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December 26, 2023 10:21 AM UTC

Trent Leisy's MAGA Convoy To Roll Across The Land

  • by: Colorado Pols
CD-4 GOP candidate Trent Leisy, former President Donald Trump in November at Mar-a-Lago.

Trent Leisy, one of the growing gaggle of Republican candidates vying to succeed retiring Rep. Ken Buck in Colorado’s crimson-red CD-4, announced before the holiday what he’s calling the “MAGA Never Surrender Convoy” set to roll this Saturday from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs–protesting what Leisy calls the “treasonous” decision by the Colorado Supreme Court barring Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot due to the U.S. Constitution’s Civil War-era no insurrectionists amendment:

County Councilman, Navy Veteran, and Candidate for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, Trent Leisy, has partnered with Joe Oltmann, Conservative Daily host and owner of DCF Guns, to lead a peaceful rally and protest of the unconstitutional and treasonous removal of Rightful President Trump from Colorado’s 2024 ballot on December 30 at Oltmann’s DCF Guns West location in Colorado Springs.

Leisy will lead the convoy from Fort Collins and conclude at Oltmann’s DCF Guns for a “Never Surrender” peaceful rally in a resounding stand against President Trump’s removal from the ballot and a fervent call to uphold the American values that form the foundation of this nation.

“I invite all elected officials and Congressional candidates, especially those in the Congressional district I am running for, to attend this convoy and rally in support of Rightful President Trump. The removal of a President from a ballot hasn’t happened since President Abraham Lincoln. This treason, tyranny, and election interference must be called out and protested by all Americans,” Leisy said.

“I want to clarify one thing – Rightful President Trump has my full endorsement. President Trump is and has always been the clear leader of the Republican Party. I am calling on all other candidates running for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District to join me and publicly fight for and defend President Trump,” Leisy said.

At least this won’t happen on I-25.

The involvement of far-right conspiracy theorist and regular endorser of political violence Joe Oltmann, who has called for “gallows all the way from Washington, D.C., to California” to hang Colorado’s Gov. Jared Polis and other elected officials on both sides of the aisle who Oltmann has determined are part of the conspiracy, tells you much of what you need to know about this event–and Leisy as a candidate for Congress. Oltmann is considered principally responsible for the unfounded claims about Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems after apparently making up a phone conversation he supposedly overheard featuring Dominion executives revealing their true Dr. Evil selves, later repeated uncritically by Fox News and other news outlets resulting in a $787 million settlement from Fox. A lawsuit against Oltmann personally from former Dominion employee Eric Coomer is still pending despite Oltmann’s attempts to kill it.

As for “MAGA King” Trent Leisy, riding Donald Trump’s coattails seems to be the only trick in his bag to compete with far more experienced GOP primary opponents like career politician former Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, as well as equally wacky would-be contenders like Rep. Richard Holtorf. If Leisy manages to raise his name ID among Republican CD-4 primary voters this way, and if ride-or-die support for Trump has enough appeal in CD-4 to those voters, it could be a big boost for an otherwise unserious campaign. Working in Leisy’s favor is the nationwide agit-prop operation to stoke outrage among conservatives over the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision, which Leisy can tap into if Saturday’s “convoy” is a success.

What will success look like? The larger the carbon footprint, the better we guess.


8 thoughts on “Trent Leisy’s MAGA Convoy To Roll Across The Land

  1. In other “look who’s not winning the War on Rural Colorado news: (hint: they wear red hats and think coal-fired power is cheap.)

    Will new federal payout formula for Tri-State send members to the exits?

    A federal agency has issued an order in the ongoing faceoffs between the Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association and its members in Colorado and three other states, clearing the way for a potential reshaping of a significant chunk of the region’s energy landscape.

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission adopted a formula for showing electric cooperatives what it would cost them to end their contracts with the wholesale power provider. The parties are poring over this week’s 247-page order and crunching numbers.

    Tri-State has until Jan. 19 to submit the amounts for all 42 member cooperatives, 17 of which are in Colorado.

    United Power, Tri-State’s largest member, didn’t wait to hear its exit fee before deciding to leave. The Brighton-based cooperative gave notice two years ago that it would terminate its contract May 1, 2024. The utility has signed an agreement to buy electricity from Guzman Energy, a wholesale supplier that has contracts with other former Tri-State members.

      1. What a massive, lost opportunity for Tri-State. Rewind 20 years to all the money and resources blown fighting Amendemt 37, perpetuating the War in Rural Colorado, the Holcomb, KS  boondoggle-coal plant that would have been yet another anvil around the neck of rural REAs.  They could have been the crown jewel of the US G&T fleet. Instead, we’ll watch the buzzards pick over the carcass. The good news? Local REAs will now have the tools to chart their own future.  

    1. NYT chimes in.  I guess it was inevitable she’d gravitate back to her government cheese roots? (in an attempt to stay on the governmemt cheese?).  Will Jerry be forced to crawl to Mar-a-Lardo and kiss the ring?

      Mr. Leisy asserted on social media soon after Ms. Boebert’s announcement that she was giving Democrats an advantage in the race for her current district by making the switch.

      “Lauren should be a fighter and keep her district red,” Mr. Leisy said, adding that he was “running in a district that I actually live in.”

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