of the largest Democratic supporters (the owner of LinkedIn).  She is also very much sold out to WHO/UN.  We are on the edge of signing the WHO treaty this May- which will subject our sovereignty to WHO/UN (as anyone who has studied/degrees in International Relations & Business understands). 

          In short, a vote for Nikki Haley means a vote to give up your sovereignty…  the old adage of may you live in interesting times has never been more true than now in the history of this country.  If you really are wanting to vote for a Democrat, VOTE FOR RFK… he is at least the best of what Democrats represented back in the day.

          1. "On another topic- Nikki Haley is very much under the control of DAVOS and is heavily funded by one of the largest Democratic supporters (the owner of LinkedIn)"

            You say that like it is a bad thing. Her globalist world view is one of the things that I like about her.

          2. v3 …. when you say

            When you register UN you are unable to vote in the primary for any affiliated party (R or D). There is also a timeline for changing your affiliation to prevent "flipping parties".  

            What state are you talking about? 

            In Colorado, Unaffiliated voters get ballots for all parties holding primary contests.  They may vote on any one of them.  In addition, voters can flip their party affiliation as many times as they would like (as long as they can work through the web-based registration process or maintain the patience of the election judge in a Voter Polling and Service Center).

            Voters must have been a Colorado resident for 22 days before the election.  "Resident" is a legal status, of course — so some people who haven't set foot in Colorado for decades can maintain their legal residence at a house their parents sold decades ago.

      1. Nice call on Binkley, JiD! It's making me miss my ratty old Bill The Cat T-shirt. I had not heard of the actual candidate until just now, and after a quick skim he doesn't sound like the worst candidate ever (super-low bar), but he was at 0.7% in Iowa and can't imagine he'll hold on a lot longer.

  2. Oops. Was trying to respond to Dave. Which is a pretty cool way to meet good people and get involved in making a difference for every race up and down the ballot.

  3. V3, welcome to Pols. We've been needing a new right wing nutball to play with. Your contention that a vote for Nikki Haley means a loss of sovereignty for the United States is classic nutballery.

    I look forward to your posts advocating for RFK. It should be pretty entertaining. 

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