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January 05, 2024 10:22 AM UTC

BREAKING: Rep. Doug Lamborn Is Done

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Ernest Luning of the Colorado Springs Gazette is first to report that Colorado Republican Party chairman Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams is considering another run for the now open CD-5–after he makes one important phone call:

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dave Williams, the former state legislator who lost a primary challenge against Lamborn in 2022, told Colorado Politics that he’s considering running again for the seat.

“Well that makes me reconsider a number of things,” Williams said in a text message. “Needless to say I’ll be making a decision very soon on my future. I’ll need to call President Trump soon.”


That’s the breaking news this morning from Ernest Luning of the Colorado Springs Gazette, Colorado’s long-serving Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn is hanging it up after 18 years commuting to Washington:

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado Springs).

Rep. Lamborn earned a reputation in office as an uninspiring (and frequently embarrassing) but loyal Republican who made sure the defense contractor interests in Colorado’s most military-dependent congressional district stayed well-funded. Lamborn survived a number of primary challenges over the years, most recently from now-Colorado GOP chairman Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams, but Lamborn’s compounding and persistent ethics problems have been lurking ever since the world found out Lamborn’s son was sleeping rent-free in a Capitol storage unit. If news of Lamborn’s retirement is followed up swiftly by further developments in that investigation, you’ll already know why.

Lamborn’s retirement means there will now be three red-hot Republican congressional primaries in Colorado in all of their remaining districts. Like the CD-3 seat being vacated by carpetbagging Rep. Lauren Boebert, CD-5 has a Cook PVI rating of R+9. Having said that, Democratic candidates in this district generally struggle to reach 40%, and it’s considered overall a safer Republican seat than CD-3.

Potential candidates to succeed Lamborn obviously include Williams, but CD-5 could also prove an attractive target for any number of “district shopping” candidates like 2022 losers Heidi Ganahl and Joe O’Dea, both of whom have been in the discussion to run in other districts they don’t presently live in. In O’Dea’s case in particular, a run for CD-5 makes a lot more sense than challenging incumbent Democratic Rep. Yadira Caraveo in the highly competitive CD-8.

With that, we’ll pause for updates. In 2025, there’s a good chance that the entire Republican delegation will be (relatively) fresh faces, and that’s a big deal.


21 thoughts on “BREAKING: Rep. Doug Lamborn Is Done

  1. Nothing says "As the Chair of the Colorado GOP, I lead Colorado Republicans to best represent the interest of Colorado" like "CD5 is open?! BRB guys! I gotta call Mr. Trump to see if it's ok if I run for that seat!"

    FFS, Dave.

  2. This will be 2006 all over again. There will be a dozen candidates on the MAGA side, and winner will take the nod with 20%.
    Here's an idea. Maybe Colorado College alumna Liz Cheney should return to the Springs and run. 20% might be enough to win the primary.

    1. Ooooooo …. that could be a fun primary.

      • Cheney, trying to convince people that there can be an ethical, Constitutional Republican party.
      • D. Williams, trying to show that Trump is the entire Republican party.
      • WW Williams? He's campaigned enough that at least he'd have name recognition.
      • Ron Hanks, deciding that 5 is better than 3?
      • Surely ONE of the Neville Brothers (non-musical edition) will want to speak up.
      • And frequent candidates Darryl Glenn, Greg Lopez, Heidi Ganahl?
      • Sallie Clark?

      I'm more interested to know if the absence of the incumbent will encourage non-Republicans to give it a try. 

    1. Wayne Williams could win in the 5th, despite being called a RINO for not being an election denier. I expect Dr. Chaps will throw down again – God told him he should run, doncha know.

      Dave Williams has burned too many bridges and pissed too many people off to win the 5th. He tried in 2022 and got 33% of the Republican primary vote – with TFG’s support.'s_5th_Congressional_District

      Darryl Glenn might also feel that call.

      I think a Democrat could win in the 5th – General Irv Halter and David Torres hit 40% plus in 2014 and 2022. The key would be a fragmented Republican vote, preferably with a Libertarian or Constitutionalist running.


    You need to run for CD5. Amongst the options available, you're the most principled conservative, the most energetic, and the one who can best articulate our positions. Your country needs your service (again). 

    You can count on my support and contribution if you run, brother.

  4. I am stunned.  I did not expect this anytime in the next decade or two.  He had a solid do nothing job forever.  He took his skills from the Colorado capitol to our nation's Capitol.  Almost no need to campaign or spend hours dialing for dollars. Lots of time to get around to voting (occassionally), plenty of time to investigate foreign countries, and so many nice friends to cover dinner.  The thing is he was not your typical grifter trying to use your AmEx platinum at the same time tipping the waiter with your extra cash.  I guess he decided the rate of return on retirement was better away from the Dome.

      1. Consultant / lobbyist for (or against) what? 

        I don't know Lamborn's "career" well, but have the impression he has been labeled a consistent follower and loyalist, NOT an ideas person, one particularly gifted at making friends among the powerful, nor a major fundraiser for himself or others.

        Consulting or lobbying on military matters would have him jostling with flag-rank retirees; former CEOs of military contractors, other former Congressional staffers and national security academics. 

        Anyone want to hazard a guess what he could do in 2025?

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